Top 10 Thomas the Tank Engine Episodes with the Worst Crash Scenes

One of the biggest things we tend to enjoy on Thomas the Tank Engine is a crash scene. While some episodes have the best, others are typically the worst. Here are 10 examples of the worst crash scenes in Thomas history.
The Top Ten
1 Edward's Brass Band

Edward's first accident involves him getting knocked on his side into a pile of dirt by a ship's boiler. For an engine that went nearly seven seasons without an accident, this was completely out of character and too much for him. If this was the creator's way of making Edward's accident historic, then that certainly made it worse than expected.

2 Thomas Gets Bumped

Because of the sun, which melted the tracks, Thomas derails. This only adds to the frustration of him having been late a number of times.

3 Bye George!

In this episode, George the steamroller causes chaos. His pavement work on the railroad sets up Thomas to derail and crash into a chicken barn. Then, George stops Duck from entering a siding with a train, which leads Gordon to thunder by, crashing into the last freight car and sending it flying. These were two silly accidents all because of George's pettiness. The last one caused no physical damage to either Gordon or Duck. All that happened was George getting punished.

4 Snow Engine

Oliver, who isn't a fan of snow while his brake van Toad is, comes off the rails and crashes through a big snowman the local villagers had built. Toad falls into the snow on his side. The ending to this has the villagers use Oliver as a snow engine instead, and there is a role reversal where Oliver starts to enjoy the snow a little more while Toad questions why he even liked snow in the first place. This is one of the silliest and stupidest crashes whose only effect is on the mindsets of both Oliver and Toad.

5 Buffer Bother

While his twin brother Ben goes to get new buffers, Bill gets jealous that he isn't getting new buffers. Feeling angry and upset over the trucks teasing him, he pushes one truck and himself over the edge of the railway line, causing his buffers to break. There are other ways of getting Bill's buffers to break, but this was the last thing I think anyone would have wanted.

6 Rock N'Roll

Duncan has a habit of rocking and rolling along the lines while traveling. However, this causes him to get in trouble and get stuck in a tunnel in the previous episode. In this episode, Rusty tries to warn Duncan not to rock and roll along a damaged part of the track, which Duncan dismisses. He then derails himself on that part of the track.

7 Off the Rails

Refusing to take a train of trucks, Gordon moves off of a turntable that is halfway around and rolls himself into a ditch. This isn't a hard crash scene, and the turntable was stopped before Gordon got off, which only makes it a dumb crash scene.

8 The Missing Christmas Tree

While bringing back a Christmas tree for the party, Thomas has a déjà vu moment when he runs right into a snow drift. While trying to escape, he creates more problems as more snow piles on him and buries him. This was really not a great crash scene because they had already done something similar. The only drama was trying to get Thomas and the tree to the party on time.

9 Terence the Tractor

The first-ever crash scene involves Thomas running through a tunnel and coming out only to meet a big pile of snow without his snowplow. It was only the first time this happened, and there would be more dramatic crash scenes in future episodes. However, this is something anyone can have happen in the snow.

10 Percy Runs Away

After being scared by a near-collision with Gordon, Percy starts running backward in fright. It isn't long before he gets tired and finally comes to an embankment. The crash wasn't that hard, and he was tired, which is a combination for a bad crash scene.

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