Top 10 South Park Running Gags

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1 Oh my god! They killed Kenny!

Kenny use to always die, every episode. And each time, Stan and Kyle would yell "Oh my God! They killed Kenny! You Bastards!" Some people think the "You bastards" line is breaking the fourth wall and referring to the show's creators.

This is the most iconic and memorable gag in South Park. Every time Kenny died, Kyle and Stan would say this.

Easily the most iconic one!

2 Cartman's "Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home!"

Pretty much the best thing to say when you get very annoyed with someone. One of Eric Cartman's most popular quotes of all time.

I read this in his voice

3 Butters Getting Grounded

This gag sees Leopold "Butters" Stotch get grounded by his dad, often for something insignificant or that was not poor Butter's fault.

4 Chef Singing

When Chef was a regular character on the show, the kids would often turn to him for advice. He would often start singing them a song, especially if the advice was about women.

This actually made the first few seasons of South Park more funny and enjoyable to watch. I really like it when Chef sings.

I miss Chef. He was one of the best characters on the show.

5 The Rednecks saying "They took our jobs!"
6 Canada and Canadians

The show portrays Canadians in a funny manner, which is easy to notice by the different way in which Canadian characters are drawn.

The way the Canadians are designed in the show is just really hilarious. Also the way they talk is really funny.

7 Kick the Baby!

This running gag only happened during the first few seasons of South Park, which would see Kyle kick his baby brother Ike and send him flying.

8 Randy Marsh's Alcoholism

Randy Marsh having substance abuse problems is something that occurs often on the show and gets the character in trouble.

9 I Learned Something Today Speech

At the end of many South Park episodes, one of the boys gives a speech about what life lesson he has learned throughout the episode.

10 Cartman Singing

Cartman often starts singing funny and ridiculous songs at different times during the show. It almost feels like watching a musical.

Some of his songs are really hilarious, like that time in the amusement park where he sang about minorities, freaking hilarious!

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11 Liane Cartman's Promiscuity
12 Cartman's Racism

Well, he does seem to hate Jews a lot.

13 The Stupidity of the Adults
14 Cartman's "Respect My Authoritah!"
15 Visitors

The Visitors made many appearances in the earlier seasons of South Park, and could often be spotted randomly in many episodes, similarly to Where's Wally.

16 Mr. Mackey's "M'kay!"
17 Member Berries
18 Butters Being Pranked by Cartman

Butters is often the butt of the joke on South Park, and Cartman is usually behind it with some sort of mean prank.

19 Stan Puking When Around Wendy

This gag was more prevalent in the earlier seasons, but it involves Wendy talking to Stan and Stan being so nervous because of his attraction to Wendy, which causes him to vomit.

20 Old Farmer

The old farmer is an old man who occasionally advises South Park citizens on their problems. He is based on the character Jud Crandall from the film Pet Sematary.

21 Satan and Hell
22 Cartman's Weight

Stan, Kyle and Kenny often make fun of Cartman for being overweight, which is one of the most recurring gags on the show.

23 Fishsticks Joke
24 "It's coming right for us!"
25 Grandpa Marsh Wanting to Die
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