Top 10 Saddest Moments from Arthur

Arthur, a staple of many childhoods, has been known not only for its humor and life lessons, but also for its poignant and sometimes downright tear-inducing moments. So, what are the saddest moments from Arthur? That's the question we're asking you to weigh in on today.

Arthur, the eponymous aardvark and his friends have taught us many things over the years - from how to handle bullying and manage our anger to how to navigate the complexities of friendships and family dynamics. And amidst all these life lessons, there have been moments of heartbreak and profound sadness that have left us reaching for the tissue box.

These moments are more than just plot points in a children's show; they are genuine explorations of human emotions and experiences. Whether it's Arthur's struggle with a personal issue, a friend dealing with a hard situation, or a difficult community event, these moments invite us to engage with difficult feelings and experiences in a compassionate and understanding way.

The beauty of Arthur is its ability to balance lighthearted fun with more serious themes, allowing its young audience to explore and navigate the full spectrum of emotions in a safe, understanding context. This is the show that's taught us it's okay to feel, it's okay to cry, and it's okay to confront the harder parts of life.
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1 Spanky Dies (So Long Spanky)

As the episode begins, D.W. finds her pet bird, Spanky, isn't moving and takes him to her dad, telling him Spanky won't wake up. Dad delivers the bad news that Spanky is dead, which devastates D.W. She cries out that she doesn't want Spanky to be dead, and the Read family holds a funeral for Spanky in the backyard.

2 Francine's Letter to Lance Armstrong (The Great MacGrady)

After Mrs. MacGrady is diagnosed with cancer, Francine becomes incredibly worried about her, mostly because her grandfather died from cancer. Binky gives her Lance Armstrong's email address so she can write to him since he too was diagnosed with cancer before getting better. She writes to him, telling him how afraid she is for Mrs. MacGrady.

3 Arthur and D.W. Overhear Their Parents Argue and Worry that They're Going to Split Up (Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight)

After D.W. and Arthur overhear their parents arguing with each other, they become incredibly fearful that the argument could lead to their parents splitting up and their family being torn apart. They worry that neither parent would want them, forcing them to live on their own. At one point, they imagine themselves living alone with Kate and Pal. Despite their efforts to make the best of things, they end up missing their parents. Tearfully, D.W. says to Arthur, "I never knew you could feel this lonely, even if you're not alone." Fortunately, it all turns out to be a simple misunderstanding.

4 Pal Gets Sick (Sick as a Dog)

Arthur's dog, Pal, gets sick and they send him to the vet, where he has to stay overnight, leaving the two apart and not knowing if Pal will be alright. Arthur is left incredibly depressed, and to make matters worse, D.W. acts incredibly insensitive towards Arthur's feelings. She suggests getting a new dog and later brings up her pet Spanky, who died in a previous episode. This causes Arthur to whimper in a very unsettling way before calling out to Mom.

5 Arthur and Buster Say Goodbye (Arthur's Faraway Friend)

Arthur is given the bad news that Buster is going to be staying with his dad for a long time. As Buster is driven away by his mom, the two share a final goodbye. Arthur is left alone and sulks about his best friend being gone.

6 Arthur's Future (D.W. and the Beastly Beast)

During this special episode of Arthur, he finds himself four years in the future, where he discovers that everyone has aged while he remains the same. D.W., now older than him, goes by the name Dorra, and even Kate is no longer a baby. At first, Arthur starts to look up to D.W. and thinks the world of her. However, as the special progresses, he learns that she doesn't want to spend any time with him. Later on, he realizes that he's been doing the same thing with Kate.

7 Arthur Gets Lost (Lost)

After falling asleep while taking the bus to his swimming lessons, Arthur ends up lost downtown with no idea of where he is, nor does he have enough money to take the bus back home. Meanwhile, back home, his parents and D.W. get a call from a man from the pool saying he never made it to his swimming lessons. This leaves Mom completely hysterical, as most parents would react to hearing that their child is missing.

8 Muffy Thinks Francine is No Longer Her Friend (Arthur's Perfect Christmas)

Muffy and Francine get into an argument after Muffy becomes upset when Francine is unable to attend her Christmas party. Despite Francine repeatedly explaining that she can't go because of Hanukkah, Muffy offends her by stating that Hanukkah isn't as important as Christmas. Although Muffy receives numerous Christmas presents, the one thing she wants more than anything in the world is to have Francine back as her friend. Muffy laments about the situation, realizing the value of their friendship.

9 Buster Returns to Find Out that a Lot Has Changed Since He Was Gone and Feels Left Out (The Ballad of Buster Baxter)

Buster returns to Elwood City after being gone for a long time, and although he is happy to be back, he also notices that a lot of things have happened while he was away. He starts to feel left out as he missed out on many experiences that Arthur and his friends had. Even worse, almost everyone starts distancing themselves from him, thinking that he's changed since his world travels and now sees him as a total snob.

Arthur takes it upon himself to convince everyone to throw a welcome back party for Buster. However, they end up forgetting to invite him and have to go to his house personally to extend the invitation.

10 Arthur Spends Every Day Fearing for His Dad's Life (April 9th)

After the fire at the school, on a day Arthur's father was there catering a teacher's luncheon, Arthur spent nearly the entire rest of the episode fretting every time his father would leave the house.

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11 Francine's Dad Finds Out the Truth (Stolen Bike)

In the episode, Francine outgrows her old bike, and since her parents can't afford a new one for her, her dad gives her his old bike. However, when she starts riding it, everyone begins making fun of her new bike. Feeling embarrassed, she hides it in some bushes. The next day, she discovers that the bike has been thrown away by the garbage truck. When questioned about her bike, she lies and says it was stolen, causing her friends to wonder who took it. Things escalate as Muffy accuses Binky of stealing it until she confesses that she threw it away.

The real tearjerker comes when Francine's father, who works at the dump, finds the bike. Although he is not angry, he is incredibly disappointed in her. Francine explains everything about why she threw the bike away, and thankfully, the episode has a happy ending as they fix up the bike.

12 Mr. Morris Retires (April 9th)
13 Sue Ellen's Diary Gets Destroyed in the Fire (April 9th)
14 Fire (April 9th)
15 Arthur and David See a Whale (Cast Away)
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