Top 10 Worst Naruto Moments

Despite the massive appeal, popularity and love this series has gotten over the years, Naruto is noteworthy of being among Anime's biggest flagship franchises and a benchmark of what Shonen Manga and Anime aspire to look at, joining the ranks of Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note in this regard.

BUT! This series has had a good share of incredibly contrived and dumb moments since its decade 1/2 long runtime. Here, state what you think was a totally random and poorly explained moment Naruto has endured.
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1 "The Great Snake Escape"

Sasuke VS Deidara reaches its climax with Deidara severely outmatched and humiliated by Sasuke's superior prowess and elemental advantage. In a last-ditch attempt to win, Deidara commits suicide, via detonating a heart-strapped bomb which covers a blast radius of 10 kilometers, all the while Sasuke is very exhausted himself.

Sasuke escapes using Orochimaru's personal summon, Manda and then using the Sharingan to control him and then hiding in his mouth, causing Manda to the the blow for him.

But here's where things don't make any sense; Sasuke was exhausted and thus, was low on chakra. Furthermore, using the Sharingan and the Summoning Jutsu both require large amounts of chakra individually. Realistically, Sasuke should have been killed in the explosion because if he did use both, he wouldn't have any energy left to move. And if he did succeed in using both techniques, Sasuke should have died anyway as Deidara detonated himself about 2 meters away from Sasuke. Its pretty ...more

CrimsonShark, you are right on all points. I would also add that Deidara was exhausted of chakra, and should not have been able to detonate himself. This fight is an example of the author saying, "I will now write this character out of the script." This was done for Konan, Kisame, and other characters as well. This fight's conclusion was also bad for me personally, because Deidara is my favorite character, and I have despised Sasuke since early in the series.

Actually, now that I think about it, Sasuke did have Orochimaru's curse mark, am I wrong? So it could be possible that it gave Sasuke more chakra to summon Manda. I may be wrong and the curse mark may not do that, but it could be the case - TheDarkOne_221b

It was cool, but it was the definition of a deus ex machina. This is almost as bad as when Madara got killed by Ms. alien chick Kaguya(wait she's married? ).

2 Naruto Calling Obito "The Coolest!"

Naruto says this after Obito dies defending him. That's cool and all, but...

1 - Obito killed Neji Hyuga right in front of Naruto and Hinata, probably a few hours ago.

2 - Is responsible for the deaths of several of Naruto's comrades throughout the years.

3 - Corrupted Sasuke Uchiha into becoming a hellbent criminal.

4 - And, get this, he is responsible for the attack in Konoha when Naruto was born, and is thus, responsible for the deaths of your parents and the fact that Naruto became ostracized and hated by the village.

So Naruto, don't you think you should reflect back on what Obito has done to you throughout your life. I mean, yeah, you redeemed him, but his atrocities cannot be excused. And even then, realistically, you'd still hold a large amount of contempt on him, even when he died in front of you. "Coolest! "? Jeez, that's an incredibly over-exaggerated remark on someone who is responsible for the death of your parents, loads of your allies ...more

Even with Naruto being a generous and forgiving soul, willing to accept a change of heart in nearly any villain, even with Obito being a survivor of a terrible trauma, a victim of cynical manipulation and a lost tormented soul, it sounded completely ridiculous.

Wrong wrong wrong, this is wrong!

3 Black Zetsu Being the True Main Antagonist

Madara Uchiha just initiated the Infinite Tsukuyomi and has the surviving protagonists on the ropes. Then, completely out of nowhere, Black Zetsu stabs Madara and reveals he was the one behind the Eye of the Moon plan and the he is the manifested will of Kaguya Otsutsuki. Thus, effectively, Black Zetsu is revealed to be responsible for the many tragedies that happened in the Naruto storyline and thus, the main antagonist.

Except he isn't really a good antagonist. Black Zetsu's character from here devolves severely. What was once a mysterious, sharp-mouthed and shrewd figure is now a cackling momma's boy who constantly praises Kaguya whilst insulting the surviving protagonists. Furthermore, as a main antagonist with such lasting consequences pertaining to his actions, Black Zetsu doesn't have any character traits that could make him interesting or endearing, unlike the previous four main antagonists who had a definite goal with a developed backstory and, at least, a Freudian ...more

In my opinion, it should've been Obito or Madara as the true main antagonist

4 Sakura's "Love Confession" Towards Naruto

Made Sakura more unlikable than she already was. All of this but she still wasn't over Sasuke, made her look like she had some bipolar disorder or something. And if she didn't want Naruto to get hurt trying to bring back Sasuke, why does she make life more complicated for everyone instead of just TALKING to him like any thinking being would? Saying that she doesn't want him to get hurt for her or something, I'm pretty sure that would have made everything easier for everyone. But no she had to be controlling like always and make her allies lives more difficult than villains do.

Ugh! This scene just makes Sakura more unlikable and forced. And I know that everyone has tore this scene apart for all the right reasons, so I'm not gonna get into it.

The only reason why I liked this scene was because we got to see Naruto reject Sakura once and for all.

That was so bad and awkward.

5 Kaguya's Role and Impact

In a series that loved to tease major characters and plot advances for years, Kaguya felt like she fell from the sky, and her confusing motivations and vague philosophy contrast starkly with layered, ideals-driven "lesser" villains. Being placed between a war against Madara and the ultimate fight between Naruto and Sasuke makes her feel like a filler villain, except she's supposed to be the final boss for the heroes.

It's also frustrating that while she was portrayed as easily, by far the strongest character in the series, she also had next to no space to show off her great powers, because the Observable Narutoverse consisted of around 5 people by that time.

Kaguya is as bland as you could be in regards to a Final Boss of a story. She appears out of nowhere, her battle against Team 7 and Obito is overshadowed by numerous fights in the series, her techniques, while interesting, tend to get easily negated and her overall presence and importance is outright irritating and frustrating when you really look into it.

Kaguya's backstory is a massive retcon to Chakra being an inherent life-force for all living beings. In her story, she ate a fruit of the ancient tree, Shinju, and this is where chakra was developed. It kind of makes the concept of Chakra appear somewhat weaker than it was already established as. Furthermore, her antagonistic goals are as blank as a piece of paper, especially compared to the other main antagonists and she barely even has a personality.

What bugs me is she's not even the main antagonist by technicality (That's Black Zetsu). She just exists to serve as the last obstacle to prevent the world from ending ...more

6 Major Character Neglect

I mean, sure the franchise is about, well, Naruto, but it also had a very colorful cast and many of them even got some spotlight. If anything, look at the fights involving the Sound Four.Five. Those fights were great because it went to display how capable Choji, Neji, Kiba, Shikamaru and Rock Lee were during that time. In addition, the best part about some of the fillers were that at least some characters were able to get some notice and display more of their skills.

This does get carried on to the first half of Shippuden, with some shining moments (Shikamaru VS Hidan being an incredible example). But by the second half, barely anyone was given much attention at all. In fact, the show became less about Naruto and more about the Uchiha Clan and their history and consequences on the present day. It got incredibly frustrating that almost all of the focus was either on Sasuke, Obito and Madara, with Naruto getting some attention. So many characters that could have been explored ...more

Yes this is a major problem I had with the series. I like the series, don't get me wrong. But pretty much the whole Rookie 9 became irrelevant, even Sai or Yamato... There were so many interesting characters that were neglected. I get that a series focuses more on its main characters, it's normal, but the secondary ones should have shined, too. Shino and Ten Ten are completely useless, Kiba, Choji and the others have one good moment in the Sasuke retrivial arc then are forgotten, Ino is essentially made as an inferior Sakura despite the fact that they should at least be equals if they are rivals... Also the likes of Anko, Mei, Shizune, it's not that they're badly written, but that they are underdeveloped and underused.

This is due to the author creating a "cast of thousands". When you have so many characters, each one is diminished.

7 Antagonist Misidentity

1 - At first, the main antagonist is Orochimaru as he is an incredibly powerful rogue ninja, seeking immortality and as a personal vendetta against Konoha, which happens to be the village he came from.

2 - Then the events of Shippuden play out. Orochimaru becomes second fiddle to the Akatsuki, and the figurehead leader, Nagato is established to be the big bad at this point, with ridiculous powers and a deep-seeded nihilism rooted into him, which drives him to attempt a dark and twisted attempt at world peace. He also appears to be shadowy archetype to Naruto in some ways

3 - Then there's Obito Uchiha, who usurps Nagato as the antagonist. Obito is also the mastermind behind Akatsuki and it's true leader Like Orochimaru, he has a personal vendetta against Konoha, and is similar to Nagato in regards to their nihilistic views. Obito is also a dark counterpart to Naruto in more ways than Nagato was and is by far, the most personal antagonist in the series. His way of ...more

A syndrome where successive adversaries become more and more powerful. The author obviously invented them as he went.

8 Characters and Stories Becoming Progressively Obsolete And/or Ignored

In a series filled with numerous characters and having their own personal story, its kind of a shame this winds up getting wasted in several ways.

Anko Mitarashi is a character who has close ties to Orochimaru, being his apprentice and an inheritor of the Cursed Seal of Heaven. By this, she has an established backstory and there is a good chance she could have some area of character focus and development somwhere in the story. Unfortunately, she never gets to have any prominent focus and winds up getting shafted as a plot device for Kabuto to use during the latter part of Shippuden.

Some members of the Konoha 11, like Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka and Rock Lee, who were represented as characters who have defining personalities and even a goal, particularly with Kiba wanting to become Hokage and Lee wanting to win Sakura's affection and be just as good as his role model Might Gai. While they had focus at first, Shippuden drastically subverts this, especially for poor Kiba ...more

The best example of this is Neji, his arc was about fighting against his fate, but in the end he still died for the main branch's worthless daughter. AS A CUPID FOR NARUHINA. Like she needs someone to DIE to make her moves. Like come on. If Neji had to die, would've been good if it was for someone else than the main branch and also that it provides character development for someone, be it Lee, Ten Ten, Hinata herself and not her forced pairing, or anyone else. Hell, him dying in his battle against Kidomaru would've been just fine, way better than as a "cupid for NaruHina".

I find this item more as a bad thing about Naruto Shippuden than worst moment. Still a great list though - TheDarkOne_221b

9 Talk No Jutsu

This is Naruto's ultimate technique. No joke. Basically, all he has to do is reach out to some opponent and talk them out of being a villain. It hasn't happened to everyone, but boy, does it get pretty annoying. And realistically, nihilists don't immediately change their viewpoint of the world that quickly and convincingly.

Also, this is one of the reasons I like Madara; he's totally immune to this BS.

Naruto's speech convincing Nagato, is a case that I find to be incomprehensible.

10 Uchiha Clan Characters Randomly Getting New Abilities

Sasuke Uchiha is so guilty of this point. Look back at the series, and you'll find out he develops and learns new skills out of nowhere and randomly, especially during the latter parts of Shippuden. Its gotten to the point where even Obito, of all people, starts to question how does Sasuke learn so many moves in such a short time span. I mean, he can use the Rinnegan abilities to very good use upon receiving them, which makes little sense, and while Sasuke is a genius, it still takes practice to fully master it.

This gets extended to the Uchiha in general. Susanoo was quite random when it appeared for the first time, I'll admit that. Madara is also very guilty here; he constantly displays feats that are incredibly contrived and ridiculous to talk about. He's suddenly revealed to have the Rinnegan, his clones are strong enough to have their own Susanoo, and worst of all (In two cases), he can summon Susanoo even without having any eyes and use the Gedo Statue to full use with ...more

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11 Sakura Criticising Naruto for Not Having Parents to Educate Him
12 Sasuke Wanting to Become Hokage
13 Sakura Thinking She's on Naruto and Sasuke Level
14 Sasori Let Chiyo Kill Him

Sasori was an artist that have choosed eternal life and art to make puppets. Also he doesn't have emotions, since he is a cold assassin.
But is revelated that he choose to not dogde Chiyo's attack.
But why? Because he have wanted to die with his "parents"? That doesn't make sense.
Sasori was killed because of plot.

15 Sakura Breaking Her Friendship with Ino Over Sasuke
16 Team Guy vs Clones

One of the most boring fights in the show. Not only was it basically 3-4 episodes of nonsense spewing, it was solved by, "Being better than you were yesterday?" What is that? Seriously a really retarded asspull. Should've honestly made this battle offscreen.

17 Neji's Death
18 Black Zetsu Kills Madara
19 Sasuke Wants to Destroy the Hidden Leaf Village

Your brother sacrificed everything for you and the hidden leaf village, and THIS is how you honor him? Can someone explain why people love him in Shippuden? - TheDarkOne_221b

20 Sakura Poisons Naruto
21 Sakura Punching Naruto
22 Naruto Thinks Obito is Awesome
23 Naruto Doesn't Punch Sakura Back
24 Kakashi Perfect Susano’o
25 Kakashi Saves Sakura
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