Top 10 Low Cost Bulk SMS Providers for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations require uninterrupted communication with their internal staff, trustees and donors. On most occasions, it gets really difficult to make phone makes now and then. Just like every other industry, nonprofits have also started to implement text messaging for instant communication. However, deploying a communication strategy may not be in favor of nonprofit organizations because it may cause them an investment.
The Top Ten
1 ExpertTexting Visit Website
2 Textedly

Textedly offers text messaging with a free trial for 14 days. During the trial period, you can send 300 free text messages. The pricing varies from plan to plan, and incoming messages are free on all plans. With Textedly, you can send SMS messages for $0.010 per text message.

Textedly works great for my business. It's cost-effective and operates as advertised without any problems. I can recommend it without reservation.

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3 EzTexting

EzTexting offers 250 text messages with one free demo keyword during its trial period. You can send text messages for $0.049 per SMS globally. All incoming text messages are free of cost. EzTexting has a variety of plans for you to choose from. All plans offer different pricing and features.

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4 TextMagic

TextMagic offers simple price plans to send text messages. The trial is restricted to a few countries only, and there is no setup fee during the signup or trial period. You can send text messages to your recipients at a rate of $0.040.

5 MoboMobix

MoboMobix offers free incoming text messages with no setup fee. You can sign up for all price plans of MoboMobix without any initial credit. The standard rate of text messaging is 3 cents per SMS.

6 Textmarks

Low-cost texting is available with a simple web interface. Pricing starts at $199/month for 3,500 messages and includes 10 keywords. Credits are used to send and receive messages.

7 SimpleTexting

The low-cost texting platform starts at $45/month for 1,000 messages and offers unlimited keywords. There is no cost to receive texts.

8 SnowBall

Pricing starts at $0/year and 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. They focus on providing a seamless and efficient giving experience that allows donors to give with two clicks: one to send a text with the donation amount and another to confirm the payment.


The platform has a visual interface for structuring texts. Pricing starts at $20 for 1,000 credits. Note that credits count for both sent and received texts, while most platforms are free to receive messages.

10 Trumpia

Pricing starts at $250/month for 10,000 credits (both sent and received count as credits).

The Contenders
11 Gleantap

Gleantap is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses drive growth. It boosts loyalty by engaging customers through text messages and mobile push notifications.

12 SlickText offers a free forever plan that gives you 50 text messages per month with no catches. From there, their plans start at $29 per month for 500 text messages.


Textingcompany offers text messaging with a risk-free, no-credit-card-required trial for 14 days. You can get 500 free text messages during the trial period. Incoming messages are free on all their plans. Textingcompany is by far the cheapest text messaging platform I have found, and they are doing a really great job.

14 SendSMS

SendSMS is a reliable and trustworthy SMS marketing platform that provides business and mass texting services globally. It's also very affordable. For example, you can send 1,000 messages in the US for $4.80.

15 Textdrip
16 DialMyCalls
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