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61 I Can't Do the One-Two Step
62 Get Down On Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me

"Did you mean it? Could you feel it, when you broke into my head? Did you fake it, just to break another stranger in your bed? " Alex's voice sounds incredible, and the rhythm flows really really well. In my opinion, it's All Time Low's best song. It deserves to be in the top 10, at least.

This is no doubt their best. The music couldn't have been more upbeat. It's sad not many know about this song.
This is pure brilliance displayed by All Time Low!

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63 Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted)

Man this song has a really Catchy Chorus. And I love that Always Influence From Blink!

What the heck is this song doubt all the way down here!?!?

Song is good

64 Too Much

I love this song so much words can not express my feelings

This song should NOT be 50! I love it so much!

At 61? Really? Anyway in my opinion, this song topped already

The only problem is they say 'too much' too much!

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65 Toxic Valentine

Damn catchy song. Its one of the best they made. Should be in top 10.

This song is hella amazing it should be at least in the top 10!

Soundtrack from Jennifer's Body.. I loved it when I heard it

66 The Beach

How is this so impossibly low? Catchy, fun, and beautiful relatable lyrics!

The most amazing summer song ever!

I realize this song isn't popular but alexs voice sounds so amazing

67 Return the Favor

You either love it or hate it and think it's not like most ATL songs. I think that fact makes it all the more amazing

Believe me. Listen to it once. It's amazing. Starts slow and just gets better

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68 Noel

One of their best to be honest

69 Break Out! Break Out!

One of my fave songs on put up or shut up

Why is this so low down here? The lyrics are catchy but true, alexs voice spunds amazing, the music in it is phenominal

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70 The Edge of Tonight

I really, REALLY love this song. The lyric, the rhythm, it's so amazing. I couldn't stop listening to it in weeks! I'm kinda addicted

Probably one of my favorite songs by them. "you're like a siren in the dark, you're the beat playing in my heart" enough' said

Oh, come on guys, it's such a powerfully beautiful song with such a great vibe and feeling. You gotta love it.

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71 Do You Want Me (Dead?)

Came on this website specifically to see how far "up" it was... I honestly couldn't believe it as I thought this would have been an obvious mainstream choice :( should 363829162% be top spot!

So catchy, and relatable! It's the ultimate post break up song - perfect for ice cream! :D

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72 Poison

I didn't know there was poison then I saw this bonus track
and I saw this song, it's awesome!

73 The Party Scene

Why is this song so low? This is possibly one of All Time Low's best songs ever! This is such an underrated gem.

74 Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal

It's so meaningful and catchy and the beat it's pure perfection this is just an overall great song how about we get some real hustler's to rate these songs so good songs like this at the bottom can get the recognition they deserve.

75 Old Scars / Future Hearts

The line "beautiful scars on critical veins" hits me very time - ewwitskaylee

This song is for me the best of this album!


76 Actors

Best song they never released

77 Cinderblock Garden

This is probably my favorite song from the album Future Hearts. It definitely deserves more love!

I have this on repeat constantly. So much love for this song.

This song is so amazing, it's my favourite song by ATL!

The best! This song should be on the top 20's

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78 Hometown Heroes; National Nobodies

One of the best and most underrated All Time Low songs of all time. A really amazing song that should be close to the number 1 spot.

79 Runaways

Good Beats. Good Tempo. A song worth listening. Definitely give it a try. Strong Recommendation! Deserve to be at least in top ten

My favorite all time low song, and my favorite song ever. I can't believe this song is where it is on this list

This song means a lot to me and is definitely their best song, in my opinion.

86? Are you kidding? This is one of my favorites!

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80 Survive the Night

Great song by them!


...Why is a FNaF fan song on this list?
I mean, the song itself is great, but why is it here? Did ATL cover it? Did ATL have some kind of inclusion to it? Is it a joke? (Probably the latter)

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