Top 10 Worst As Told By Ginger Episodes

As Told By Ginger may be one of Nickelodeon's most underappreciated cartoon series. However, even a series as great as this managed to produce a few duds along the way. In this list, we will be looking at the top 10 worst As Told By Ginger episodes of all time.
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1 Battle of the Bands

In my opinion, this is the worst As Told By Ginger episode of all time. This episode is infuriating as it sees Ginger starting a petition when the band program is being cut to pay for the football team's stain-resistant uniforms. Darren, wanting to keep the uniforms, starts a campaign against Ginger. The two sides clash, with Ginger claiming she's trying to save the band but really doing this to stick it to Darren for breaking up with her a while back. Darren acts like a complete douchebag.

Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey prepare for middle school and vow to make a fresh start and no longer be troublemakers. However, this proves to be difficult because of Carl's reputation. Principal Milty hands out Carl's file to all his teachers, and now none of them are giving Carl the benefit of the doubt, which leads to him feeling the need to pull pranks. Since they vowed not to pull any more pranks in middle school, he and Hoodsey use a loophole to cause trouble at the high school.

We also get a side plot with Courtney, who you just feel so bad for in this episode. She gets a lot of undeserved punishment after she accidentally ticks off a couple of high school girls who throw her phone in the toilet, shove her in a trash can, and ban her from ever using the girls' bathroom for the rest of the school year. She retaliates by bringing in her own private porta-potty, parks it in the vice principal's parking spot, and refuses to move it until she is allowed access to the girls' bathroom again.

Later, Carl and Hoodsey see Courtney's porta-potty and assume it belongs to the vice principal. They push it with Courtney still inside, and things go from bad to worse when they lose control of it, and it rolls down the football field where the game is in progress. Ginger is still protesting, which is completely ignored as Darren misses the winning catch. Courtney is humiliated even further in front of the whole school, and because Darren sees Carl, he assumes that Ginger... more

2 Wicked Game

Considered by many "As Told By Ginger" fans as the worst episode in the series, this episode sees Ginger returning from Avalanche Arts Academy from the previous TV movie "Far From Home." Darren confesses his love for Ginger, and the two become a couple. However, both Dodi and Macie, mostly Dodi, are furious that Ginger is more preoccupied with Darren than with them, despite being okay with the two of them dating initially. Meanwhile, both Miranda and Mipsy are also upset with this as Ginger now just ignores them. They want her to go back to being their punching bag, so Dodi and Macie conspire with Miranda and Mipsy to try to break up Ginger and Darren.

Meanwhile, with the Carl plot, Noelle, who also became a couple with Carl in the "Far From Home" movie, loses a bet with a girl named Polly Shuster, and now Carl has to spend a whole weekend with her. Blake Gripling spies on his playdate with Polly, during which he's forced to play her weird bird game, Polly World, and takes pictures of him actually enjoying it. Blake shows them to Noelle, who gets really upset at Carl despite it being her fault he's in this mess to begin with.

Back to the main plot, Courtney finds out about Miranda and the others' plot to break up Ginger and Darren and tells Ginger that they will be having a four-way phone call that night to discuss the details. Ginger and Darren overhear everything, and Ginger is devastated to find out her own friends were conspiring to break up her relationship with Darren. Everyone finds out that Ginger was listening to their conversation, and they realize what they had just done. The episode ends with Dodi leaving a message on Ginger's answering machine apologizing for her actions as the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

Normally, this wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the fact that the whole situation is never resolved in the next episode. Viewers had to wait nearly half a year to find out what happened, only for nothing to happen as... more

3 Sibling Revile-ry

This episode is just frustrating to watch. Ginger starts a big brother/big sister program where, instead of giving kids detention when they misbehave, they are assigned a high school student to act as a role model. At the same time, Carl gets into trouble following a poorly thought-out plan and convinces Mrs. Gordon to put him in Ginger's program. Ginger assigns him to a very strict, military-style student, George, who straightens out Carl and makes him miserable. George plans to sign Carl up for military school and demands he destroy his own clubhouse.

Carl tries to get Ginger to pull him out of the program, but she refuses. He even attempts to blackmail her. Meanwhile, the students at her school take advantage of her program, purposely getting in trouble to get paired up with high school students for their own gain, and Ginger is too oblivious to see this.

On one hand, you feel bad for Carl for being paired with George, who makes things hell for him, and for Ginger acting horribly towards him, which she hasn't done since the pilot episode where she was forced to bring him along to a party and tied him up with the garden hose. But at the same time, it's Carl's own fault he's in this mess in the first place.

4 Fair to Cloudy

Ginger, Macie, and Dodi prepare for their annual trip to the county fair. At the last minute, Ginger invites Darren to go with them, which ticks off Dodi as it breaks their tradition. Despite having broken tradition before, as seen in "Come Back Little Seal Girl," Dodi retaliates by inviting Courtney to join them. Dodi even gives Ginger a smug look as they get into Courtney's limo.

When they get to the fair, things go badly. Ginger insists on following tradition and doing everything she and her friends usually do, but Darren is not interested. He wants to go on the rides and eat the food. They get into an argument, and Darren leaves. Rather than going after him, Ginger sticks with her friends.

The Carl and Hoodsey plot is another letdown. They attempt to free a two-headed horse at the fair, which turns out to be a fake, unsurprisingly. This episode is a mess. Dodi acts incredibly petty, and Ginger fails to compromise so both she and Darren could enjoy the fair. The Carl and Hoodsey plot is boring. Sadly, this was the last As Told By Ginger episode to air on Nick before moving to the Nicktoons network, with the last few episodes airing on Nick Splat years later.

5 Detention

As a follow-up to the previous episode "Stuff'll Kill You," Ginger is forced to serve Saturday detention for falling asleep in Ms. Zorski's class on the same day as Darren's football game, which he wants her to attend to support him because she's his girlfriend. Rather than tell Darren she can't go because she has detention, she instead has Dodi pose as her so Darren will think she's there. Throughout this episode, Ginger is treated very awfully by everyone. Whenever one of the other students causes trouble, she's unfairly blamed for it, and when she tries to defend herself, the vice principal calls her out. All this happens because she fell asleep in class after going through coffee withdrawal and was punished for something she had no control over.

Ginger later sneaks out of detention to try and catch Darren's game, only for him to find out that she wasn't at his game, and he is really upset about it. Of course, she's busted and has to serve another Saturday detention. Meanwhile, in the Carl and Hoodsey plot, the two create a delicious tea that Blake Gripling convinces them to sign a contract where he would gain 40% of the rights and sell the tea all over the neighborhood. Later, Blake takes complete ownership of the tea, leaving Carl and Hoodsey in the dust. However, people start getting sick and report it to the police about Carl and Hoodsey selling them the tea that made them sick. They point out that Blake has 100% ownership of the tea, sending the police to his house. Even though Blake took full ownership of the tea, Carl and Hoodsey still made the tea that made everyone sick.

6 Driven to Extremes

Ginger and her class get a super strict substitute teacher, Mrs. Grimley, while Ms. Zorski is out. Mrs. Grimley makes everyone's lives miserable, prompting Miranda to arrange for the students to TP Mrs. Grimley's house and pelt her with eggs. Ginger thinks they're going too far with their prank and ends up messing up their plan by saving Mrs. Grimley from being hit by the eggs. However, Ginger gets no thanks from Mrs. Grimley for saving her. Even worse, her classmates are furious with her for ruining their prank.

On Monday, Ginger stands up to Mrs. Grimley about her strictness and ends up getting detention for it. As for the Carl and Hoodsey plot, it is really boring and forgettable.

7 Next Question

Ginger falls in love with her quiz team teacher, Mr. Gardner. Dodi convinces her that he likes her back. During the quiz competition, Ginger embarrasses herself on live television by asking Mr. Gardner out, leading her school to lose the competition, completely throwing out all her and her teammates' hard work.

Meanwhile, the Carl and Hoodsey plot goes nowhere. They free the city's groundhog with Brandon Higsby's monkey, Mr. Licorice, seeing the whole thing. Instead of trying to bust them, Brandon ends up kidnapping Dr. Randall's dog, Muffin, for no reason. Their plotline completely falls apart.

8 Dodi's Big Break

Dodi becomes the cheerleaders' mascot. After an accident, Dodi breaks her leg, and the cheerleaders and coach make her an official member of the squad. Of course, Dodi takes full advantage of her newfound status and begins ignoring Ginger and Macie. However, it's later revealed that Dodi's leg isn't broken. When they try to convince her to tell the truth, Dodi uses the cheerleaders for protection.

Meanwhile, Carl teams up with Buddy Baker, a real estate agent, and finds that he's selling people broken-down homes, which appalls Carl. Later, when Dodi confesses to faking an injury, she is rightfully removed from the pep squad. Instead of trying to convince the coach to give her another chance, Ginger ends up having to do it. In the end, Dodi gets her position as mascot back and a chance to try out next year, even though she did nothing to deserve a second chance, especially after the way she acted towards Ginger and Macie. Once again, Ginger has to clean up her mess.

9 Ginger's Solo

A follow-up to the Camp Caprice episode that ends up disappointing. Since that episode, Ginger has been crushing on Sasha, one of the boys from Camp Caprice, who hasn't written back to any of her letters or even contacted her. Upon finding out that her school's band will be performing for a competition at Sasha's school, she immediately joins the band playing the triangle. When the band arrives at the school, she finally meets up with Sasha, who has been avoiding her for some reason. It turns out the reason Sasha has not written back to Ginger is because he's back together with his old girlfriend, who had left him previously for a popular student. This makes him a complete hypocrite, as in the Camp Caprice episode, he got angry at Ginger because he assumed she was a wannabe only interested in dating the more popular students.

This, of course, crushes Ginger, but surprisingly it's Miranda who cheers her up in the end, which results in Ginger becoming focused on the competition. Her school wins, and she, along with the others, receives a medal. One big problem with this is that Ginger did not deserve the medal at all, as she only joined the band just to see Sasha and was piggybacking on the school's band's success. She was obviously not committed to the band or putting in the hard work like everyone else.

10 Of Lice and Friends

Dodi becomes the school announcer at Lucky Jr. High and begins using it as a gossip column. She goes overboard, blurting out other people's secrets. Meanwhile, there's a lice outbreak, and unfortunately, Courtney Gripling is one of the students with lice. Even worse, Dodi finds the records with all the students who have lice and announces them during the school announcements.

Ginger is the only one besides her mother, Lois, who knows that Courtney has lice. Courtney tells her that her name is on the list and doesn't want her reputation ruined. Ginger tries to stop Dodi before she can read Courtney's name. When Ginger confronts her, Dodi claims that the students have a right to know, while Ginger points out that Dodi is doing it to make herself popular.

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11 Ms. Foutley's Boy

Despite having some funny moments, this episode was still terrible. Ginger, fearful that her mom is going to end up alone, insists that she date Buzz, the plumber who fixed the mold problem from a previous episode. Buzz and his three sons wreak havoc in the Foutley household, driving Ginger crazy. Buzz is incredibly obnoxious and always insists that everything needs a man's touch, fixing things with disastrous results. His rowdy sons run rampant all over the house.

Ginger is annoyed by Buzz and his sons' behavior but makes herself endure all the chaos, not wanting Lois to end up alone. However, Lois reaches her boiling point and decides it's not working between her and Buzz, ordering them to leave.

12 Fast Reputation
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