Top Ten Absurd Countries that Don't Exist


The Top Ten

1 Noodlechoy

An Asian country filled with noodles and all the tourists and the one who love there are forced to eat noodles soup such as ramen and udon. - kontrahinsunu

2 Federated United States of Superheroes

A country filled with people became super heroes and you became too! Due to nuclear power from Darth Vader's crimson lightsaber. - kontrahinsunu

3 TheTopTens States of Votamerica

A country filled with us TopTenners. Our heritage culture are combined... USA's popularity. China's heritage, Russia's strength. - kontrahinsunu

I'll take the USA's heritage and strength. You can keep China and Russia's "popularity."

4 Sabvarmetal

And overworked psychiatrists.

The president is IronSabbath. A country filled with (rock guitar) metalheads! - kontrahinsunu

5 Xillimarian

The first X country. Very very unfair that W and X didn't had a country that starts with a letter said. - kontrahinsunu

6 Egguhtiasffgrrrrrreeeee

A place where we can play with eggs without shells! YO MAMMA! - kontrahinsunu

7 ImaginaryLand

A country where The Train of Thoughts are the only thing for transportation, Dream Productions make the movies (they also remade Never Say Never and made it extra good) and where we eat crackers and French fries only. - kontrahinsunu

8 Wahrigifigadhafioona

Random country, no comment. - kontrahinsunu

9 Nobieberland

They ban everything related to Justin Bieber... That's it... - kontrahinsunu

Oh I like this one

10 Nowhere

The Contenders

11 Happyland
12 Creepypastaland
13 Geometry Dash

The natives here are those block things from Geometry Dash.

Sea can finally become president - Brachiozaur

14 United States of Canada


15 Trolland

Don't go there... They will assasinate you! For trolls only. - kontrahinsunu

16 Pen Island

Also known as penisland (penis land)

17 Union of Socialist States of America

What if? The US was communist? - RedAce66

18 Supercalifragilisticexpialidicious-land
19 Crappyland
20 Metaland
21 Animeland
22 Hauahmakatado
23 Biberland


24 California Republic
25 White-Surfrena
26 Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo is a disputed territory and partially recognised state in Southeast Europe that declared independence from Serbia in February 2008 as the Republic of Kosovo.

It is a country

27 Hezbollah Hezbollah
28 Bikini Bottom
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