Best Katawa Shoujo Characters

Katawa Shoujo is a free visual novel that I find really enjoyable. The characters are mostly really interesting and unique, as well as well written, as should be expected from any decent visual novel. The unique thing about this one is that each of the girls has their own disability that they have to take care of, and while this seems really weird, the game teaches a lot about acceptance and pushing through tough times.
The Top Ten
1 Hanako Ikezawa

While she first seems like a typical shy girl, there are multiple things I like about her. For one, she is the only character that seems to visibly show how shaken up she still is by her issue, which is that the entire right side of her is covered in burn scars.

The thing that sold me on her as a character was her bad ending. However, I won't spoil what it is, which made me see her in a whole different light.

I can pretty much relate to how she acts, and also, she is damn cute.

2 Lilly Satou

In my opinion, she is probably the least developed out of the five main girls. That said, she is also the most pleasant out of them all. While she isn't as deep or complex as any of the other characters, she doesn't have anything that I find to be annoying or bad about her either, which every other character has.

3 Miki Miura

Sure, she probably has less than five minutes in the entire game, but those five minutes were enough to make me like her a lot. She never had anything negative to say about anyone and was happy with how she was, even admitting that she wasn't very smart in a way that wasn't annoying.

4 Rin Tezuka

Rin is probably the most interesting character in the game just for how strange she is. She is a painter but has no arms, so she uses her feet and doesn't see anything odd about it.

The reason she is so interesting has to do with all of the great dialogue with her, such as comparing the main character with jellyfish because she doesn't understand either of them. Yet, she somehow goes into philosophical tangents off these statements. Her route is also probably the bleakest for the most part, but the development is amazing during it.

5 Emi Ibarazaki

I just found her a really entertaining character. The amount of determination she has is inspiring. The whole thing about what happened when she lost her legs was also a very powerful moment in her route.

6 Akira Satou

She isn't one of the main characters, but in each of the routes she appears in, she is always extremely entertaining, if irresponsible. Despite this, she is very serious and almost always has reasons for the things she does. I also really like her character design. She reminds me of Edward Elric if he were taller and wore suits.

7 Shiina "Misha" Mikado

Misha is just a generally fun character to be around. Her role as translator for Shizune is a really cool one as she more or less becomes one with her. This becomes even more interesting when she talks about how she wants to be her own person and not just an extension of someone else. She is nicely balanced between comedic and serious.

8 Shizune Hakamichi

Despite the fact that she is still a very interesting character, I found her personality to be quite irritating at times. Her manipulative, controlling behavior really got in the way of my enjoyment of her route.

9 Kenji Setou

I find him to be a very inconsistent character. In some routes, he is really funny and a blast to be around, but in others, he is frustrating and obnoxious. That said, the whole feminist conspiracy thing is hilarious.

10 Akio Mutou

While he doesn't really appear much in any route, he is really cool. His passion for science is less exaggerated than basically any other passion in the game, with him just seeming very interested in it. Everything that he says is meaningful and none of his dialogue is wasted.

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