Top 10 Worst Things Beavis and Butt-Head Have Done

Beavis and Butt-Head are known for their reckless behavior, and for this list, we will be looking at the worst things that the duo or either one of them has ever done on the show.
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1 Shot Down an Airplane (Heroes)

This is perhaps what is considered the most controversial episode in the show, seeing how far they went with this. I love the show, but just from seeing this, I can see why it never was released for any future DVD of any sort. Mike Judge didn't want this on it, knowing its own cynical existence.

The two acquire guns illegally, and Butt-Head ends up shooting down a plane, causing it to crash down as people plead for help, and the boys just laugh at their situation before leaving.

Oh wow, that is pretty messed up, to say the least.

2 Burned Down a Comedy Club (Comedians)

The boys attempt to become stand-up comedians at a comedy club, and after failing to make the audience laugh, Beavis lights some newspapers on fire then proceeds to juggle with them, and ends up burning down the comedy club. The episode was blamed for an incident involving the death of a 23-month-old girl after her brother burned down their house by copying the same scene.

3 Caused a Food Poisoning Outbreak (Tainted Meat)

Well, ironically, this is how I learned what the word tainted meant, lol. It's actually a vomit-inducing episode, just seeing what unfolds when you don't use proper gloves to spread near your organs of, well, the private parts. It's amazing they didn't get fired for this or the Oil episode, seeing how bad those went down.

While working the grill, Beavis is unable to stop scratching his crotch area, which itches, and ends up grabbing the meat with the same hand he used to scratch with, and places it on the grill and serves it to the customers, which causes everyone in the restaurant to get food poisoning.

4 Blew Up Stewart's Kitchen (Stewart's House)

The boys invite themselves over to Stewart's house to watch a pay-per-view but quickly get bored and destroy his house and go as far as to get high by inhaling the stove gas in Stewart's kitchen, then light it, blowing up the kitchen, which is why the episode ended up getting banned.

5 Prank Called a Guy Angering Him and Then Unwittingly Sent Him to Stewart's House (Prank Call)

The boys repeatedly prank call a guy who becomes incredibly furious with them, that he calls them back pretending that they won a free pizza and finds out where they live so he can beat them up, but since the boys don't actually know their own address, they end up giving him Stewart's address as the guy violently breaks into Stewart's house, terrifying him and his parents, and Stewart's dad ends up getting attacked by the guy who proceeds to flush his head in the toilet, then proceeds to shove the phone up his butt as Stewart's dad is then sent to the hospital.

6 Poured Motor Oil in the Burger World Fryers (Oil Change)
7 Stuffed Firecrackers in a Bowling Ball and Hurled It Off a Roof (Ball Breakers)

After stealing Mr. Anderson's bowling ball, the pair attempt to find out if the rumors are true of serial killers making bowling balls and stuffing their victims' bodies in them. After failing to break it open by tossing the ball in the air and having it crash into the rooftop, the boys decide to stick fireworks in the ball and chuck it off the roof, and it only explodes after they go to check on it. While Butt-Head only loses some teeth, Beavis gets a piece of shrapnel stuck in his groin as Mr. Anderson is arrested, being blamed for the incident.

8 Vandalized a Painting at the Museum (Butt is it Art?)

While on a school field trip to the museum, Beavis and Butt-Head become fascinated by a painting of a nude woman and attempt to steal it, but are stopped by a museum guard who orders them to put it back, which they do before cutting out pieces of the picture, which involves a portion of the breast and a butt.

Heh heh hey, Butt-Head, what did you take outta the museum? Ugh, huh uh huh, one giant boob. They learn nothing but take stuff in the process, lol.

9 Sawed Through a Tree with a Chainsaw Causing It to Fall on Mr. Anderson's House and the Power Lines (Lawn and Garden)

Beavis and Butt-Head are tasked by Mr. Anderson with pruning the top of his tree. They, of course, botch this by taking a shortcut by cutting through the tree with Anderson's chainsaw, causing the tree to fall and crash into his house and the power lines, causing a huge disaster.

10 Knocked Out the P.A.T. Leader with a Ricochet Hub Cab Then Stole His Wallet (Patsies)

The boys are sent to do community service with a group known as Positive Acting Teens, or P.A.T. While picking up trash on the side of the road, Beavis and Butt-Head find a hubcap and begin throwing it around like a Frisbee. During Beavis's pass, it ricochets off a passing truck and knocks out the P.A.T. leader. The other boys, including the leader's son, go to check on him and presume him to be dead. Beavis and Butt-Head, not feeling bad at all and also presuming him to be dead, steal his wallet.

Oh yeah, where he throws it, and knocks the dude's father, huh, right. Beavis, you hellspawn, do you know where my credit cards are?

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11 Used Living Animals as a Baseball (Frog Baseball)

I believe this is the pilot episode. The duo are in a field, blowing up insects with firecrackers when they spot a frog and shout, "Frog Baseball!" They then start playing baseball using the frog as the ball. At the end of the episode, they spot a dog and shout, "Dog Baseball!" As the credits roll, you can hear the "ping" of an aluminum baseball bat and a dog yelp.

It took a chance, I believe it was also on Liquid Television (not positive), but yeah, that's where they started with this, showing it got rave reviews, and without taking the chance, we could have never got one of MTV's best shows of all time to hit the airwaves.

12 Played with the Severed Toes of a Hurt Cop (At the Movies)
13 Fed Hot Sauce to a Dog (Way Down Mexico Way)
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