Worst Moments in the Original Powerpuff Girls

Some of these are not necessarily the worst episodes in the Powerpuff Girls, but these were bad moments in PPG episodes. This does not mean the show is bad, but that these moments are pretty bad moments for the girls and the other characters in the show. But this is part of what makes the show good, no bad moments, nothing interesting is happening.
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1 In the episode A Very Special Blossom where Blossom got arrested for stealing something the Professor forced her to steal

Blossom was out of character in this episode. Seriously, why would she ever steal?

Patchy that's it? The police chief refused to give blossom another chance her sisters get off scot free for beating her up when it's the professor fault for rubbing the golf clubs in their faces and she ends up in jail with 200 hours of community service!
Potty what a rip
(Patchy growls in anger)
(Runs over to a wall of Townsville police station pictures)
Patchy I'm sorry I ever started this stupid fan club in the first place!
(Enters his Townsville police stuff room)
Patchy I'm gonna get rid of all my Townsville police station stuff! All of it! All of it! (Rips his Townsville police station boxer shorts) All of it! I'm gonna run away! that's what I'll do run away! (Runs out the door crying)
Potty sheez what a hothead!

Blossom is 5 years old! She's too young to go to jail!

She was doing it to make her father happy
Also bubbles and buttercup were unbearable in this episode

2 In the episode Sweet'n Sour when the citizens of Townsville were brainwashed by the Fluffy Bunch for being cute and were jerks to the girls for stopping them from stealing

Yes! This episode was really mean-spirited. The citizens go as far by accusing the girls being "animal haters"

Why? Why, Craig McCracken, did you do this?

How stupid can this writer be?

The town folks are such jerks in this episode like Spongebob in A PAL For Gary

3 In the episode Nuthin' Special when Buttercup realized she had no special power and her sisters copy all her abilities
4 In the episode Town And Out when the people of Citesville were being mean to the girls

Wow, Professor Utonium was really dumb about moving to Citiesville...

5 The whole entire episode of Moral Decay
6 In the episode All Chalked Up when Buttercup broke Bubbles chalk and made her cry

It broke my heart when Bubbles started crying. And that's basically the whole point of chalk. Buttercup is so mean in this episode. And Blossom is pretty bossy, she sounds like my friend. One of the characters should have told an adult, that's a better thing to do.

I felt bad for Bubbles in this episode. Buttercup was being such a huge jerk

Ima gonna have to agree with this one!

7 In the episode Octi Evil when Buttercup and Blossom screamed at each other rude stuff and argued
8 In the episode City Of Frownsville when the whole entire city cries

I remember the first time I saw this episode and thought "I hate crying voice acting". I also wanted to punch my T.V. but since I was tired I just turned it off.

The villain in this episode used a machine to make them sad. What a jerk!

9 In the episode Girls Gone Mild when Mr. and Mrs. Practice banned the girls from using their powers
10 In the episode Equal Fights when the girls were mean to males and nice to females

Doesn't sound equal to me.

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11 In the episode Fallen Arches bubbles and buttercup act unlikeable jerks
12 In the episode, "Getting Twiggy with It," Mitch Michelson abuses Twiggy, the class hamster.

Mitch is a naughty boy!

13 In the episode The Mane Event everybody, including Bubbles and Buttercup, laughs at Blossom’s hair

If I was Blossom, I would just punch everyone (the ones who were laughing) in the face! Oops, that's too mean.

14 In the episode Daylight Savings Mrs. Keane forces the professor to give the girls a curfew leading Townsville to be destroyed that night
15 In the episode What’s The Big Idea the townspeople hate the girls for destroying Townsville and the girls act mean spirited to each other
16 In The Episode Candy Is Dandy Where The Powerpuff Girls Brutally Attack Mojo Jojo Over Candy
17 In the episode Knock it Off, Dick Hardly drains Chemical X from the Powerpuff Girls while the Professor watches helplessly
18 Princess being a meaner character than usual in "Bought and Scold"
19 Bunny explodes in Twisted Sister
20 In the episode Power-Noia, Him tortures the girls with nightmares.
21 Sister drama tension between Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup about superheroes/heroines in Super Zeroes
22 In Major Competition, Major Man faked all his “rescues”
23 In Members Only the other superheroes think the girls can't be superheroes like them
24 In Members Only, some male superheroes think the girls can't be superheroes
25 In Octi-Gone, Bubbles cries about Octi who completely died falling apart
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