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1 Shoto Todoroki

After everything that he's been through, he is still strong and kind. I love this character so much. It was so unexpected at first, but now I can't stop watching his edits on every social media platform!

Being a Shoto fan came as a surprise to me. I had always been rooting for Deku, but over time, Shoto won me over. He is cute, amazing, and very inspiring. I hope that he, Deku, and Bakugou will always remain friends.

The moment I saw him, I knew he would be my favorite character, and he is. He's my comfort character, and I adore him. Some may argue that he lacks emotion or personality, but that's because he's one of those characters who reveal themselves over time, a quality I find appealing. Shoto is cute, funny, and incredibly kind. He's considerate of others' well-being and is skilled at understanding people. His bluntness might come across as rude, but I love that about him. In fact, I love every single thing about him! He's smart yet oblivious, reassuring, and mentally strong. I can say this confidently because I relate to him a lot. Among all characters, he has the most compelling arc. He's the only one who is actively shown to change, learn, and grow in a clear way.

2 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi.

Izuku is the most selfless and caring person in the entire series. He's intelligent and an incredibly developed character. His instinct to put others before himself greatly motivates his dream to become a hero. The story holds many well-developed and interesting characters, but Izuku is the perfect protagonist.

He's not your typical jock, nor the mysterious quiet boy with the dramatic childhood (we all know who that is). He's the shy, determined underdog that no one really expected to kick so much ass. The boy proved everyone wrong when people doubted his capabilities, and it's simply because it was his dream since he was a child - an element of innocence, which is rather refreshing.

He saves the people who doubted him, who bullied him. He saves whomever he can because that's what's most important to him. But he can also be a badass, powerful hero when he wants to be - it's the perfect balance. He fights at the cost of his body, going out of his way every time to save others. Shouto is a great character, no doubt about it. But how people can say he's a better character than Izuku? I have no idea.

3 Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki Bakugou is, by far, one of the most complex characters in this series. His character development has great pacing and is the best among the series. He's surprising in many ways. Often burdened by the stereotype of being a delinquent, Bakugou rises above and shows you a new angle to his character while being hilarious at the same time. His gradual friendship with the other Class 1-A students is both amazing and quirky. I gained mad respect for the guy after his battle with Uraraka.

He's voiced by the amazing Nobuhiko Okamoto and has a character design that fits him perfectly. There's a reason he's a fan favorite in Japan. Additionally, the guy is hot, intelligent, and can cook - what more could you want?

He's hot-headed and bullied Deku, but he also feels pressured by everyone around him. He might feel like he has to be the best because so many people look up to him - like his peers in middle school and the Baku-squad. He has also been annoyed by Deku since they were children. Imagine having someone bother you all day, every day. You'd be pretty angry too. Kacchan is my second-most relatable character, if not the first. I'm a lot like him: hot-headed and with low patience. If you were like Deku to me, I'd probably ignore you or avoid you. If you really got on my nerves, I might not bully you, but Kacchan still ranks in my top two most relatable characters, if not the first.

4 Ochako Uraraka

I've seen a few comments saying that she's nothing more than a fangirl over Deku, but that's really not the case. Uraraka doesn't necessarily "fangirl" over Deku. Liking him was natural for her. She's a teenager, it's normal. What people are missing is the point that she thought her feelings were affecting her hero training and decided to suppress them. This shows true character development for her and tells us that she's serious about becoming a hero.

I've also seen comments claiming she's a good-for-nothing character with poor development. I understand why people might think this. She was largely overlooked after Season 2, which is upsetting. This lack of screen time could make her seem useless, but trust me, she gets better. I've read a bit of the manga, and she's a complete badass! She wants to be useful to Deku, and that makes her stand out.

Overall, I really like Uraraka and hope she gets more screen time in the future!

5 Toshinori Yagi

All Might won't be surpassed as a hero. Midoriya will come close, and maybe he will reach his level, but at this point in the story, All Might is the best. He is the shining Symbol of Peace, the strong pillar that has held up the world.

He is a mentor to Deku, and maybe even a father too. His selfless attitude is what made him the hero he was in the first place. The pain he experienced with his time limit is absolutely crazy, and he still pushed forward.

And then there's Nighteye - who predicted his death. All Might did exactly what we expected him to do: decide to mold fate into his own. And until Midoriya is ready, he will decide his fate.

All Might is all the types of superheroes in the modern-day world that we know and love, all put into one. He maintains a level of composure and seriousness, but still has the adaptability in any situation to randomly make you laugh. I think it's cool how he picked Deku to take on the power because he saw himself in Deku. Not only is he a Symbol of Peace, but he is the symbol of what it means to truly be a superhero.

6 Eijiro Kirishima

I have always loved Kirishima's personality and character. I had already read the portions of the manga where he started to really get some much-deserved attention, as well as Mina. Man, do I ship them! It has finally come out through the anime now, so I am pumped!

He has mentioned his insecurities about his quirk very little until season four. There, he revealed just how self-conscious he is about his quirk and what his abilities are. By the way, thumbs up to both Toshiki and Justin for their portrayal of him. They both captured the emotion of his scenes from season 4 episodes 8 & 9 so well! He is finally coming to grips with the fact that he can be a hero if he works hard enough.

I just love this character so much! I hope we get more development as the manga and anime continue.

Eijiro's story is quite remarkable. He transformed from a self-doubting individual to a supportive, friendly guy. He willingly changed for the better, both for himself and to chase his dreams. When he dyed his hair and started styling it differently, it was more than just his appearance that changed. His personality and morals changed too.

He literally went from zero to hero. He's always caring and supportive of his classmates and the people around him. Although he still has low self-confidence, he has learned to set that aside and focus on the goal at hand. Eijiro has done something that others should learn to do: he's all in or nothing. He lifts everyone's spirits and brings them together. As much as I love Todoroki, Kirishima has undergone more character development, and even though we haven't seen most of it, it still stands out from the rest. Many characters have both desirable and undesirable traits, but Kirishima is one to set aside the negative and focus on the positive to move forward in life.

7 Tsuyu Asui

Tsu is my favorite female character and second favorite out of the series, after Kirishima. She's never afraid to talk about what she thinks about a situation and always shares her opinion. She's a quick thinker, which is hard to be even when many things are happening at the moment. SPOILER AHEAD: She even thought she didn't deserve to have fun with the class after Bakugo got rescued. SPOILER ENDED. She's such a cinnamon roll, and you can't change my opinion! If she were real, I'd want her to be my best friend!

I really admired the comment Tsu made about Deku and Mineta during the USJ attack: "You're amazing, both of you!" She can appreciate the value and potential of Mineta's quirk despite him being so infamous among the class. Someone who can think with minimal bias is always special. The same goes for that OVA when it delved into the story about her and that snake girl - she welcomed and accepted her for who she is.

8 Shouta Aizawa

Aizawa, in terms of strength, is really powerful. I mean, he can steal the quirks of other people just by looking at them, and he has the combat skills to go along with it. Plus, Aizawa is really kind. Some people might think of him as some strict teacher - and he does have a strict side, when it is revealed that he is known for expelling his entire class - but he also has a kind side too. This is shown when he lets Momo Yaoyorozu carry out her plan in order to let her and Todoroki pass the exam. I think he is the strongest teacher in U.A. (excluding the I-think-is-a-little-overrated All Might).

Plus, I love how he loves to sleep in a sleeping bag in the middle of a class he himself is teaching! I always get a good chuckle from that.

I love Aizawa and Uraraka equally, but since Aizawa is criminally low on the list, I thought I'd support this wholesome badass. Aizawa is, well, Aizawa. He's too chill to be an edgelord and too burned out to be a typical hero. He strikes a perfect balance. What I love about him is that he's a badass, but with little traits that offset his badassery. For example, his sleeping bag. Aizawa and the sleeping bag are the best ship in MHA, hands down.

Aizawa also has a really great character design. Finally, his Quirk and fight scenes are top tier too. I just wish he wasn't sidelined so much. There's just something I love about this world-weary, slightly sadistic, thoughtful, and good-natured guy.

9 Tenya Iida

It's a shame he is put so much on the sidelines among the main characters. Sure, I'm not one for rich types, but he was raised right! He has let anger take over his morals, but it was for a good reason. Tenya is definitely underrated, as well as some of the villains.

In season 3, when Ochako leads the boys who saved Bakugou to Asui, he realizes she is crying. He felt guilty and started apologizing immediately, saying they won't ever do stuff like that again. Tenya really is very sweet, as well as extremely smart.

He cares for his classmates and peers so much and feels upset when something goes wrong. He feels he is responsible for everyone's safety, being the class rep. During his battle with Stain, he didn't want Izuku and Todoroki to get hurt because of his foolishness. When he found out about his arm injury, he didn't take the surgery to fix it. He kept his arm the way it was because he knew he made a mistake and wanted to show he can be selfless. Tenya's reason for not fixing his arm is loyal and shows he is so much more than a smart rich boy who acts machine-like.

10 Fumikage Tokoyami

Tokoyami is one of the strongest characters in Class 1A, and his quirk can be used for both offense and defense. If he learns to manage his Dark Shadow at nighttime, as well as increase its endurance during the day, he might become stronger than the pro heroes. He is fast, a quick decision-maker, and a mid-range attacker, which gives him an advantage over physical attackers. Not to mention, Dark Shadow's only known weakness is fire or light. I hope the mangaka gives him some attention and love.

Tokoyami is the only person from Class 1A who is not entirely human but not entirely bird. He might also be one of the strongest characters in the whole school if he can control his quirk, "Dark Shadow." In my opinion, he is the most handsome one out of all Class 1A. The only way he can become the most popular character is if he had more screen time. That's all I ask for my Bird Boy.

He's so mysterious. When they did the room contest thing after getting their dorms, and they looked at his room, he was so embarrassed and it was so cute! I absolutely love him! Dark Shadow is really cool too. And who knew a bird man could be so hot? He is completely underrated. He needs more screen time!

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11 Denki Kaminari

Denki is definitely one of the best boys in Class 1-A! While he is often the butt of his classmates' jokes and known for his lightheadedness, he is kind, devoted, and caring towards his classmates. His hero name, Chargebolt, is by far one of the coolest in the bunch. Once he can finally master and control his quirk well, there's no doubt he will become a great pro hero in the future.

He's just so quirky and goofy that it's hard to hate him or be annoyed with him for long. He also has a certain charm that makes you want to forgive him for all of his mistakes, if you get my drift. Overall, he's a charismatic character that everyone should notice more! I hope he'll get more character development soon.

Kaminari! My boy is in the top 10! He has such an incredible power that could be used for some pretty radical attacks, aside from just plain shocking people. What I would love to see is a Kaminari-centered episode, where we find out more about why he wants to be a hero and what his motivation is behind using his quirk for fighting, when it could be used in much more ordinary and mundane ways. I think that as he gets more character progression, he will start to get more competent in his abilities and gain confidence in himself. I really want to see him get more screen time and more epic attacks in the series, too, much like what happened to Jay in Ninjago with seasons 10 and 11. And does anyone else agree with me that ChargeBolt is, by far, the most epic hero name out of the bunch?

12 Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura is my little boy. He's too precious, and I can relate to him in some sort of way. No matter what, he'll always be my favorite. I don't care that he's a villain. He's the best villain ever. I don't care what people may say about him because he is the best. I also vote for him because he has a sad backstory, and if I were in the world he's in, I'd be by his and Nurogiri's side forever. Best character ever.

Shigaraki and the rest of the league, by extension, are unique in the world of Shonen. Like the protagonist, Izuku, Shigaraki starts out incompetent and useless. As the story goes on, Shigaraki turns into a villain to surpass All For One. Just like Deku has to become a hero to surpass All Might.

He is one of my top favorite characters. First, I can sort of relate to him, and second, he has a very nice backstory and good motives, considering how he was raised. It's weird that I like him because I really despise hands.

13 Himiko Toga

She is very pretty and unique. Instead of planning revenge or whatever the other villains want to do, she is out there calling people her type and stuff. Now, I know she doesn't mean they are actually her type, but it's cute in a way and gives her much more personality than all the other villains. Sometimes, I don't get why there are other villains because they don't show emotion. Are they depressed or something? I mean, no hate, and I'm not trying to offend anybody, but I don't get why the others are so important.

She's such a lovable character! Her whole style and personality are so perfect! I just really hate how some people are putting her on shirts as if she's making fun of herself. The worst part is that some people don't even know her character but still put her in those aesthetic vibe edits.

She's strong, cute, and determined. Yeah, she's a little - or a lot - insane, but that just adds to her amazing personality! I bet if she were a hero, she'd be at the top of this list. But sides don't matter! Let's just appreciate this beautifully crafted creature.

14 Kyoka Jirou

She is a character with a ton of depth despite being mostly relegated to "side-character" status until season 4. She is an anime character with real human feelings, such as feeling inadequate compared to her peers, which only adds to the depth of her character.

Her Quirk is awesome in multiple ways (stealth and brute force), even though it's unexpected. She's a good person who wouldn't let anyone mess with her, and the way she deals with situations (like USJ and her final exam) makes her an amazing hero.

Jirou is basically me. When she gets annoyed by Kaminari, I'm like "mood." When she just chills and listens to music, I'm like "mood." Basically, she's an all-around mood, and she's amazing.

15 Momo Yaoyorozu

She is very intelligent and is by far one of the most unique characters out there. Yes, she may be a bit blunt, but it's only because she wants her classmates to improve. She possesses great talent and abilities. She has worked hard for them because her quirk is quite complex. She has to understand the molecular structure of an item. This would be very difficult for someone who isn't as dedicated as she is.

She is the No. 1 student in the class in both the quirk apprehension test and the first-term final exam. This is very impressive, as there are many capable students in her class. She can play the piano very well and also remains calm under any circumstances.

So, in my opinion, Momo Yaoyorozu is one of the best people out there.

I love her relationships with the other students, especially Mina and Todoroki. She is willing to help out with studying, despite the fact that she doesn't really have to. I would love to see her character get some more development as the series goes on. I can't wait to see how she increases her knowledge and battle tactics!

16 Dabi

Dabi is my favorite character because he is so badass and cool. His backstory has just the right amount of depressing elements, and ever since Season 6, Episode 11, he has become a psychopath. I love those types of characters. His scars just make him look even cooler.

Dabi has an interesting past. It's really sad how Endeavor abused him mentally and physically, and how he only wanted to be a hero like his dad but couldn't. He's emotionless. He's shown you that he doesn't care, but he actually does. I love his character so much and hopefully, he doesn't die in the anime.

He's definitely one of those characters who barely gets any screen time in the beginning of the story but later gets their backstory revealed. Interesting and mysterious, I think he's definitely going to have a huge arc based on him that will reveal his motivations and how he got those scars.

17 Mirio Togata

He is the hero figure. Honestly, I prefer Mirio over Izuku to become the main character. He is so hardworking to work through his Quirk, which was so poor and pretty useless at the beginning. He's so chill and heroic in saving Eri too. He's honestly underrated.

I fell in love with Mirio the first moment I saw him. His appearance is very unique, as is his Quirk! I adore his confidence and his being the social one. Definitely my number 4 spot!

Tintin is the best. He worked really hard. I hope he becomes the number one hero for now, since it's unfair if the kids surpass the adults so easily.

18 Mei Hatsume

What I love about Mei is that she is never ashamed of her mistakes. I don't think I've seen her not smile once in the series either! She's so outgoing, happy, and cheerful all the time! It's crazy how she can do that. It even makes me happy seeing her smile!

She's probably one of the smartest, if not the smartest, character in MHA. She was able to manipulate people and come up with a genius strategy to promote her inventions. I respect her quite a lot.

You just have to admire her confidence and her inability to lose to failure. Instead, she uses it to pick herself back up.

19 Keigo Takami (Hawks)

Hawks is the best! His personality is so chill, his voice is so hot, and his character design looks good. How can you not love those red wings? I hope he gets more screen time. I mean, he's the number 2 hero, and we only see him for about 20 minutes.

As well as with Dabi, Hawks is also a mysterious character. His backstory has not been fully revealed, so it will be interesting to see. I like how he blurs the line between hero and villain without becoming an actual villain.

I cannot wait for him to become a main part of the anime! I read the manga and he just gives me chills. My dude's going to be higher up real soon. Chicken wings deserves love.

20 Yuga Aoyama

:O Pretty boy!

So I personally think Aoyama has to be my #2 favorite. Sure, lots of fans find it creepy when he stares into the camera and acts all full of himself, but I love it. He's one of those characters who truly expresses himself with no shame, unlike most anime characters, and that's the kind of development I admire very much.

I've seen people say that he is annoying and selfish. He just likes to feel like he's wanted, and in season 3, you can see his true personality. I've liked him since the beginning for some reason. To add to all of that, I think he is a funny character because of how many times he breaks the fourth wall!

He's genuinely more important as a character than he's currently made out to be. Like Kirishima and Tokoyami, he's a more minor character that seems to be getting developed more and more. I'm very curious as to how he'll overcome the downsides of his Quirk and how he'll grow as a character.

21 Jin Bubaigawara (Twice)

I have nothing to say, I just love him.

My favorite villain.

22 Yu Takeyama

She looks awesome. I wish she had a better role than being fan service.

That was my debut.

She is so tall.

23 Toru Hagakure

She doesn't get enough love. Just because she is invisible doesn't mean she deserves this hate. Hagakure is definitely one of my favorite female characters.

By far, she is the most underrated character in the series. She is so cute and lovable!

Her personality makes her look so pure, not gonna lie.

24 Nejire Hado

She is a wholesome airhead. She is always bringing out good vibes for everyone. When Nejire asks questions, it is always so darn cute!

Nejire Hado's Quirk is powerful, with a reasonable weakness. I found it funny when she called Amajiki a kitten.

Super upbeat, super curious, absolutely adorable, and incredibly passionate about her work!

25 Tamaki Amajiki

He's such an awkward little bean! And yet, he totally deserves his position in the top 3. He has obviously worked through some serious issues, trying to control his quirk and emotions and keeping himself from falling into a depressive state. I also just love his appearance. He looks so cool! (Don't ask me why he reminds me of Riku from Kingdom Hearts. I don't know.)

To be honest, he has one of my favorite quirks in the entire series. I also feel like he may have a mild form of autism, which is not a bad thing, making him feel even more relatable.

He's the most relatable character in the whole series! I love him a lot. He's my baby boy! His quirk is amazing and probably one of the most powerful/useful quirks in the whole series!

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