Top 10 Animated Action Movies of All Time


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1 The Incredibles

Best animated action movie, even though I like Lion King way better, its not an action movie - Pixtol

Pixar hits it out of the park again.

Read the list: animated ACTION movie
Lion king is best animated movie but it has no action

As much as I love Wreck-It Ralph, I don't consider lt an action animovie, let alone the best of them. This & Big Hero 6 seem to be the only ones on the list that understand the action aspect. There is no action in The Lion King or Shrek or Frozen. Pay attention, people.

2 The Lion King

It's not an action movie and I agree best disney movie is big hero 6

I loved this movie so much and if I had to I would watch this movie over and over again

I loved the Lion King when I was young and I still enjoy it today

Not an action movie - PeeledBanana

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3 Big Hero 6

Best action movie. Should be #1. Instead of dumb Frozen film which has annoying cast and songs.

Oh! This one should be at the top! 'because other films are nothing before this! (It's just my opinion! )

Best Disney Film Ever

This movie is the best movie.

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4 Shrek

It's not even a good movie and you think it's best action movie.

Shrek, Ppg movie, and big hero 6 should be higher.

2.a bugs life

so bad

5 Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck it wreck it Ralph. Fix it Fix it Felix.

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6 Frozen

What the hell? DBZ Battle of the Gods was better

Frozen has no violence. Lame. Should not be on the list.

Why is this number 1 there is hardly any action in it.

This does not have action. Why are Frozen fanboys/fangirls spreading this everywhere? - SailorSedna

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7 Kung Fu Panda 2

Only idiots think Lion King is an action movie

it is not

8 The Iron Giant

I loved this movie. I saw it recently for the first time with my older sister. I definitely loved it.Although it doesn't take spot for saddest animated movie(That spot goes to The Little Prince). It had some amazing action stuff in it!

9 The Lego Movie
10 Zootopia

Why is it only 0.4% vote? It's the best movie of 2016.

How is this only at #39 at Frozen at #1?!

One of the best movies how the hell it is in 9th place

I love you, Nick Wilde! I LOVE YOU! (Enough said)

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11 Snow Queen

I've seen this and it looks terrible. Worse than Frozen, actually but I still hate Frozen.

12 Ice Age: The Meltdown
13 Monsters vs. Aliens
14 Ice Age V 1 Comment
15 Pokemon the First Movie
16 Kung Fu Panda V 1 Comment
17 Kung Fu Panda 3

Honestly the best animated (in my opinion) Kung fu panda film with the music (arrival of Kai) and the beautiful fight scenes

18 Rise of the Guardians V 1 Comment
19 Get Out
20 Dreamgiver
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