Top 10 Hottest Boku No Hero Academia Characters

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1 Todoroki Shoto

I wouldn't say that he is my number one mha character but he is in the top 10 obviously! I love his personality and his humor is funny. I honestly can't forget the little scenes where he asks Izuku if he is really all mights secret love child and the scene where he sees his dads scar and is like "that's a pretty bad scar" and just stares at him.

Icy-Hot is like the cutest guy in UA. He is so cool looking based off of his split colored hair which did cause a trend in wearing your hair like that which I'm sure came from him and this anime in particular. He is so quiet and reminds me of Sasuke lol by not having much to say. His fire ice powers are amazing ! And it's crazy to know that Shoto and Touya/Dabi are related sorry for the spoiler. He is super talented but of course humbles himself from his peers compliments by responding "really ?"" "I am?" Just cracks me up !

Do I even have to explain? This guy is the hottest man in the anime! He has gorgeous hair and is scar adds to it all! Plus he is an amazing character in general!

He's literally my favourite out of the entire show. I would like him without the burn on his face but it wouldn't be the same. His scar makes him intimidating and adds to his beauty. My sister said that he's not her favourite because he has zero facial expression and no personality but that's exactly why I love him. Probably because I used to be the same way. I don't think he has no personality. I think he's funny, chill and nice. I'm now realizing how similar we are.

2 Katsuki Bakugou

Bakugou's personality Has really improved over the series, and honestly, he is my absolute favorite character! One thing is though, is his hot-headed personality. It really had an affect on people but the reason I think that is, is because of his mom, Mitsuki. I'm not saying she's abusive, but I think she really had an affect on Bakugou on an irrational method. Even so, she still raised Bakugou to become the "number 2 hero", she still had a huge effect on his personality. But aside the fact, Bakugou is still very caring, and not to mention his abs! He's very brave which I think a lot of girls and boys die for! His hair is also what gets me! He's just generally a very likeable person (outside the series)!

Honestly... it's the looks for about 70% of him being the hands down HOTTEST bnha character. His abs and his silhouette is gorgeous. Sure, he does get a little mad sometimes. Never mind, change that to A LOT. But for some reason, that aura of irritation and anger for his classmates and fellow friends are just what makes him someone to swoon over for.

Bakugo's character development is honestly very amazing and I think the willingness he has to adapt to reach the top makes him a great character. He's gone from always pissed to always pissed with compassion and drive to help his teammates, even IF it gets on His nerves. Also seems like the kind of guy to treat you better than most, even if he seems kind of chaotic. I also can admit he is very handsome, but I prefer his story and development, It's always making a shocking turn and it keeps me invested, wishing to Know more. That's why I adore Bakugo, an Character who Is entertaining, beautiful, stoic, brave and heartfelt.

He's like the guy you look from afar and would have a cute resting face. Also even when he's angry he's super cute and also very funny. He's also my favorite character too. If he had no like anger problems he would still be hot and cute. The anger just adds to his character and makes him unique, plus he is confirmed to be canonically hot or one of the "pretty boys", his personality just adds to it. No one can tell me otherwise. I don't care if people say he's a "monster". Remember you are born not knowing anything, his personality was adapted in his household, and at a very young age too, so he might have thought that being that way was ok. I'm not saying Mitsuki is abusive or anything, she might be but not intentionally, and she's sometimes physically "abusive" but I think she's more emotionally "abusive" and why I'm putting these " is because I'm not sure I would call it abuse. It might be abuse but it's not intentional, you can see that she cares a lot about him, like any parent ...more

3 Shota Aizawa

His mysterious personality is something that I personally think makes a ton of people fall in love with him. His hairdo too is also something that people might fall head over heels for (I'm talking about the hairstyle with the bun and long hair draping down his back a little), and the fact that he cares deeply but seems a little irritated on the outside just makes him hot, too...

OMG I seriously just have daddy issues when it comes to him but I love how serious he is and how all the kids know whats up when he walks in even though he isn't that strict.

Like, have you seen him? The hottest BHNA character, hands down! Like sjbhsbjcbhjjnc, I can't stop myself drooling over him! He doesn't even make a effort to look good. Have you seen him in a man bun and shaved , I think I died at the scene. If he ain't hot, I don't know what's hot. Days when being a minor is so urgh! I would pay to let him teach me. If my parents don't have such a hard rein on me, I would have plastered my whole room with his photos. This man right here is ∞/10 husband material. I wouldn't even hate school at that moment. Hottest guy in the bhna universe. Fight me.

If This was my teacher I would bring my phone to school so I could take pictures with him and secretly take pictures of him I would print them out and hang it up on my room walls Aizawa is hot.

4 Dabi

Gosh, Dabi is so hot, well I'm not shocked anymore that his hot. Imagine, even if he is a villain gosh, he still so damn handsome hot

Dabi is by far my most favorite villain in the entire series! Haven't fully watched/read the guy in action completely but from what I seen he is super cool, sexy, quiet, and hilarious! Those blue flames of his is what grabs my attention along with his low cut shirt with his piercings in both ears. I could so see this guy in a metal/rock band or even a boy band lol. I can't wait to reveal his back story as an innocent kid but of course not innocent no more ! LOL I just had to get a sad boy shirt with him on it and of course a tumblr with his face. All hands down this guy receives my vote at all times!

He is my favourite villain! I like his scars bc they make him look special. I would have a crush on him but my friend is slightly yandere for him so I'm not allowed to like him.

He is my favourite character in the whole cast I don't even need to explain cool backstory? check. lovable personality? check, and don't even get me started on how much I kin him- don't even question it- just don't

5 Eijiro Kirishima

Okay. He is my shark boy. :) He is sweet, caring for his classmates, and is always trying to be there for Bakugo, even when Bakugo is a total jerk. I love you Kirishima!

I actually didn't like kirishima at first but then I started liking his attitude then I started liking him, I love it that he cares for he's friends at the same time he can fight really good, I find him very funny, he might look rough on the outside but he is sweet and funny on the inside. I $ you KIRISHIMA

I literally love this boy like he is such a sweetheart and gives others amazing confidence and reminds them to be manly it's so cute. Like I just love Kiri.

Kirishima is my absolute favorite character is mha. His character was just so fully rounded, he's passionate/driven, loyal, funny ash and he develops so much throughout the show. Not to mention I just thought his quirk was sick and I loved how much visual detail they put into his transformation

6 Denki Kaminari

Kaminari is so funny and supportive. Its really funny how he and Kirishima follow Bakugo around. The black strip in Kaminari's hair matches his quirk and he looks really good. His costume is adorable and good looking. He's also my favourite character so overall I think he looks the best.

The dude is so dang hot! My favorite mha character in the whole show. The creators of mha HAD NO RIGHT to make him this attractive!

Okay, I also really love Kaminari (bc I also love Bakugou, Todoroki and Kirishima). I would also marry this guy even if he fully electrocuted me with his quirk. He is soooo cute, hot and good looking. I hate that the girls reject him and that they don't see what I see. Okay, he's really bad with getting a date but I love awkward guys like him. I feel bad for him because he's so energetic. Kaminari may be an idiot but it makes me feel smarter if I'm being honest. I feel like I could help him.

P.S. He's funny too especially when he roasted Bakugou at the start of the show.

Denki is short circuted but I think its hillarious when he goes like this because he always looks so dumb and it's just great. I also love the artwork of the bolt in his hair.

7 Hitoshi Shinsou

Shinsou has been my fave since his debut. I don't think I put it any simpler. Honwstly my friends say I'm just like him. We both look like we never sleep, my hair is always a fluffy ball. He's respectful and is only trying to make himself better.

Many people say his quirk is fit for a villain, but he is persistent on becoming a hero. This is a big part of what makes him attractive. Against all odds, he persists and tries to prove himself.

I love everything about him. All he wants is to be a hero. And with people calling him a villain just puts him down. If I ever heard someone calling him a villain I would kill them because yes.

From the start I have loved Shinsou like he is so chill and is still able to roast Bakugou. His hairstyle is badass and his eyes are pretty cool. I would say he has to be in top five.

8 Shigaraki Tomura

I used to get so much hate for having a thing for shiggy but like how can I not? he is so cute at times and I love how he is so devoted to what he does

He's in my top, like, three. Psychopathic traits, kind of a serial killer, hates nearly every being that exists, short tempered and angry - but not loudly or dramatically angry like Bakugou. It's a much colder anger, more impersonal. It's potent annoyance, to the point where it cracks, then shatters to pieces and becomes hatred simply from the inconvenience. Messy, washed out hair, with the perpetual look of someone who hasn't showered or slept in about four days. He can kill you in a second, with the touch of a final finger; dangerous beyond the human body's limitations.

Yeah, I have problems, but I find him hot, okay?

Definitely my 2nd favourite villain. He has that gamer boy vibe as well as the power to say 'I can and will kill you if you piss me off' and then actually go through with it

You anime-watchers are gonna be SHAKING from the amount of character development he gets in the manga. Definitely the hottest, most badass villain ever.

9 Hawks

If you DON'T think he's hot, you're SO. VERY. WRONG. His calm yet annoying personality is something personally I think is to DIE FOR. His little 'eyeliner' (not eyeliner, it just came naturally with his quirk since he is a hawk) around his eyes is something that just makes him HOTTER THAN HECK. (his outfit also adds to how hot he is :})

I don't really know him, yet. Because I have not yet seen an episode with him, yet. But just by looking from his picture, you know he's just cute.

This is my husband right here. He's perfect and really hot. People say he's a fictional character but for me he's not. He deserves to be number 1.

All I have to say is hawks and dabi BELONG TOGETHER I mean dabi is the only one who knows hawks real name so I mean don't you agree?

10 Ochaco Uraraka

I love Uraraka! She's a super adorable girl, with a very powerful quirk. She is so confident in helping others and her family. She wants to be just like Izuku because of how amazing he is. I really do love her!

She's cute and strong and determined and just wants to be like Deku plus earn money for her family, I can't find a sweeter enough reason to be a hero. I would love to have a friend just like her!

She is always caring and acts kinda like my crush. She is the best she looks good and has an amazing personality, kind, sweet, and bubbly.

She has such a nice personality she makes me want her to be with Deku because the Cute Couple is my new word and stuff so ya!

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11 Tamaki Amajiki

I love this cute bean so much! He's trying his best to become confident but still is shy, which is kinda adorable. He looked so brave during the rescue mission to save Eri, it gave me goosebumps. Although when I first saw him I thought he looked like an elf xD

I love how sweet and nervous he is. He tries so hard to be confident like Mirio it's adorable. He's literally the purest character in this series. Horikoshi gave us all a blessing. He's too cute for this world. I'm literally rewatching for him. How can anyone hate this bean?

Ok I wish I had his quirk cause like I can be something or have a feature and still can eat it to do so , but this is about being hot and I just love the boys that are hard to open up to and quiet.

I don't understand! I personally believe this man is UNDERRATED. I haven't even got to season 4 but I already want to skip the last parts of season 3 to see this boy in action. 10/10 would definitely recommend googling fan art of this Child.

12 Tsuyu Asui

I love her personality and how chill she always is. She's always looking at the bright side too!

I'm not attracted to girls (I'm gay asf), but she's honestly just awesome and really sweet. I fell in love with her personality immediately.

I love her every time I see her I was like oh my god she is just like a frog they are my
Favorite animals.

This girl is the most kind character that still takes things seriously. Give her some credit

13 Midoriya Izuku

Ok so, I'm obsessed with Deku, he's my most favorite character, my ships with him are BakuDeku, TodoDeku, DabiDeku, and HawksXDeku(healer only). Please don't judge me, I haven't seen the series but I saw that they were amazing, even when Bakugo and Deku both defeat Nine, when Deku first kiss Bakugo and Todoroki (my favorites scenes)

I remember I was just someone that didn't care at all for my hero academia, Then when I saw the first episode, I thought " Omg kid deku is so Adorable. Then when I saw his older self, I thought he was cute. But... I broke this and shipped him with uraraka. Yet then I still have a little crush on him.

Why Does Deku is in number 14? This make me no sense Deku is very Adorable And Very Strong THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 why? Because look how adorable of him when he was a child He save bakugou But Bakugou Bully Him So How Sad Life that Deku Have?

This is a cinnamon roll like I just love him so much. He always has such positive energy and a great way of looking at things. I wish he would stand up for himself more but other than that like goals

14 Himiko Toga

She's too cute. She can make killing people seem cute. Her protectiveness over her fellow league members is just so sweet. I hate how horribly people treated her for her quirk. But I love how she's not completely reliant on it. She has tons of skill even without it. If she weren't a villain, she would've been an amazing hero.

Toga I love because I am lesbian, I just love her and if she were real I would ask her out and if you don't think I should like her read the next sentence.

I don't care what you think because I am me and you can't control my life.

She is great! I'm not lesbian or anything, but she so cute and pretty! If I was lesbian/bi, I would probably have a crush on her.

She is 100% a hot girl, like, her personality is really what's got me crushing, but her appearance enhances those feelings.

15 Mirio Togata

He is adorable. I have to say one of the most caring characters in the whole show. (Daddy All Might is at my top) He is very energetic and look at him! Even without his quirk he still has power. He has the muscles of teen All Might.

Mirio is just such an amazing character! He's so generous and kind. Honestly, he's my type, I can't stress it enough, he's just such a sweetheart!

He's cute and his personality is so high energy. I feel like he's be that friend that make you feel a lot more confidence.

Mirio is such a nice person who always smiles he always will smile no matter what and will make someone happy.

16 Tenya Iida

I personally don't mind the Stain incident. It shows me just how devoted to loved ones and family he is. Anyway, he would be awesome boyfriend/husband/father, too, am I right, fellow simps?

He is responsible, good looking, respectful, kind and make the right decision. Except the one when he was planning to take down stain by himself. But other than that he is the perfect bf/husband to have.

He's nice, funny, respectful, responsible and not to mention handsome. What's not to love?

Iida wants to be just like his older brother and that's just so adorable. The way he chops the air tho-

17 Hizashi Yamada

I have been in love with Zashi since only God can remember. Something just drew me to him, and I don't know what it was. He is personally my forte, (besides Aizawa Shota) but Zashi is just- UGGGHHH!

S.O.S., please someone help me
It's not healthy for me to feel this
Y.O.U. are making this hard
I can't take it, see it don't feel right
S.O.S. please someone help me
It's not healthy for me to feel this
Y.O.U. are making this hard
You got me tossin' and turnin', can't sleep at night

Sure, most people say he's annoying, but he's not that bad. He cares about his fellow teachers and is a good person. I love this fabulous cockatoo

I feel he's underrated. The dude can crack joke and lightens the mood in a few words. Also, he has a great music taste

He has my lucky number. Only reason I voted for him. Oh and I told my friend I would.

18 Chisaki Kai (Overhaul)

Sure, yes, he IS a villain, but who said that they couldn't be hot? His calm and evil personality just makes him attractive already, and the fact that he has determination is also something I love about him. His looks are also a big factor, and his hair is honestly pretty cool. Also, his VOICE THOUGH--

Best villain, best logical villain, smartest villain, the most interesting villain, and the most handsome and hottest villain. Overhaul was the only villain in this series that made sense, and that made him more attractive. All the other villains are crybabies, unlike Overhaul here who actually had a goal.

He honestly is hot because even though he's a murderous freak that abuses his boss' granddaughter I love me a man that can be clean!

Easily one of the hottest characters in the show. He deserves credit for his archetype. Guess I'm into ornithologists.

19 Kyoka Jiro

I love her personality and her style! She and I are actually similar. We both like singing, but we are too shy to admit it, we both can be really shy at times. Plus, we both have dads that rock out hard lol

She is just so pretty and I love her attitude about things. She can be very shy and quiet but isn't scared to say what's on her mind.

I'm a bisexual boy... and like omg she is actually CUTE! like her outfit, her hair everything abt is really cool/cute... and her voice is really nice...

Are you kidding me—JIRO IS A STUNNER. like come on. Momo is pretty, but I think she's a bit overrated. Jiro is very gorgeous with her cute face and silky hair. Her voice is very calming and smooth (not that other girls' voices are bad, they are just more peppy and excited).

20 Fumikage Tokoyami

why, WHY does everyone underestimate this man and his cool yet (a LITTLE bit) dark personality? Sure, he is a BIRD and how could you ever kiss this man, but he's naturally hot in my opinion and him being mysterious adds a lot in my favor.

I don't know tokoyami is just a masterpiece and also he is super cool, and strong. his quirk is legit so cool bro I just can't explain he is literally one of my favorites from class 1-A.

Like, this bird boy is so underrated. I unironically got turned gay by him and I am now wondering if that makes me a furry.

Super underrated character just because he has a bird head. He's an amazing person and would do anything to keep his fellow classmates safe

21 Neito Monoma

Yeah, this man can be a psychopath sometimes, but that just makes him more attractive, right?-- But, he can be nice sometimes, especially when talking with Aizawa around (with the Eri thing in season 5). His looks and face are just so hot though, too, ngl.

There are legit no words that explain him better than "honey he is a fine boy". Good luck finding something negative and his weakness

I don't normally enjoy characters with these kinds of personalities, but in the manga he's pretty attractive.

There are times when this dude is annoying, but you can't help but like him because of his childish behavior.

22 Momo Yaoyorozu

I don't love her costume, but she's undeniably gorgeous. I really hope they develop her character more, as well as her quirk, because I can totally see her becoming one of the best parts of the series

Do I even need to explain? She's got a great personality, she's a relatable character, great character design, and yes, her body is nice too.

Momo is a queen, point blank period. There's nothing else to it. She's a genius, incredibly sweet, and if I married her I'd be set for life. Also, she has a beautiful face. The fact that Bakugou with his 👹 face is above her is a tragedy. Have some respect for the goddess. I don't care if you're straight, that doesn't mean you're blind as well. Thank you, goodnight.

She's just such a good girl, and secretly a real baddie. She's the hottest girl if we just talking about their looks.

23 Mina Ashido

Oh my god she loves dancing. I love dancing. We could dance together. But if I do. that would make me remind me of my grandpa. And I would start crying. Because me and my grandpa would always dance together when I was small. We would have so much fun. I miss doing that.

We have a lot of things in common like we both are amazing dancers, a little strange. but these are only a few. She is very sweet, loves her classmates, and is super hot. *Simp noises* how can someone be so cut AnD hOt aT THe Same TIIiiIIiMMmmmMMEeeEeEEe

Well I sorta considered her as a friend . But she is very cute I love her style and clothing she's so cute and has such a different style .

Mina is a great friend and her aspiration to be a great hero and a great dancer is so admirable. She's also hot. I'm just gonna say it.

24 Hanta Sero

Everyone keeps forgetting the fact the Sero takes care of Mineta whenever he goes too far. He is a good friend and needs to be shown more in the series. He is also attractive.

Now this man is a businessman. I mean he sponsors Flex tape and He's spiderman. To top that he is gonna be a hero. He's like one of the hottest boys out there

What are you all looking at? Hey, he may not be hot but he's a pretty cool guy! He'd make a good boyfriend.

I mean-
he's tape man! I see him in every flex tape commercial, he's basically famous!

25 Mashirao Ojiro

Ojiro is incredibly underrated and needs more screentime. Not only is he helpful and a good friend to Hagakure, but he is also incredibly attractive.

Very underrated. He's very attractive but because of the lack of his screen time, no one notices.

I don't know okay. I just love him to death.

You can't convince me otherwise.

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