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1 Chef's Death (The Return of Chef)

Guys please shut up! The reason why he died is because the voice actor for chef Isaac Hayes left South Park because he was fed up with them making fun of religion and on that episodenof season 9 'trapped in the closet' south park mocked scientology which was Isaac Hayes religion. The return of chef was tragic yes, and they used previous episodes in which he voiced to put in that episode. Isaac hayes died 2 years later in 2008.

They only killed off Chef after Issac Hayes quite after the controversial Trapped in the Closet episode, Hayes was outraged that the creators mocked his religious of Scientology which is hypercritical for him to say considering that he did't have a problem with them when they were making fun of Muslims or the Jews.

Why did he had to die? He was one of the best South Park Characters.

They only killed chef because the guy who played him quit the show.

2 Kenny's Death (Kenny Dies)

I don’t hate this because it adds more layers to Kyle and especially Stan’s characters, but I do admit it pulls at my heartstrings

This episode really screwed me up. I was actually crying.

Man, I was bawling so hard at this. No joke.

3 Nelson's Death (Stanley's Cup)

Honestly, if they took it more seriously it might have worked, but because of the sheer stupidity in the end of this episode, it was horrible.

I'm crying. I will never watch this episode. I only saw a clip, too bad it was the ending. No Hope... No Hope... (Cries)

I loved stan's freak out about the game, but this scene was horrible in my opinion!

This was just horrible there's nothing funny about cancer.

4 Stan Kills Scuzzlebutt (Volcano)

His death was very quick and very sad. Never forget to this nice hero, Scuzzlebutt

I love this episode, but hated this moment. Other than that I love the episode

After seeing this episode, I started to hate Stan and Jimbo (he is the culprit that Stan killed Scuzzlebutt)

5 Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut (Ending)

This moment almost made me stop watching South Park, first they made us wait four weeks for this cliffhanger episode than aired that stupid Terrace and Philip episode instead then waited another week and then went through all that crap in the episode just to reveal that Cartmans dad is his mom which was a huge slap in the face the fact that Parker and Stone would screw the audience like that after making them wait all this time to reveal the identity of Cartmans Dad, it was even more infuriating that in a later episode that Carmans mom wasn't really his dad and they were all told to stick to the story.

6 Kyle's Death (Imaginationland)

This is one of my favourite moments because it shows how much Cartmab deep down cares about Kyle

Stan couldn't save him, he got sucked into the portal

I love Kyle. Stan shoulda saved him

He didn't die, Cartman revived him.

7 Britney's New Look (Ending)
8 Stanley's Cup (Ending)

This moment was awful All these hockey player viciously beating up the little kids especially the part where the one player smashes the puck into one of the kids mouth breaking his jaw that was clear child abuse.

Dear Matt and Trey

I really think you should stay 5miles away from kids

This is another dumb Stan torture fest.

I liked stanley's dad out, but other than that, no, jsut no.

9 Craig and Tweek Forced to be Gay (Tweek x Craig)

If this were to happen at least do it with Terrance and phillip it would be funnier

Forcing two straight peoples to be gay is like forcing two gay peoples to be straights, it's not funy!

A moment which ruined South Park.

Why'd this happen
Why'd they do this

10 Die Hippie, Die (Ending)

They could of used a helicopter instead of killing innocent people

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11 Cartman Destroys the City (The Superhero Arc)

That is in no episode, are you talking about one of the games? remove this from the list

12 Cartman Getting Beaten Up by Wendy (Breast Cancer Show Ever)

I would like to see Kyle beat up Cartman at some point, but I loved this moment

Cartman getting beaten up by Wendy was hilarious

This was glorious

I hate Wendy now.

13 Mr. Garrison's Sex Change (Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina)

This part was so weird and gross, that's why I hate season 9

Very disgusting there was live footage

HOW IS THIS NOT NUMBER 1 this episode makes me feel sick every time I see it who ever put this at number three SHAME ON YOU! 😡😡

14 Kyle is forced to eat feces (Humancentipad)

I hate the sheer amount of Kyle torture porns. This is by far the worst.

Kyle gets more torture fests than Stan does and people are just asking for it.

The Cartman iPad subplot in this episode is funny, but apart from that this episode is one of my least favourites

15 Cartman Tricks Jenny into Eating a Cupcake Laced with Laxatives (Bass to Mouth)

I don’t feel bad for her because in ‘The List’ she and a few other girls voted Kyle the ugliest boy to get new shoes. Besides the scene was hilarious

I feel bad for the poor girl after this :(

16 Quest for Ratings (Ending)
17 Scott Tenorman Must Die (Cartman Feeds Scott Tenorman His Own Parents)

That's something a psycho would do.

18 Wendy's Breast Implants (Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society)
19 PC Principal stays (PC Principal Final Justice)

If PC Principal stays after Season 20, I'll definitely stop watching South Park.

He ruined the show

He ruined kyle

20 Wendy kissed Cartman (Chef Goes Nanners)

I found this scene hilarious, after all, it is one of my favourites, and besides, she was in love with him that episode

Poor Stan. #Candysucks

21 Kyle Losing His Will to Live (Cartmanland)

This was actually my favorite episode, yet it was really sad seeing Kyle suffering throughout the story. Seeing what happened to Cartman at the end though was totally redeeming and with it.

22 Butters' Creamy Goo (Sarcastaball)

Why do people like this screwed up show?

I Nearly Threw Up Watching This Episode.
In Family Guy When Stewie Was Unaware He Was Eating Cereal With Horse Sperm, I Didn't Throw Up Because It Looked Like Milk Instead

23 Mr. Mackey on Drugs (Ike's Wee Wee)
24 Eric Gets Stan Grounded (Black Friday)
25 Cows Commit Suicide (Cow Days)
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