Top Ten Amusingly British Worries and Traits

I worry what reception this list will receive. If you don't like it, I can only resort to being typically British and that's to apologise. These facts are all true by the way - extensive research -okay - spying on my fellow Brits took place. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 When we know we've received wrong directions from a stranger, we carry on anyway so not to cause offense

Completely the wrong way... Never mind, old chap, we'll get there... Eventually. I may lost the chance of my dream job, but at least I didn't cause offense. - Britgirl

Hahaaha I found this hilarious! :) I LOVE this list! :) And I love the British girl who made it so much too! - keyson

2 We say "Bye" at least three times, each time getting quieter before hanging up

My mother says it about sixty billion times every time she calls me. I just hang up so I don't look conspicuous in public. - PositronWildhawk

Yup! And everyone else thinks I'm crazy - SansTheComic

Yeah we do that in America too. - PianoQueen

I've noticed this a lot!

3 We panic at the thought of automatic doors not opening as we approach them

Sweaty palms
"OH GOD! WHAT IF THEY DON'T OPEN?! " I'll look jolly sllly... - Britgirl

4 We rather walk out into road of a speeding car than to walk in front of a tourist, taking a photo

I'm dead but at least I'm happy knowing that I didn't ruin their picture! - Britgirl

5 We stare at people who don't like tea as if they're growing another head before our very eyes
6 We are shocked when a stranger talks to us on the tube

It's an unwritten law - no one must talk to strangers on the tube. - Britgirl

7 We lose the power of speech while waiting for the card machine to work
8 We find the word "discombobulated" all too confusing
9 We buy trolley loads of Pimms, wear bikinis and mankinis when we see a patch of blue sky

Tina, I think this one is mostly true of your heritage in Brighton. Nobody else does this! - PositronWildhawk

This isn't quite true - I forgot to mention that it makes us sing on coach trips too! - Britgirl

10 We are always shocked at the lack of bus stop protocol

Tsk! No one queues anymore. - Britgirl

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