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1 Vaali

Ajith is good actor. I think this blog writer is vijay fan.

Ultimate star is the power of Tamil cinima

Thala always rocking with his natural character...

Best movie

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2 Mankatha Mankatha

It is a mass movie for ajith and give great success for ajith in that film his was very super salt and pepper cutting hair after that film most of them doing like this then no words to say mankatha film

The reality handsome and the greatest mass.

None can do this role other than ajith

He acted well in this film.

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3 Varalaru

This movie is tell about good father

This film only he looks like an girl...

The fisrt actor (hero) who act girly role in indian cine.

Super movie

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4 Billa

The film that brought style to Tamil cinema

Billa super movie, ajiths style is not to compare anyone

Dis the movie which turned Tamil cinema looking towards the stylish making

Thala is verry gold

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5 Amarkalam

The story that tellsabout one who acts in his life according to wish

I like very much and ajith action

This is the Movie which Made ajith as a raw performance oriented actor

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6 Citizen

In Citizen movie Thala is different getup and awesome movie also

This holds strong story and ajith performed superb

Really good movie. Story that invokes the anger to stop corruption.

Ajith is my favourite star I like him somuch chinthagunti srinivas hyderabad

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7 Dheena

This is a great mass film of the Thala's career. The restaurant scene was amazing...

This is the Mass ever for Ajith next to Mankatha

Dheena is a best and mass movie for all tala fans

Is a action & mass film

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8 Aarambam

Aarambam took ajith to next level of mass

Beacause of such beautiful movie and wonderful favourite movie

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9 Kadhal Mannan


He is a man who don't know to act sentiments film.he is a glamour actor

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10 Villain

No one act the film thala is the best for the movie

Best acting in thala

Ajith is a true villain for all vijay fans

Thala is Mass Acting By Villain

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11 Kadhal Kottai

This movie is wonderful love hero is for suitable for this movie...ajith is only best for love story, action, etc., he act different from other actors.

Actor ajith's each act is wonderful...

This is always one of his best

Thala is a lovely boy in kadhal kottai

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12 Vedhalam

It is a different movie and Thalai acted very well.. it is quite an entertaining movie with good stunt and some sentimental scenes.

This movie sucks. One of the worst movies in history of cinema.

Thala is always great an good person in this world... PArticularly youngsters insipiration

"whata performs,It is one of his excellent movie,this is the movie have & must to took an award for this year 2015-16,congrats to my dear thala,am,waiting,my hope spoil I guess

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13 Mugavari

Nice movie... My thala rocks in that movie... Only mass hero who could act like a girly man in varalaru... But that movie wasn't good and not bad too... Mugavari is a movie which shows the reality in film industry...

He is excellent performance in acting

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14 Veeram

Veeram is a mass movie ajith I like only tala

Best film for Ajith kumar Its overall box office collection 60 crores more than jilla the flim released on the Same day It gave a chance to Ajith to prove his veeram.

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15 Yennai Arindhal

Trisha and Anushka were great in film.

Great acting

Good sleepy movie ajith and guatham menon failed and also hated by ajith fans

Tamil movie goers just want movie with that "mass" factor and unrealistic actions. They do not relish a good movie like yennai arinthal. Directors like GVM are not respected enough in kollywood. Most people here are just Ajith fans who don't know anything other than screen presence. That's why vedhalam is above all this movie. Vedhalam was a complete disaster and crap.

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16 Aval Varuvala
17 Attagasam

A commercial movie done without any loop holes

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18 Kreedam

This is one of the ajith film. There is no body to beat THALA geth. Thala is lover boy, action hero &also sentiment (father) in this film.

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19 Aasai V 3 Comments
20 Kandu Konden Kandu Kondan

Its one of the nice movie for ajith he look romantic hero in that film it is also greatest film for thala

Kandukondain kandukondain is an amazing movie. Ajith's mind blowing performance during climax is the best! Enna solla pogirai song- Ajith's acting in this song is so amazing with good performance! This movie has hope as major theme and shows dedication can lead to what you want. Ajith looked Semma handsome and romantic in this movie! Super thala! It's his 28th movie!

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