Top 10 Third Installments in Movie Franchises That Are Good

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1 Avengers: Infinity War

This is the best Marvel film ever made! The Russo Brothers did an excellent job on this! This is one of the most masterful and emotional Marvel films! There are really a lot of surprising moments in the film! Especially that ending! I feel like that this also had the best action in any Marvel film. I thought this was a major improvement over Age of Ultron! I didn't hate it, but I thought it wasn't as good as the first or this one. This film also gave what I wanted in a Marvel film! I was also really surprised how Thanos was portrayed in this! You would think that you would not agree with his deductions and methods, but you could actually understand his motivations and it helped him transcend from the usual megalomaniacs which are so common in films of his type. The visuals also impressed me! This has to be one of the best looking effects I have seen! From the ships, the landscapes, to the aliens, and everything in between! I don't think there was anything in the film where something ...more - nicolasb5194

2 Logan (2017)

The Wolverine trilogy got better with each film. The first one sucked, the second one was good, and this was PHENOMENAL! Not just a superhero film, but a film as a whole! You definitely need to watch this film! It’s just so good! It progresses Logan’s story arc in such a way that makes the most satisfying ending to any character in history! Hugh Jackman has been doing this for 17 years and has the greatest payoff he could’ve, and did, asked for, an R-Rated gritty, violent approach with the Wolverine! With an amazing final story and spectacular screen writing! The script was so good it was nominated for best adapted screenplay! The performances were outstanding as well! With Patrick Stewart pulling the performance of his career as Xavier in this film! Dafne Keen is the best child actor ever! Child actors usually suck, but this character surprised me! This film is a cinematic masterpiece and one of my favorite films of all time! It’s hard to explain how great this film is ...more - nicolasb5194

3 Toy Story 3

I’m surprised that people hate this film, or just think it’s the weakest in the trilogy. For me, this was the best in the trilogy! This tops the excellent first two movies! Out of all the films, this one had the best villian! His backstory was emotional! The animation has also improved from the first two! I loved all the new characters in the film! What I love most about this franchise is that it introduces us to new characters, and they all become likable and unforgettable! The storytelling was amazing, and the writing was hilarious and fantastic! The voice acting is still stupendous as it was before! And that incinerator scene, that scene will always be remained one the darkest Pixar scenes ever made! The ending was also a perfect way that would’ve ended the franchise! Its been said that the fourth film’s ending will be even more emotional than this one. I wonder how that will top this. Anyway, Toy Story 3 is definitely one of Pixar’s best! - nicolasb5194

4 Captain America: Civil War

Undoubtedly the best Captain America film ever! This film does not only brings exciting action to forefront, it explores various themes and ideas that many other films are unable to display with such strength! This film also brilliantly leaves an interesting, although somewhat saddening ending to the relationship of the Avengers as we are left to wonder what would happen to these heroes in later MCU films! It also introduced new characters like Spider-Man, by the way, Tom Holland, best Spider-Man! And Black Panther! The story is gripping from start to finish, the acting is also superb from both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.! The action is also great! Especially that airport fight! The beauty of this film is the fact that there are no right answers to the dilemma it brings up. It’s all up to what kind of person you are, and it encourages you to make the decisions for yourself instead of trying to be like a propaganda piece. Not many films do that, but who knew that a Captain ...more - nicolasb5194

5 Thor: Ragnarok

I didn't really care for the first two Thor films, but this film was amazing! This was pretty much the Thor film I wanted to see! It delivers fun from beginning to end with incredible action scenes! The new director creatively changed the tone to the entire series, but in the right direction. Chris Hemsworth still shines as Thor! I really love the fight between Thor and the Hulk! The sets are spectacular, and the visuals are glamorous! It’s refreshing to finally see a consistently entertaining and engrossing installment to the MCU that manage to improve upon its predecessors! This is an amazing film with good combination of action and comedy. While the comedy can draw away from the action at times, it’s a good combination of the two! I really wished the first two were more like this. - nicolasb5194

6 Cars 3

This is a major improvement over Cars 2. People still hate this film because it’s a Cars film. But I really enjoyed for what it is. The story was a lot better. I liked the new characters that they introduced in the film. My favorite is Cruz Ramirez. I thought she was really funny! My favorite part was when they do exercises! That was hilarious! Like most Pixar films, the animation is beautiful! It’s bright, detailed, and colorful. I also love how they showed flashbacks of Doc Hudson as a tribute to Paul Newman who died after the first Cars film. I thought those flashbacks were emotional. But it’s not as emotional as the other Pixar films. The best thing about this film is that it has Pixar level writing! An example of that is where Cruz tells McQueen that she didn't always wanted to be a trainer, she wanted to be a racer. That is the Pixar magic that has been missing in this franchise! But the film also has problems. The third act was predictable, the story isn't the most ...more - nicolasb5194

7 The Bourne Ultimatum

This is one of the best action films I’ve seen. The action is nonstop thrilling, the performances were great, and it has an intelligent plot that plays with our own perception of what we thought we knew to come up with a satisfying conclusion. It’s probably the most exciting movie in the series, but it’s not the best. I thought the villian was way too silly. Despite that, this closed off the trilogy really well! - nicolasb5194

8 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

This is indeed the best of the trilogy! The epic conclusion manages to captivate the audience to this beautiful world known as Middle-Earth while showing all of the evils that comes with it. I can see why this is the best of the three. It’s supremely epic in scale! The plot thickens and gets better and better as time goes by. What makes this one so amazing is the character development going on! You get to see everyone’s true potential! Even the little hobbits! The action was incredible! Everything in this film was just great! Everything in this film just made it better for me better than the first two! This final chapter is indeed a solid finishing chapter to this trilogy and indeed a masterpiece! - nicolasb5194

1. LOTR3
2. CA3
3. Logan
4. Avengers 3
6: Glass
Why so many superhero movies?!?

9 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

In my opinion, this is the best Ice Age sequel. I love how they introduced dinosaurs in this film despite being questioned on how dinosaurs just came out of nowhere. I also really liked the new character, Buck. Simon Pegg did a great job voicing him. Buck did a lot better than the fifth movie! The animation is also amazing! I also thought that this was the funniest Ice Age film! The jokes were slightly changed since most of them were adult. Like when Sid milks a male ox! That was just so funny! And the best part of the film is where the gang goes into the Chasm of Death and they start laughing nonstop because it’s laughing gas! That was the funniest part of the film! And I felt that this one had the most action since they were battling small dinosaurs and the giant dinosaur at the end! I also love how it continues Manny’s storyline from the first movie where his old family got killed. And the ending gives that back to him. That was a perfect way to end of this franchise. This ...more - nicolasb5194

Yep. This is the best Ice Age.

10 Saw III

I actually enjoy some of the sequels in this franchise. Like this one. Out of all the movies, this one was the darkest. Mostly because the guy going through all the traps had a son who died because a car hit him. I also thought it was emotional at times. There was a scene where all of the son’s toys were in the incinerator, and later it all burns. That actually made me emotional because those were his son’s possessions! The traps were really good in this one. There were times where I wanted to turn away because it was to difficult to watch. If you can't handle blood, gore, or bones breaking. This is not for you. There was also a nice twist at the end, better than the one in 2. Also, if you have kids, the themes will hit you a little harder than the other themes in any other Saw movie. However, like every Saw sequel, it focuses on the gore rather than the plot. And the plot becomes tiring as the twist and turns start to nauseate you rather than engross you. The first film is still ...more - nicolasb5194