Top 10 Reasons Why Velma (2023) is Awful

Velma 2023 is a reboot of sorts of the Scooby Doo series which was created by Mindy Kaling, and so far, it has become universally hated by just about everyone for how much it disrespects the Scooby Doo franchise and butchers the Scooby Doo cast, making them unrecognizable. So, for this list, we will be counting down the top reasons why Velma 2023 is awful.
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1 Velma is a Horrible Protagonist

Mindy Kaling is a horrible protagonist. She reminds me too much of another horrible animated female protagonist with similar skin tone and levels of unlikability that everyone except for the writers can notice about a decade earlier. #NotMyVelma

Velma is possibly the worst offender of this show being extremely unlikable by being extremely arrogant, smug, dismissive of others, and always thinking she's right despite what others think. She acts nothing like how Velma is normally portrayed.

2 It Has No Respect for Scooby Doo Fans

This show has zero respect for the Scooby Doo franchise and goes out of its way to disrespect the series by changing the characters and turning them into the opposite of how the characters are usually portrayed.

3 It Tries Too Hard to Be Shocking
4 The Characters are Unlikable

Nearly every character on this show is unlikable. Not just the main cast, but almost every character on the show is unlikable to the point where it just becomes unpleasant.

5 It's Not Funny

A lot of the jokes are not funny as the characters just spout random vulgar things just to get a laugh from the viewers. Many of the jokes are repetitive and just beat you over the head with it.

6 It Insults the Viewers

The nerve of Mindy Kaling mocking adults like me for watching cartoons as adults. What were HBO Max thinking? Spoiler Alert, they weren't! Although I'm not surprised, just "Iago from Aladdin" surprised. #NotMyVelma

7 Fred Being Treated Like the Show's Punching Bag

They completely turned Fred from a competent leader to a pathetic whiny brat who the show loves to treat like a punching bag and make jokes at his expense. At one point, he literally gets turned into Hitler just to set up a joke which isn't even funny.

8 It Lacks Substance

Like a lot of terrible adult cartoon shows, it relies too heavily on shocking and offensive material that it lacks any substance to go along with it.

9 Norville is One of the Few Tolerable Characters

Norville, who is not even Shaggy in this show, is about one of the few characters that is tolerable compared to everyone else, who are unlikable jerks.

10 The Forced Velma and Daphne Romantic Relationship
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11 No Scooby Doo
12 It's Mean-Spirited

I cannot stand the so-called female protagonist and a main cast of mean-spirited characters being mean-spirited for no reason other than because the scriptwriters demanded it.

13 Velma Insults Adults that Still Watch Cartoons
14 Velma is Mindy’s Kaling’s Self Insert

A typical Mindy Kaling project that is an insult to Scooby-Doo fans. Not to mention the fact that the executives at HBO Max and Warner Brothers hired her despite the fact that she kissed a male actor on the lips without his consent in the past.

15 It's an Insult to Holocaust Survivors

I'm talking about that one moment when Fred turned into Hitler.

16 Poorly Written Plot and Characters
17 Weird Al Yankovic Has a Voice Role

Only awful because he deserves to be in a much better series.

18 It's an Insult to POC
19 It's an Insult to the LGBTQ+ Community
20 It Gives the Characters Less Personality
21 Velma is a Mary Sue
22 It Tries Too Hard to Be Funny
23 Velma is a Hypocrite
24 It Was Made Bad on Purpose to Get Views
25 It's Uninspired
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