Top 10 Jimmy Neutron Villains

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron may not be known for its villains, but for the ones that do have done things to try an eliminate The Boy genius in their attempts. They may come close, but they seem to have made their mark that's for sure.
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1 King Goobot V

Who more fitting to be at the top of the list than known other than Goobot who was the villain the very first film was made that got the pitch of a series going. Kidnaps all the parents around Earth, creates a giant alien chicken. He tries many different ways of getting revenge on Jimmy since the first encounter. If Patrick Stewart kept voicing the character now that would of been something. Otherwise he is the more memorable villain in the series.

2 Professor Finbarr Calamitous

He might be one of the more recognized villains in the entire series. Voiced by Tim Curry, a fallen scientist that forgets things very easily as they always hint to his stick throughout the series he appears in. Whether its in disguise or up front about his evil plans. Finbarr is indeed a worthy Challenger to Jimmy at times. The one thing that remains though is who is the wife that's never been answered in the series?

3 Evil Jimmy

In the first appearance he is seen to do chores for Jimmy instead he was a comedy gag turned evil at the end of the episode. Nothing happens to him as we quietly have not idea how he had escaped. In the Trouble with the clones is where he really takes the cake. Temporarily controlling others with Jimmy's hypo ray, and creating his own world in Jimmy's Lab making him one of the most dangerous villains. Jimmy is forced to fly in that dark duplicate side of Earth as everyone is just downright evil. Eventually he finds Evil Jimmy, he nearly was able save the earth, but just barely. The clone would destroy the chip creating a dark matter dimension to trap Jimmy for good. Something about creating a bad side of your clone, and equally knowing your own creation can be quite the formidable opponent.

4 Flippy

If Goosebumps didn't remind many why they fear puppets well than Flippy might just top that even more. Coming back to life thanks to a chip that sucks up Hugh's brain is a pretty creepy concept. To the point he is just terrorizing Jimmy where finally he got Carl and Sheen to help stop this mad puppet from doing ''some serious damage.'' At the end of the episode he is seen as if he is still alive despite fried up the chip how very unsettling cliffhanger that is to this day.

5 Dr. Sydney Moist
6 Evil Syndicate
7 Meldar Prime

What makes Meldar so menacing is how much power (matrix generators) he had control of. Right away he just cares about ratings and making others miserable, and he is voiced by Time Allen... that's cool. To his shock the humans wins and get out alive with their planet intact. Jimmy does turn back that to save all the other species that they beat. After generating back after being hit by a stage set background Jimmy and April formulate a plan how to get the generator off of Meldar. They manage to do so thanks to Carl's way of a Flargi it is also called can't think of the other name in the episodes. Everyone is set, and Meldar is set with electric shock for the rest is his life.

8 Baby Eddie
9 Eustace Strych
10 Beautiful Gorgeous Beautiful Gorgeous is a fictional character and the daughter of Professor Finbarr Calamitous from the American animated series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius created by John A. Davis for Nickelodeon.

There are times she is a very wise and cunning villain, can go toe to toe the likes of Jet Fusion. Use her manipulation on others when nobody else is in the way. When she returned once again she would of had her way if it wasn't for Carl and Sheen knowing what they saw on the window seeing she got both Jet Fusion and Jimmy forgetting what took place with hypnotic like gadgets. She comes back on more time only to have a weird interaction with the Junkman which is well whatever. gets rid of a lot of cool parts of the character despite the very generic name picked out.

The Contenders
11 Junkman

An overweight smelly alien that tries to sells whatever he has with him. In the episode The Junkman Cometh he is seen making deals with another creature. He had the idea of shipping off humans he called ''water sacks.'' That fails as he returns in the finale where he is mostly has much interaction towards another villain coming up. Well when you have a ship that uses a tracker beam to lure up junk and enemies that's worthy of just being here ain't it?

12 Grandma Taters

Deep down behind that smile she's really an alien. Yes in her debuted episode late near season 3 Taters controlled the entire town of Retroville against their will to force those to watch her show nearly succeeded. What makes her stand out is the disturbing close up of those sinister like eyes at the end of the episode. She does say ''we'll be back once she was defeated.'' In the series finale the League of Villains don't take her seriously until bringing up some option how to wipe off Neutron when they captured him. Just the way she comes off goody goody, to suddenly very methodical like earns her a spot over others.

13 Zix, Travoltron, and Tee

These three space Bandits have been in many different episodes of the show whether that's reoccurring villains/turned good. At one point found in an season episode, found again deep in space finding a new vehicle from Men At Work. Selling all the people of Retroville for merchandise. They have tried many different ways of eliminating the humans, but have failed each time eventually giving in the series finale.

14 The Copbot

This robot is set from the future in which he sees intruder not wearing the same uniforms as the rest in that tyranny ruled by Libby. The boys than discovered their older selves, the Copbot would pursuit to reprehend them by going in the present time. Nearly had them cornered only for the megalomanium to explode for bot would shoot it.

15 Vicky

Huh? I'm aware of the crossover but I don't recall Vicky nor Jorgen being the villain... wasn't it Crocker?

16 Hulk Jimmy
17 Denzel Quincy Crocker
18 Jorgen Von Strangle H.F. Jorgen Von Strangle, the Head Fairy, is a major character in "The Fairly OddParents". Known by Timmy as the Fairy who enforces "Da Rules", he is the strongest Fairy in Fairy World. He serves as the boss or commander of all fairies, including Anti-Fairies, whom he guards in prison... read more
19 Anti-Cosmo
20 Ooblar
21 Jimmy Negatron
22 Hugh Neutron
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