Top 10 Hottest My Hero Academia Characters

Whether you're drawn to the fiery passion of Bakugo, the cool confidence of Todoroki, the enigmatic charm of Hawks, or the fierce determination of Mirko, there's no denying that My Hero Academia boasts a diverse cast of characters who capture the hearts and imaginations of fans worldwide. From the stoic and reserved to the outgoing and charismatic, these characters come in all shapes and sizes, with unique styles and personalities that contribute to their overall appeal.

Some characters have even sparked debates and discussions among fans, with passionate arguments about who deserves to be crowned the hottest. Is it their physical appearance, their heroic deeds, or a combination of both that makes them so irresistible?
The Top Ten
1 Katsuki Bakugo

He's the guy you observe from afar who has a cute resting face. Even when he's angry, he's incredibly adorable and funny. He's my favorite character too. Even without his anger issues, he'd still be hot and cute. The anger adds depth to his character and makes him unique. Plus, he's confirmed to be canonically good-looking, or one of the "pretty boys," and his personality just enhances that. No one can change my opinion on this.

I don't care if people call him a "monster." Remember, we are born without preconceptions. His personality was shaped in his household from a young age, so he might have thought that being the way he is was okay. I'm not saying Mitsuki is abusive, although she might be unintentionally. She can sometimes be physically "abusive," but I think she's more emotionally "abusive." I use quotes because I'm not sure if it's abuse. She clearly cares for him deeply, like any parent would. He just has a difficult personality, much like his mother. She may be short-tempered, but she knows how to control herself, unlike Katsuki. Despite my rant, he remains a hot and beautiful character in my eyes.

2 Todoroki Shoto

I'm sorry, but he is so innocent. He is calm and cool, and in the manga, Mina and other members of Class 1-A say that he is the most attractive in the class.

I think Todoroki is cute, but not cute enough to be one of the first two hottest characters. I think that Shoto should be number three. He's had a tough past, but he always focuses on the present and works hard to have a good future.

He's literally my favorite out of the entire show. I would like him without the burn on his face, but it wouldn't be the same. His scar makes him intimidating and adds to his beauty.

My sister said that he's not her favorite because he has zero facial expression and no personality, but that's exactly why I love him. Probably because I used to be the same way. I don't think he has no personality. I think he's funny, chill, and nice. I'm now realizing how similar we are.

3 Shota Aizawa

He is really beautiful, but especially his look is incredible. I swear, if he existed, I would pay to sleep with him. I would pay to be one of his students.

Then you see him with his bun and shaved look, and as soon as I saw him, I got a nosebleed. He's the only man making me drool - seriously. How is it possible to be so hot? I think it should be illegal to make people want him so much. Let's be honest, I do want him, and so do many others, yet he's not even trying to be attractive. His unkempt appearance is still sexy.

For those of you who read MHA Vigilante, his hair tied in a ponytail is just - argh! Then Kaniko saying that Aizawa is gorgeous is proof that he's gorgeous. Only one thing to say: I understand that he doesn't exist. Perfection doesn't exist, but he doesn't exist, so he is perfect!

4 Denki Kaminari

He is so amazing! The moment I first saw him, I was just like, Yep, this is the person I simp for in all anime. He's so respectful yet flirty, and a bit of a looker at the same time. Honestly, I personally quite like flirts because they make me feel better about myself. So Horikoshi has done me and everyone a favor by creating Denki Kaminari as a character.

Okay, I also really love Kaminari (because I also love Bakugou, Todoroki, and Kirishima). I would marry this guy even if he fully electrocuted me with his quirk. He is so cute, hot, and good-looking. I hate that girls reject him and that they don't see what I see.

Okay, he's really bad at getting a date, but I love awkward guys like him. I feel bad for him because he's so energetic. Kaminari may be an idiot, but it makes me feel smarter, if I'm being honest. I feel like I could help him.

P.S. He's funny too, especially when he roasted Bakugou at the start of the show.

5 Eijiro Kirishima

The sweetest man in the show, apart from Deku. Kiri is the kind of guy you would love, and your parents would appreciate you dating and marrying, as it happens. He may not be the smartest character, but he'll stick by you and can see situations from multiple perspectives. Not to mention, he's unbelievably strong.

I actually didn't like Kirishima at first, but then I started liking his attitude. Then, I started liking him. I love that he cares for his friends and at the same time can fight really well. I find him very funny.

He might look rough on the outside, but he is sweet and funny on the inside. I love you, Kirishima.

6 Dabi

When I first saw him, I thought he looked cool. The scars make him seem like such an edgelord. Then, when he literally called Shigaraki ugly, he instantly became one of my favorite characters.

The fact that he wasn't afraid to say it, despite knowing he might've been decayed, just made him seem even better. And his voice - his voice is just amazing. He's such a savage, too. I'm pretty sure he's insulted each league member at least once.

Plus, I can relate to him on motion sickness. When his backstory was revealed, it only made him seem even more interesting. I loved how he revealed it. I was laughing at that part. He has to be one of the best-written characters in the series.

7 Hitoshi Shinso

Shinso has been my favorite since his debut. I couldn't put it any simpler. Honestly, my friends say I'm just like him. We both look like we never sleep. My hair is always a fluffy ball. He's respectful and is only trying to make himself better.

Many people say his quirk is fit for a villain, but he is persistent in becoming a hero. This is a big part of what makes him attractive. Against all odds, he persists and tries to prove himself.

I love everything about him. All he wants is to be a hero. When people call him a villain, it just puts him down. If I ever heard someone calling him a villain, I would confront them, because yes.

8 Hawks

I don't really know him yet because I haven't seen an episode with him yet. But just by looking at his picture, you know he's cute.

This is my husband right here. He's perfect and really hot. People say he's a fictional character, but for me, he's not. He deserves to be number 1.

All I have to say is Hawks and Dabi belong together. I mean, Dabi is the only one who knows Hawks' real name, so don't you agree?

9 Shigaraki Tomura

I love this crusty boy. I feel like he would be very awkward, which makes him cuter. Also, that one sketch when he's smiling - he's so cute!

He's in my top three. He has psychopathic traits, is kind of a serial killer, and hates nearly every being that exists. He's short-tempered and angry - but not loudly or dramatically angry like Bakugou. It's a much colder, more impersonal anger.

It's potent annoyance, to the point where it cracks and then shatters into hatred simply from inconvenience. He has messy, washed-out hair and looks like someone who hasn't showered or slept in about four days. He can kill you in a second with the touch of a final finger. He's dangerous beyond the human body's limitations.

Yeah, I have problems, but I find him hot, okay?

10 Midoriya Izuku

I remember I was just someone who didn't care at all for My Hero Academia. Then, when I saw the first episode, I thought, "Oh my God, kid Deku is so adorable." When I saw his older self, I thought he was cute. But then I broke this pattern and shipped him with Uraraka. Yet, I still have a little crush on him.

Deku was the first character I fell in love with, and I still love him. He is energetic, perseverant, and determined. He's not like other men who say, "It's weak to show my emotions because I'm a boy." He's always ready to risk his life, and most importantly, he is always putting people's happiness above his own. My love.

The Contenders
11 Ochaco Uraraka

Her personality is really cute throughout the series, and her dedication to her family, friends, and studies is truly inspirational. Plus, is she the number one female character in MHA? Duh!

I love Uraraka! She's a super adorable girl with a very powerful quirk. She's so confident in helping others and her family. She wants to be just like Izuku because of how amazing he is. I really do love her!

She's cute, strong, and determined. She just wants to be like Deku and earn money for her family. I can't find a sweeter reason to be a hero. I would love to have a friend just like her!

12 Tamaki Amajiki

I think Tamaki's personality is so cute, and he is also cute himself. When I first saw him, I was like, He looks like Sasuke. But I think he's cuter than Sasuke.

He is a good character and an introvert, just like me. We are both similar. We are both introverts and have two besties who are extroverts. And he is handsome.

I love this cute bean so much! He's trying his best to become confident but still is shy, which is kind of adorable. He looked so brave during the rescue mission to save Eri. It gave me goosebumps.

Although, when I first saw him, I thought he looked like an elf.

13 Tsuyu Asui

I'm not attracted to girls (I'm gay, to be clear), but she's honestly just awesome and really sweet. I fell in love with her personality immediately.

She's a frog. Frogs are cute. She's a girl. Girls are cute. Tsuyu is the dictionary definition of adorable.

I love her personality and how chill she always is. She's always looking at the bright side too!

14 Himiko Toga

She's too cute. She can make killing people seem cute. Her protectiveness over her fellow league members is just so sweet. I hate how horribly people treated her for her quirk.

But I love how she's not completely reliant on it. She has tons of skill even without it. If she weren't a villain, she would've been an amazing hero.

I love Toga because I am a lesbian. I adore her, and if she were real, I would ask her out. If you think I shouldn't like her, read the next sentence: I don't care what you think because I am me, and you can't control my life.

15 Mirio Togata

He is adorable. I have to say he's one of the most caring characters in the whole show. (Daddy All Might is at the top of my list.) He is very energetic, and look at him! Even without his quirk, he still has power. He has the muscles of a teen All Might.

Mirio is just such an amazing character! He's so generous and kind. Honestly, he's my type. I can't stress it enough. He's just such a sweetheart!

He's cute, and his personality is so high-energy. I feel like he would be that friend who would make you feel a lot more confident.

16 Chisaki Kai (Overhaul)

Best villain, best logical villain, smartest villain, the most interesting villain, and the most handsome and hottest villain. Overhaul was the only villain in this series that made sense, and that made him more attractive. All the other villains are crybabies, unlike Overhaul, who actually had a goal.

Sure, yes, he IS a villain, but who said that villains couldn't be hot? His calm and evil personality already makes him attractive, and the fact that he has determination is also something I love about him. His looks are also a big factor, and his hair is honestly pretty cool. Also, his voice, though -

17 Tenya Iida

I personally don't mind the Stain incident. It shows me just how devoted he is to his loved ones and family. Anyway, he would be an awesome boyfriend, husband, or father, too. Am I right, fellow simps?

He is responsible, good-looking, respectful, and kind, and he makes the right decisions. Except for the one time when he was planning to take down Stain by himself. But other than that, he is the perfect boyfriend or husband to have.

He's nice, funny, respectful, responsible, and not to mention, handsome. What's not to love?

18 Hizashi Yamada

Sure, most people say he's annoying, but he's not that bad. He cares about his fellow teachers and is a good person. I love this fabulous cockatoo.

I feel he's underrated. The dude can crack jokes and lighten the mood in a few words. Also, he has great taste in music.

He has my lucky number. That's the only reason I voted for him. Oh, and I told my friend I would.

19 Kyoka Jiro

Are you kidding me? Jiro is a stunner! Like, come on. Momo is pretty, but I think she's a bit overrated. Jiro is very gorgeous with her cute face and silky hair. Her voice is very calming and smooth. Not that other girls' voices are bad. They're just more peppy and excited.

She is just so pretty, and I love her attitude about things. She can be very shy and quiet, but she isn't scared to say what's on her mind.

The fact that she loves music is just amazing. This and the way she looks are the two things that will never make me dislike her.

20 Neito Monoma

Yeah, this man can be a psychopath sometimes, but that just makes him more attractive, right? He can be nice sometimes, especially when talking with Aizawa around (with the Eri thing in season 5). His looks and face are just so hot, though, not going to lie.

There are legitimately no words that explain him better than "honey, he is a fine boy." Good luck finding something negative or identifying his weakness.

I don't normally enjoy characters with these kinds of personalities, but in the manga, he's pretty attractive.

21 Fumikage Tokoyami

I don't know, Tokoyami is just a masterpiece. He is super cool and strong. His quirk is legitimately so cool, bro. I just can't explain it. He is literally one of my favorites from Class 1-A.

This bird boy is so underrated. I unironically became attracted to him, and I am now wondering if that makes me a furry.

Super underrated character just because he has a bird head. He's an amazing person and would do anything to keep his fellow classmates safe.

22 Momo Yaoyorozu

I may not love her costume, but she's undeniably gorgeous. I really hope they develop her character and her quirk further. I can totally see her becoming one of the best parts of the series.

Do I even need to explain? She has a great personality and is a relatable character. Her character design is excellent, and yes, her body is nice too.

Momo is a queen, point-blank period. There's nothing else to it. She's a genius, incredibly sweet, and if I married her, I'd be set for life. She also has a beautiful face.

The fact that Bakugou, with his less-than-perfect face, ranks above her is a tragedy. Show some respect for the goddess. It doesn't matter if you're straight. That's no excuse for being blind to her beauty. Thank you, goodnight.

23 Mina Ashido

Her vibe is just so cool! I love Mina, and I think she is brilliant and perfect in every way. She's beautiful, she's brave, she's kind, she's confident, and she knows how to deal with Mineta. She's flawless!

Oh my God, she loves dancing. I love dancing. We could dance together. But if I do, that would remind me of my grandpa, and I would start crying. Because my grandpa and I would always dance together when I was small. We would have so much fun. I miss doing that.

We have a lot of things in common. We both are amazing dancers, and a little strange. But those are only a few points. She is very sweet, loves her classmates, and is super hot. How can someone be so cute and hot at the same time?

24 Hanta Sero

Everyone keeps forgetting the fact that Sero takes care of Mineta whenever he goes too far. He is a good friend and needs to be shown more in the series. He is also attractive.

Now, this man is a businessman. I mean, he sponsors Flex Tape and he's Spider-Man. To top that, he's going to be a hero. He's one of the hottest guys out there.

What are you all looking at? Hey, he may not be hot, but he's a pretty cool guy! He would make a good boyfriend.

25 Mashirao Ojiro

Ojiro is incredibly underrated and needs more screen time. Not only is he helpful and a good friend to Hagakure, but he is also incredibly attractive.

Very underrated. He's very attractive, but because of the lack of his screen time, no one notices.

I don't know, okay. I just love him to death.

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