Top 10 One-Time Simpsons Characters

Over the years, The Simpsons have given us some truly memorable characters. In fact, there are over 320 known characters that have appeared throughout The Simpsons' runtime and that number is bound to grow. However, some of the most memorable characters are the ones that appeared in only one episode. Here are but a few.
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1 Frank Grimes - Homer's Enemy

At the start of the episode, you can't help but feel bad for Frank Grimes, a.k.a., Grimey. Abandoned as a child, Grimes literally had to struggle for everything he has and has little to show for his accomplishments. When he gets a job alongside Homer and the others in Springfield's Nuclear Power Plant's sector 7-G, he feels resentment towards Homer because of how lazy and dimwitted he is and is still able to have a cozy standard of living. Frank, on the other hand, has to live in an apartment sandwiched between two bowling alleys and drive an old sloppy jalopy. The last straw for Grimes was when he tricks Homer into entering a contest for kids but the residents of Springfield are oblivious to this. He finally snaps and goes crazy with him grabbing high voltage power lines and...well...that's the reason he's on this list. But this episode is a good reminder that people don't always get out of life what they put into it.

2 Hank Scorpio - You Only Move Twice

On the surface, Hank Scorpio is every boss the average blue collar worker wish they had. He's very easy going, adaptable and genuinely cares about the employees on his payroll. When Homer gets a new job at Cypress Creek, it's a dream for him, but a nightmare for his family. However, there are two sides to every coin. What Homer is oblivious too is that Scorpio's a James Bond-esque villain bent on taking over the U.S. East Coast and not once does he catch onto this. It's unknown why Scorpio wanted the U.S. East Coast, but his two-faced persona makes him one of the most memorable one-time characters and shows that even the most angelic people have an evil side to them.

3 Mr. Bergstrom - Lisa's Substitute

When Lisa's regular teacher Miss Hoover thinks she's come down with Lyme disease, she has to take sick leave and is replaced by Mr. Bergstrom, voiced by Dustin Hoffman. Lisa and Bergstrom develop a close bond with each other and during a day at the museum, Homer is suggested by Bergstrom to be a more positive role model. But the relationship is short-lived as Bergstrom takes a job at Capital City, leaving Lisa empty. After Homer shows some insensitivity, he's able to reconcile with his children and become a better role model for them. It goes to show you that a person doesn't have to stick around your entire life to make a big impact on it.

4 Mindy Simmons - The Last Temptation Of Homer

After an employee is fired for asking for a real emergency exit, Mr. Burns decides to hire some illegal immigrants to replace him. However, he's forced by the United States Department of Labor to make some changes and he's forced to hire at least one female worker. The hired candidate is Mindy Simmons, a highly attractive woman who's also Homer's match in every way. What makes this episode unforgettable is how Homer does his best to stay loyal to Marge, even though she had a cold that made her unattractive at times. But in the end, the two have a magical night together, proving that it's not how compatible a couple is that makes a marriage last; it's how they deal with incompatibility.

5 Jessica Lovejoy - Bart's Girlfriend

When Simpsons fans hear the name Lovejoy, they think about the pastor at the church. In this episode, we're introduced to his daughter Jessica, voice by Meryl Streep. When Bart tries to be a straight-laced young man, Jessica ignores him. But when she sees his bad side, she develops a crush on him. Pardon the pun, but this relationship looks like a match made in heaven. However, as it turns out, Jessica is a bigger delinquent than Bart is, even going so far as to steal the church's offering plate. It just goes to show you that sometimes the apple falls very far from the tree.

6 Larry Burns - Burns, Baby Burns

Undoubtedly voiced by comedy legend Rodney Dangerfield, Larry is Mr. Burns' long lost son. When the two reunite, Mr. Burns tries to mold Larry into his own image, but fails dramatically every time due to his behavior. During a dinner where the two join the Simpsons, Mr. Burns denounces Larry and wishes that he was never born. Thankfully, the two reconcile at the end despite a staged kidnapping and admit that it takes more than DNA for someone to be family.

7 Jacques - Life On the Fast Lane

Even in the first season, The Simpsons were no strangers to guest appearances by famous celebrities. Here, Albert Brooks plays Jacques, a bowling instructor who develops a crush on Marge. She decides to take up bowling after Homer gives her a bowling ball for her birthday, which was really thoughtless of him. When Jacques sees how poorly she's doing, he decides to give her a few pointers and a forbidden romance blossoms soon after. Naturally, the couple reconcile with each other and Homer learns his lesson; give careful consideration on what you get people for their birthdays, especially your spouses.

8 Lucille Botzcowski - Some Enchanted Evening

A.K.A. Miss Botz the babysitter bandit, she's one of the original villains in the Simpsons. When Homer and Marge decide to spend a magical night to rekindle their marriage, they hire a seedy looking babysitter who's actually a criminal on the run. Voiced perfectly by Penny Marshall, Miss Botz's character design definitely benefits from the original art structure from the early seasons. Although the kids were able to get the upper hand and call the police after subduing her, Homer and Marge return home and let her free seconds before the fuzz arrives and has to admit the error on a live broadcast. While she is seen in a couple of episodes, this remains the only one where she speaks.

9 Allison Taylor - Lisa's Rival
10 Russ Cargill - The Simpsons Movie

Played by Albert Brooks, Cargill was the perfect villain in The Simpsons Movie. As the corrupt head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Cargill is able to trick President Arnold Schwarzenegger into quarantining Springfield in a dome and then into authorizing it to be blown up to make way for a new Grand Canyon. He's totally relentless in his pursuits, even going so far as to aim a gun at Homer at the film's climax. If they do decided to do a sequel to the movie, one must wonder if we'll be seeing Russ Cargill again.

The Contenders
11 Lyle Lanley - Marge vs. the Monorail
12 Karl - Simpson and Delilah

Karl motivated Homer when he was an executive, and Karl is the opposite of Frank Grimes.

Just don't confuse him with Carl okay.

13 John - Homer’s Phobia
14 Colin - The Simpsons Movie
15 Hugo Simpson - Treehouse of Horror VII
16 Leon Kompowski - Stark Raving Dad
17 Frank Grimes Jr. - The Great Louse Detective

The son of Frank Grimes who in the episode attempts to have Homer killed as revenge for driving his father insane leading him to kill himself.

18 Laura Powers - New Kid on the Block
19 Red Barclay - Maximum Homerdrive
20 Señor Ding Dong - Maximum Homerdrive
21 Cooder and Spud - Bart Carny

When the family goes to a carnival, they come across a ring toss game run by Cooder (voiced by the late Jim Varney) and his son Spud. After Bart damages Hitler's limo, he and Homer have to work at the ring toss game to pay for the damages. After Homer is unable to sweet talk the police out of towing their game away, Homer allows the father and son to stay at their place, only for the Cooders to take over after the Simpsons go on a glass bottom boat tour. Probably the funniest part is at the end of the episode where Homer and Cooder have a bet; if Homer can throw a hoop onto the chimney, they get their house back. If he fails, he has to declare Cooder and spud as the new legal owners. Instead, Homer throws it on the ground and the family makes a mad dash inside the house. This is what many people to be the best episode of Season 9, a far cry from "The Principal and the Pauper".

22 Poochie - The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show
23 Shary Bobbins - Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(D'oh)cious
24 She's The Fastest - Two Dozen and One Greyhounds
25 Roy - The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show
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