Albums Eminem Should Make


The Top Ten

1 The Slim Shady LP 2

A continuation of the slim shady lp - pocorn

2 Marshall Mathers LP 3

I'm pretty sure this will be the title of the final eminem album - pocorn

3 M&M'S and Eminem

I made this one because both m&m and eminem sound the same - pocorn

4 Kim's Revenge

Eminem made a bunch of songs dissing Kim I think it would be cool if there were songs that were the other way around (he also apologized in his song bad husband) - pocorn

5 Infinite Remastered

A remastered version of his debut album infinite maybe also throw in a couple other songs in there - pocorn

This would be great to end his career - B0S5J4M3S

6 From the Underground

A compilation of his best unreleased underground songs - pocorn

7 The Eminem Show 2

A continuation of the eminem show - pocorn

8 Dissed

A album where the entire thing is him dissing other people - pocorn

9 Curtain Call 2

A list of his best songs from 2009 - present day - pocorn

10 Encore 2

This isn't a really liked album but it would be cool to hear a version of encore where he isn't on drugs - pocorn

The Contenders

11 Retirement
12 The Final Curtain
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