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1 Total Drama All Stars

Bad season, they ruined all the characters except Scott which they made better but seriously though. Replace Sam and Sierra with like Dawn and Owen or something because those characters are way better picks for all stars.

They ruined 9 characters this season and only 1 got arguably better. Not to mention the characters who they did not ruin were mostly the ones who got out early. I genuinely cannot say of which of the winner endings I prefer, cause I hate both of the finalists.

Quick drinking challenge:
Watch every episode of All-Stars back to back with no breaks at full volume and take a shot for every:
-Predictable Elimination
-OOC Moment
-Bad Writing Choice
-Missed Opportunity
-Animation Error
-Unfunny Joke
-Unanswered Question
By the end of it all, you'll either be dead, wanting to be dead, contemplating suicide, regretting your life choices, depressed, or so drunk to the point where you actually consider All-Stars a good season.

Also, your bladder will feel like hell if you haven't been pissing yourself or if you're already dead.

This season is one of if not the worst season of a show. Almost every episode was awful. It had derailed almost all the characters. Most of which we came to love. The only character that was good this season was Alejandro. Characters I like to watch like Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Mike, Lightning, etc all became garbage characters these seasons. Scott was not good either, but I never liked Scott anyways (I know people like Scott now but I never did, heck All Stars made me hate him more).

Anyway I think this season should go die now.

2 Total Drama Pahkitew Island

The cast sucked this season, Jasmine and Shawn were the only 2 decent ones (maybe Sammy). It is not worse than All Stars, since it had a completely new cast, so they could not really derail them THAT MUCH.

this season isn't great either but the fact that it's on an artificial island is kinda cool. I don't like the Dave character though they make him such a down bad simp.

Most character was a joke character. The only good character was Jasmine and Shawn but they aren't as good as most of the other characters. Amy was the worlds biggest brat. Rodney was the worlds biggest simp with a crush. Max is a wannabe villain. Scarlet needed more screen time and she didn't do much. Dave was a plain boring normal character and like the rest with a crazy crush. Sky was a competitive jerk face. Sugar was ugly and fat jerk. Ella is another Snow White. Leonard is a wannabe trash ugly wizard. Beardo is a joke character who makes car sounds. Shawn is a typical guy. Jasmine has like no personality. Chris got worse and worse. Chef had like no screen time. Sammy doesn't defend herself and when she does it's to late. This whole season was just super confusing. No wonder it's number Two but it should be number One! What is the matter with this joke season! It's trash! It sucks a lot! It's worse than DramaRama! Boooo!

Excuse me, but this deserves to be higher than at least ROTI, it was an okay season, and it had actual likeable characters. This season has nothing but a bunch of weird stereotypes, I mean two twins, a wannabe evil guy, another stereotypical nerd, a guy who did nothing but break up with every single girl in the show, a wannabe Chris, someone who is obsessed with zombies, someone who lives in a world of Skyrim, etc. Literally ROTI had actual good arcs, like Cameron's which I actually enjoyed, some people think that it was the only thing focused on, but no, there was Jo having a feminine side, Lightning actually having a reason of being cocky, and Brick as well, who sacrificed himself for the other team. This season is by far the worst, especially Dave, god I hated him so much. The only good characters were Sky and Jasmine, end of story.

3 Total Drama: Revenge of the Island Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is another installment in the Total Drama franchise, premiering in 2012. This Canadian animated series introduces a new cast of characters who participate in increasingly outrageous challenges on an island. Like its predecessors, the show is a parody of reality television, specifically targeting shows like "Survivor." Total Drama: Revenge of the Island maintains the franchise's reputation for humor and character-driven stories, and it has been well-received by fans.

I personally think ROTI is the best season, why is it even on this list like only problem is it doesn't have enough episode but other than that I love it also Lightning was the best character in this season but unfortunately he became way worse in all stars!

Someone seriously said this was the best season? what?

I get that the writers wanted to shake things up with new characters but telling us exactly how to feel about each of them in the first five minutes without having any character development was a horrible decision. It would've been better if it wasn't so short and actually gave us some insight into these characters' stories.

This season had the best cast! Why is this even on this list? Revenge of the island was the best season, and the best thing to happen to total drama! Thank you Tom McGillis for giving us this season! I watched it obsessively.

I dunno why All Stars gets so much hate, but ROTI isn't great since they have too few cast members and the cast wasn't good, being as Zoey was the only great character in the season.

4 Total Drama Action

I enjoyed this season but it had so many reward challenges just to make the season longer which was interesting. Courtney got completely derailed though and I don't like it

The reason I didn't like Zoey and Mal in the finale was because Zoey was 3rd place last year and Mike/Mal was 6th or 7th place. Plus after Mike defeated Mal it was friendship/kissing finale. Ew where is the pain? It would be nice if a character that has not reached the final 4 in any season that competited in all stars be in the finale.

TDA is one of the lesser seasons but definitely not the worst
Reasons why it's bad:
1. Courtney is a total JERK in this season
2. Gwen and Trent break up
3.Most of the episodes are just plain BORING
Reasons why it's good:
1. There's a lot of Duncney
2. In the last episode there are lots of wacky challenges
3. Lindsay actually beats Courtney in some of the episodes
it's in the middle for me

Okay. First of all, how is Revenge of the Island first? No way! Action is ten times worse! Courtney's annoying as hell, Justin's an idiot, Beth making it to the finals was stupid, GwenxTrent ending was one of the biggest mistakes of all time, and again, Courtney's ANNOYING AS HELL IN THIS SEASON! And how is All Stars 3rd? All Stars was the best right after Island. I mean, Zoey and Mal in the finale? How can someone not like that?

5 Total Drama World Tour Total Drama World Tour is a Canadian animated television series that aired in 2010. It is the third season of the Total Drama series, and it involves contestants traveling around the world to compete in various challenges. The series is known for its parody of reality television shows, particularly survival competitions. Total Drama World Tour was well-received for its entertaining characters and creative challenges, gaining a dedicated fan base.

I actually think this was the best season in the series, maybe tied with TDI. All of the characters are at their best, the teams are balanced, the comedy is top-notch, and the singing is a hilarious gimmick that was well-done. The only downside in my opinion is the Jack the Ripper episode (don't remember the name). The people who actually WON the challenge don't win the challenge and Duncan comes back, which begins his descent into a horrible character. I say that he shouldn't have come back at all, or if he did, get voted off in that same episode so it's just like a cameo. I didn't mind the love triangle at first, especially because Tyler was hilarious, but it should've been resolved in this season. It dragging on was the main reason All-Stars sucked. But I digress, and that one monstrosity of wasted potential of an episode isn't enough to ruin the best season in the series.

This season sucked, yet it is a fan favorite (what? ). Speaking of fans, Sierra was THE WORST thing that has happened to the series. She gives a bad name to fan girls around the world (no pun intended). Raise your hand if you tolerated this season's songs, let alone liked it. Nobody? Good.

Because Heather, the worst out of all characters wins! Alejandro just ruined everyone's chances of winning, he even tries to sabotage relationships with other characters, also he tries to make others fall for his charms so that he can them voted off

I feel like the people were all backstabbers, liars, users and cheaters in this season. This season made me lose respect for a decent amount of my favorite characters, for how they were portrayed.

6 Total Dramarama Total DramaRama is a Canadian animated television series that premiered in 2018. It is a spin-off of the original Total Drama series and features younger versions of the characters attending daycare. Aimed at a younger audience, the show has a lighter tone and focuses on comedic and relatable scenarios. Total DramaRama has been praised for its humor and character development, appealing to both new and returning fans of the franchise.

I love the show! It's super funny and it's a great idea making everyone kids Loony Toons had this idea to.

Worst thing ever for Total Drama. Whatever is #1 on this list is way better than this piece of garbage.

Really Boring Season, I liked it better when this show was geared to teens and adults.

Why is this piece of trash last when it should be 1! Izzy should be shot in the head

7 Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race is a Canadian animated television series that first aired in 2015. It is a spin-off of the original Total Drama series, but rather than being a parody of reality TV shows like "Survivor," it parodies "The Amazing Race." The series showcases different teams of two characters each, racing around the world and facing various challenges. It has received positive reviews for its engaging plotlines and character dynamics.

I feel like this season was rushed, we didn't get to know the characters as well as we did in previous seasons, and I feel like they didn't spend enough time on the couples/relationships. Most of the couples weren't intimate enough. This season lacked romance, I think that was the biggest let down. Not enough heartfelt/sweet moments for the couples.

I would have liked to see more interaction between the contestants, and more flirting, but besides that I can't complain. This season just needed a little more too it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this season. It may not be a season but after the first possibly 5 episodes it gets rid of most of the 'boring' characters. The only thing I have a problem is... Making some of the fan favorites not being in the final 5. Well 3 are but there's Tom and Jen, Crimson and Ennui I LOVE THEM, and Daters were a bit of one. Daters are actually not in final 5.SPOILERS

Surfers return after Carrie in Devin were eliminated by injury (episode 24)

Technically not a season, but boring as hell. It literally took a bad character's concept design (*cough* Cameron *cough*) and made it into to awful characters. It also brought back four original contestants, three of which are awful. It also rips off other characters (Josee=Courtney, Crimson/Ennui=Gwen, Tom/Jen=Sierra, etc.). I knew this would suck, but not this much. Also, WHERE ARE CHRIS AND CHEF!?!?! Also, remember when Noah got eliminated right off the bat in every season he was in? Tradition=Ruined. In conclusion, this is basically Season Three, but much, much, worse.

8 Total Drama Island

My Order (Best to Worst)
#1 TDI-LOVED IT! Gwen won in some places it was a long season and it was the original season
#2 TDAS-It combined the casts, Gwen and Courtney became friends again and the annoying ones got eliminated early (Lightning, Jo, Heather)
#3 TDWT-OK. The newcomers made it interesting, Cody made it far, and Heather vs Alejandro is a good finale. I didn't like that Gwen and Duncan started dating, and that Trent and Geoff weren't in it.
#4 TDA-I hated Trent and Gwen breaking up as they were my favorite couple but Courtney's debut made it interesting
#5 TDROTI-The season was super short and you can't replace the original cast

HATE this season, it was sooo BORING! Especially with confusing eliminations. Seriously who did Geoff vote for and why! And almost none of episodes were interesting. I only like what 5 episodes? BLAH! So, I am sorry TDI fans, but this season was just really bad!

Honestly, the teams on total drama meaning Screaming Gophers and Killer bass were more Likeable than the other teams on the other total drama teams other than besides Team Amazon, Team Chris is really really Hot because they are also another likeable teams as well

This season was boring.

9 Total Drama Island (2023)
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