Best Early Eliminations in Total Drama

Total Drama is a show full of generally great or even amazing characters. However, since this is a parody of reality TV shows, they have to eliminate some players regularly, which means each season, we have characters that gets significantly less screen time than others due to being out from the show early on. It is easy to make it so those characters that are eliminated don't get anything interesting done about them, and make it feel like we threw those characters in the trash. However, there are quite a few times where Total Drama makes a good job at giving the characters they eliminate early a purpose or even make them enjoyable and well characterized, all the while making you satisfied with everything we got with those characters despite those early eliminations. These are the Total Drama eliminations we will be looking at today. We want the best eliminations of characters that happened early on in a season. Also if possible, it would be good to avoid characters like Dakota who got eliminated early, but also managed to keep having constant screen time despite the elimination, because it takes out the impressive aspects of an early boot if you ask to me. That being said, let's get going!
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1 Eva's first elimination (Total Drama Island)

Eva was the whole reason I made this list in the first place. It's pretty much a tutorial of how to make a first elimination satisfying and one of the reasons why the Big Sleep is probably my favorite episode in Island. First, Eva was a very well defined character for how early she was eliminated. She is probably the strongest contestant in all of Total Drama when it comes to physical strength. However, it is really easy to make her angry, and said anger is quite destructive. This leads to the second reason why this elimination is so great: she was eliminated because of her anger issues. Personally, a character being eliminated because of flaws they couldn't handle is a very good way to eliminate someone, since it allows to define more of the personality of the person that gets eliminated. And Eva is probably the best way to do this, with her becoming super angry after losing her MP3 player, and her team now being scared of what she could do to them if she becomes angry again, and ...more

2 Fashion Bloggers (Ridonculous Race)

I didn't expect it at first when making the list and going through the early eliminations in all the Total Drama seasons, but I realized that the Fashion Bloggers really got one of the best early eliminations in Total Drama, and overall the best early elimination in Ridonculous Race. So first, something that Ridonculous Race in particular is good at is at least making the characters with less development really funny, and yeah the Fashion Bloggers are pretty damn funny throughout the time they lasted. They are so stereotypical in the way they talk about fashion everything else is funny. However, the Fashion Bloggers highlight another strenght of Ridonculous Race that we sadly don't see that much in a lot of the early boots, but that we do see here. In Ridonculous Race, most teams gets some cute character development of some sort, even if it is very minor. Here we got a really small, but nevertheless, really appreciated arc where Jen and Tom are fighting over who got the idea of their ...more

3 Harold (Total Drama World Tour)

Unsurprisingly, it is easier to make an early boot satisfying when it's on an already pre established character. I mean, you can't be too mad that a player didn't make it very far, if they already got far in a previous season or at least got some strong character development or something. Now to be fair, I don't think they did much with Harold in Action despite him going far, but not only is it more the fault of Action being Action, but also he was the best character in Island either way, so I can say that he got enough of glory moments in previous seasons for me not to be mad that he got eliminated. That being said, even without that into consideration, Harold, and in fact most other members of Team Victory got some great early eliminations, and it's mostly because of one man: Alejandro. Remember when I said Eva had a satisfying elimination partly because it established Heather as a threat, and that I wished she did more of these kind of plans? Alejandro pretty much does these kind ...more

4 Bridgette (Total Drama World Tour)

You can probably guess it, Bridgette is here for pretty much the same reason as Harold, except she was eliminated one episode later, so I guess it's less impressive. In the case of Bridgette in particular, we are able to see the extent of Alejandro's charm, and see how dangerous he can be to any female contestants. If there is one thing you could argue Bridgette's elimination has over Harold's is that we saw the impact of Alejandro's manipulation skills had on her relationship with Geoff, and how she had to try and get her respect back from Geoff, which is some good stuff. Also, we got two top tier Total Drama World Tour songs from that event, with Stuck to a Pole and I'm Sorry. But yeah, overall I have nothing really wrong to say about Bridgette's elimination in World Tour.

Also, I guess I could say honorable mention to Leshawna and DJ in World Tour I guess for the same reasons as Bridgette and Harold, but I don't have them on my list because Leshawna had to go through some ...more

5 B (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

I am surprising myself by not having Revenge of the Island characters higher, but hey, the competition was higher than I expected. One of the ROTI's strongest aspect is how this season managed to make every single character in the season fill their purpose, including those eliminated early. B is no exception. So first, B is a really fun character to see going. He never talks, but he is also a genius that can build complex contraptions out of nothing really fast. This makes B one of the most competent campers in Revenge of the Island, however, this is precisely what made Scott target him with a scheme to eliminate him. Yep! We have another early elimination that served to establish the main villain of the season as a threat! I mean, when it works, it works! What can I say? By spreading the rumor that B hates his teammates, and making it look like he made their team lose the challenge, Scott caused Scott's elimination. And because B was such a cool and chill character, it does feel ...more

6 Dawn (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

You probably guessed it at this point. Dawn is here for the same reasons as B, except she was eliminated after B, so I guess it's less impressive. She is a very fun and lovable character that was a victim of one of Scott's plan after he eared she knew about his true intentions. In fact, I am not alone when I say she is a lovable weirdo, because despite the low amount of episodes she appears in, she is one of the most popular characters in the franchise! If anything, arguably the most common complaint I ear about Revenge of the Island is the fact Dawn's elimination was unfair, and she should have stayed for longer, but I disagree with that, because the writers did pretty much all they needed to do with Dawn for that season, and the other remaining characters were much more important to keep if you ask to me. If anything, I feel like the fact people don't like this early elimination shows how great it is, because they made an early boot an instant fan favorite, and you just hate Scott ...more

7 DJ (Total Drama Action)

As you may know, I don't like Total Drama Action for its tendency of having absolutely nothing happening, but DJ's elimination was one of the very few interesting things (and in a good way) that this season had to offer. I just found DJ doing an alliance with Chef was an interesting storyline, and that DJ ending up leaving the show to not feel guilty about that alliance was kind of sweet.

8 Lightning (Total Drama All Stars)

If I have to be honest, despite of All Stars' many flaws, the early boots in that show weren't too mishandled. Not only is it a pre established cast, but it is an All Stars cast, which means that they all had their glory moments before, and don't necessarily need to be fleshed out more, so eliminating any of them early, usually isn't too much of a wasted opportunity. Even outside of that fact, aside from Lindsay reaching flanderized levels of dumb here, and Heather not keeping the Chris immunity statue there, the early eliminations do make sense. Lightning's elimination in particular is pretty solid. He already was finalist last season, so of course he would be eliminated at some point, and got already fleshed out, he doesn't have as much opportunity to create tensions in the show as other characters, and I feel like him being eliminated for how full of himself he is, is appropriate, on top of having Jo wanting him gone for the potential threat he can be due to his physical prowess. ...more

9 Cody (Total Drama Island)
10 Leonard (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

I will say, Leonard is here just to have some Pahkitew representation on the list, but you could see Leonard as the representative of every single character that were made to be pathetic jokes, and therefore are perfect for being eliminated early. You know like Ezekiel and Staci. I think those eliminations, while not impressive, work well, and it's okay to have a few Leonards or Ezekiels in our season. Just don't have them everywhere. That and Leonard is really funny. Now you might be wondering why I have Leonard instead of Beardo here? Well, it's because while I don't see really any potential for Leonard, aside from being a pathetic first vote out, I feel like there was some legit missed potential with Beardo. This might be a discussion for another time though.

The Contenders
11 Ezekiel (Total Drama Island)

I didn't feel bad for him at all!

He was being sexist

12 Noah (Total Drama Island)

Noah was a pain in this season! I'm so glad he changed later on!

13 Gwen (Total Drama Action)

Gwen was so annoying after Island! She broke up with Trent for the stupidest reason and I hate her!

14 Beardo (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)
15 Staci (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)
16 Ezekiel (Total Drama World Tour)

Dude stop coming back onto the show!

17 Leonard and Tammy (Total Drama Ridonculous Race)
18 Amy (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

Amy is such a brat!

19 Justin (Total Drama Island)

Justin is an idiot!

20 Katie (Total Drama Island)
21 Sadie (Total Drama Island)
22 Sierra (Total Drama All Stars)
23 Tyler (Total Drama Island)
24 Bridgette (Total Drama Action)
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