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1 Shoto Todoroki

Where to begin... Shoto is hands-down one of the best characters in the series. Even though he's super powerful and competent, he isn't immune to making mistakes or having weaknesses. Todoroki was the emotional backbone of the sports festival arc, and was the first character to expand the emotional stakes of the show beyond simply characters' ambition or pride. His internal conflict spans almost the whole series, all the while complimenting and advancing the plot lines of other characters like Izuku and Bakugo. He's also a great example of a strong (physically and mentally), male character who isn't hyper-agressive, overly masculine, and/or emotionally closed-off.

He is no doubt my favourite character. Not just because he's hot, also because he's one of the most interesting characters. Even with his tragic past, he still focuses on what is important and doesn't trouble people with worrying about him. Todoroki is actually the whole reason I started watching my hero academia. P.S, he's super strong, I feel he has a lot of potential, and that we've barely seen his full power. Todoroki isn't only my favourite bnha character, also my favourite anime character.

Todoroki is cool and hot. Lol get it!? Sorry back to the topic. I think that Todoroki is a character that if you didn’t have him in the anime (or manga) the WHOLE story would be different. Also I like his personality as well.

He’s one of my favorite anime characters of all time and I just love him a lot. He has gone through so much and his family dynamic is just so interesting. His character development is also very cool!

2 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi.

This character is undoubtedly my favorite character because I think his personality and himself are pretty sweet. Plus, the character has a lot of theories and I love the mystery. Not because he's the main character, but I'd say Deku is my ideal character. Even if it wasn't the main character, it would definitely be my favorite character. Even if our personalities don't look alike, I feel this character is made for me. It's like I'm attached to him. I really appreciate him improving himself so quickly. Although he has a lot of fans, he still doesn't see as much value as he should, at least I think so.

He is extremely selfless and determined. Yet innocent and kind. He may not have the dark backstory that most heroes have. But he most definitely has the ability to act on his choices. He the correct judgement of a true hero as well. Midoriya is willing to sacrifice his body, in exchange to save someone. He KNOWS the consequences of saving someone, yet he still tries his best every time to save them. He is most definitely the best character, and the best hero. He may not have been able to smile at the face of danger as quick as All Might does, but he is going to make a fantastic hero one day. I for one, can't wait to see it.

Oh my god whenever he feels sad or scared I just want to hug him so bad! He's a cute, smol boy wanting to become a hero and I really respect that, his selflessness and determination- if only people as amazing and cute as him actually existed-

Deku in my opinion is the greatest! He may be the main character, causing many people to root for him, but he provides an explicit example. Hard work isn't easily achieved, that's why it's called hard work! His passion to never give up is greater than any quirk. Shouto is at the top, but I feel it should Deku. Everyone loves a good backstory, which would give Shouto an easy advantage among others. Him being to mysterious can make him more intriguing. Deku shows that even if you're not someone special, you can excel just like the rest. Deku was the runt of the pack. Anyone else when watching feel super excited to see what happens next! Not to mention how funny he can be! I'm just a person commenting why I choose Deku. What do I know? Well, there's one thing I do know, and it's that Deku IS THE BEST!

3 Katsuki Bakugou

It's truly a testament to this character's development that both him and Midoriya are fan favourites, considering how utterly unlikable he was at first. Bakugo started off as a character whose only purpose was basically just to antagonize everyone else and hate Midoriya. While his obsession with beating everyone else, his anger issues, and his arrogant-presenting inferiority complex,
are some of his most abrasive qualities, the series was able to use that same trait to flesh out Bakugo's redeeming qualities like his loyalty, tenacity, intelligence, and even the occasional self-awareness (VERY occasional)

He's got a hot head and a hot face. He's also an Aries, which is cool (I'm an Aries), too. He may be blunt and rude, but he's also persistant, stubborn, and will NEVER back down. I'm guessing he's got some form of OCD, because he's constantly being hard on himself and others (I should know I've got REAL OCD), but at the end of the day he knows where his heart is, and knows that he will NEVER use his power for evil, and if being on top is the way to do that...then I guess I say, let him be on top...

Katsuki is my favourite character for a lot of reasons. First, I love how he has so much pride in himself, that it makes me love him even more. His anger also makes me laugh as it leads to him saying funny but stupid things. He is also a fair person as he didn't believe he deserved first place after Shoto didn't bring out his best performance. He's really intelligent as well and is constantly developing as a character. Nine times out of ten, the hero is never my favourite (that doesn't mean I hate them). I just like an anti-hero who has a character development. He also reminds me that as a teen girl, I'm just a human being and that it's okay to get upset. He and I also share a lot of personality traits as well, which made it easier to relate to him.

P.S I also love Krishima as well. He's really funny too! His friendship with Katsuki is just way too good! It makes me laugh all the time. I also love Krishima because he's a good friend and doesn't use Katsuki's anger as an excuse ...more

A part of me wishes I could get into it, but I guess I've just seen this particular anime trope play out one too many times now. The angsty rival childhood friend who refuses to acknowledge the protagonist even though they have proven themselves worthy over and over again. Plus, I feel like Bakugou's portrayal is taken to an extreme. A similar level of constant screaming that people hate so much in Black Clover. And through many episodes of the series now he's still saying the same petty ridiculous stuff he was saying at the beginning of the series. And it's weird because it seems like they have tried to give him moments of character development to outgrow this stuff. But then after we're past these moments he just acts the same as he always did. Like, sorry I thought all of that character progression was actually supposed to progress this character. I guess one of the reasons I can't really get into Bakugou is he's an earsore that's too familiar in a show that I think has otherwise ...more

4 Toshinori Yagi

Toshi is the one guy everyone looks up to, and the world of BNHA is extremely lucky to have (had) a Symbol of Peace like that. Definitely deserves 4th place, if not even higher. Man, life would be so much better of we had a Symbol of Peace in the real world...

All mightu is all the types of super hero's in the modern day world that we know and love and put all into one, he keeps a level of composure and seriousness but still the adaptivity in any situation to randomly make you laugh. I think its cool how he picked Deku to take on the power because he saw himself in Deku. Not only is he a symbol of Peace, but he is the symbol of what everything means to truly be a Super Hero

Everyone in the show loves him and adores him, how can't you? He's just not a fanservice character, unlike Todoroki and Ochaco(unfortunately these two have the majority of their comments as something like "hottest female" or "best past and tragic events", "cute boy with daddy problems"). I feel like the characters would be ashamed or disappointed(mostly Todoroki who deals with this even in the show and shows very little interest in the attention).

Only Midoriya and Bakugou would be likely top candidates with Yagi if fanservice was avoided. The three main characters, minus villainous main characters, the story focuses on.

Makes my laugh all the time especially when he told Young Midoriya to eat his hair to inherate one for all. He is an amazing role model

5 Ochako Uraraka

She is sunshine, she's cute, she's cool, she cares about her friends, her Quirk is cool, and she deserves more than what she's currently getting. She's so much more than 'the girl who likes the mc', but that's what her role has been reduced to. Her goal isn't cliched either - it's just, 'I want my parents to have a better life'. She's just amazing and I love her.

Ochako is one of the main girl characters in MHA! She is so bubbly and energetic! She reminds me of myself and she is a really great character!

She is very sweet and yet, she hasn't done anything wrong. Some people dislike her which I don't really care since we all have different opinions and I really respect that. When I realized she is kinda forgotten after a few seasons, I'm kinda upset since why would you forget something so carefree and sweet? She is also strong mentally and physically. When she tried to push away her feelings for Deku and keep on focusing to be a pro hero, it shows us that she is a very determined girl and I'm very sure she will reached her goal (I don't know why I commented a lot lol)

Kirby :) She is the only person who can pull off being broke, her quirk is pretty powerful! I think she would get as far as the top 5 pro heroes.

6 Eijirou Kirishima

Kiri is my favorite character in the whole series! He is the person I actually wish to be! You'll barely see him mad, always has a smile on his face, is a big inspiration to me, and so much more! I absolutely love him, he's what gets the class to work together! I can tell that he'll be a great hero further on in the series. He's one of the most friendliest people in class 1-A! He's a cinnamon roll to me! He just seems so... perfect! His personality is amazing, he balances out the class, and was even able to befriend the hot-head of the class (Bakugo)! He could even be friends with everyone in the whole world if he tried! I love him and there is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that can change my mind!

Man, I gotta say, Kiri is pretty awesome. He's so chill and nice to everyone in the class, it's amazing. Even Mineta! It's so cool how he befriended Bakugo so easily. He's an amazing dude, and he's a comforting person and always knows what to say, and most of the time he's so happy. Sometimes, I actually look up to him, trying to be better myself. It's safe to say that he's a manly man! He would do anything for his friends and family, and that's what a man does. (I think) He's an overall awesome, amazing, manly, man! and cinnamon roll! Red Riot, Unbreakable! (you can fight me over it)

Kiri's character and personality work in tandem with his quirk: they aren't flashy or complicated, rather it's through their steadfast, unyielding, and righteous nature that Kirishima can be such a force to be reckoned with. I mean... who else could have befriended Bakugo?

His personality is absolutely perfect. he is always willing to stand up for his friends and would charge in head-first into any situation for them. While I get that his quirk is not as flashy as other people, Unbreakable makes up for all of it. He is one of the core people in 1-A and has had some of the most screen time other than the more important characters. Anyone who says otherwise clearly hasn't watched the anime or read the manga.

7 Tsuyu Asui

Tsu is my favorite female character and second favorite out of the series after Kirishima. She's never afraid to talk about what she thinks about a situation, and always shares her opinion! She's a quick thinker, which is something hard to be even when there is many things happening at the moment. SPOILER AHEAD - She even thought she didn't deserve to have fun with the class after Bakugo got rescued. SPOILER ENDED. She's such a cinnamon roll and you can't change my opinion! If she were real, I'd want her to be my best friend!

Definitely deserves more screen time and speaking parts. She doesn't get to talk very often, but you know it's going to be something really intelligent when she does.

She is Underrated, yet so Lovable. It is really nice that her great hardwork and strength developed so well. She is Cute, Calm and literally Best Girl. When I saw her for the first time, I fell in live with her and she immediately became my favorite character. Her interactions towards others are Great to watch every time she talks to them. Her Quirk makes her look strong and powerful, she can use her quirk properly like a frog. Overall, she is Best Waifu and she deserves lots of love and affection 💖

OMGGGGG Asui is such a good character in BNHA! Her quirk is Frog which might sound weak but if you can see what she can do you will REGRET calling her WEAK!

8 Shouta Aizawa

At the start Aizawa was really weird for the Children the first day they met Aizawa they were all surprise the whole show he was my favorite pro hero. No Offense to All Might

Aizawa is overall a really chill teacher and is extremely selfless. He is willing to do some much to protect his students it's amazing. I really wish they'd include him more since he is one of the most important teachers, otherwise that he is very much attractive and my favorite character from Boku No Hero Academia.

He's kinda hot and also has the chill but sometimes serious personality, and he does care for his students. An underrated man and it makes me sad.

Aizawa, in terms of strength, is really powerful. I mean, he can steal the quirks of other people just by looking at them - and he has the combat skills to go along with it. Plus, Aizawa is really kind. Some people might think of him as some strict teacher - and he does have a strict side, when it is revealed that he is known for expelling his entire class - but he also has a kind side too. This is shown when he lets Momo Yaoyorozu carry out her plan in order to let her and Todoroki pass the exam. I think he is the strongest teacher in U.A (excluding the I-think-is-a-little-overrated All Might).

Plus, I love how he loves to sleep in a sleeping bag, in the middle of a class he himself is TEACHING! I always get a good chuckle from that.

9 Tenya Iida

I love both Tenya and Shouta but since Tenya is farther down on the list and is so underrated, I just had to pick him. This boy had to go through so much like he almost lost his brother, his own life, and he's clearly so ashamed of everything that happened with Stain. Of course, a lot of people have chosen to ignore this. You would think that since he's the 2nd smartest student in class 1-A, attractive, strong, and also almost became a villain that people would pay more attention to him. But nOpe! In all honesty, Tenya is actually an amazing character and deserves so much more.

It's a shame he is put so much to the sidelines amongst the main characters. Sure, I'm not one for rich types, but he was raised right! He has let anger take over his morals, but it was for a good reason. Tenya is definitely underrated, as well as some of the villains. In season 3, when Ochako leads the boys who saved Bakugou to Asui. When he realized she was crying, he felt guilty, and started apologizing immediately, saying they won't ever do stuff like that again. Tenya really is very sweet, as well as extremely smart.
He cares for his classmates and peers so much, and feels upset when something goes wrong, as he feels he is responsible for everyone's safety being the class rep. During his battle with Stain he didn't want Izuku and Todoroki to get hurt because of his foolishness. When he found out about his arm injury, he didn't take the surgery to fix it. He kept his arm the way it was, because he knew he made a mistake, and wanted to show he can be selfless. Tenya's reason he ...more

At first, Iida was just presented as the lawful good character who loves rules blah blah blah. But he is so much more than that... His development was amazing, yet he is stuck to the sidelines because of characters like Todoroki. (Who is overrated, in my opinion.) He deserves so much more love.

Iida is such an amazing character! I hate how people push him aside, especially because he is a very well developed character. I hope he gets another arc.

10 Denki Kaminari

Denki is an amazing character. He makes me laugh whenever I watch the anime when he short circuits. And the way he can handle his quirk is insane! TWO MILLION VOLTS?! Imagine him when he's a pro hero! A lot of people underestimate him because of him short circuiting but, the dude's using two million volts, how can he not?! It's amazing, and I can't wait to see him grow into a hero!

Denki is definitely one of the best bois of Class 1-A! While often being the butt of his classmates' jokes and known for his lightheadedness, he is kind, devoted and caring towards his classmates. And his hero name, Chargebolt! By far, it's one of the coolest hero names in the bunch. Once he can finally master and control his quirk well, there's no doubt that he would become a great pro hero in the future. He's just so quirky and goofy it's hard to hate him or get annoyed at him for a long time. He's also got a certain charm that makes you want to forgive him for all of his mistakes, if you get my drift. Overall, he's a charismatic character that everyone should notice more! I hope he'll get more character development soon!

What else can we say about him, he is such a lovable guy! He has a good sense of humor and also that dance after using his quirk is hilarious-

Kaminari! My boy is in the top 10! He has such an incredible power, that could be used for some pretty radical attacks out side of just plain shocking people. What I would love to see, is a Kaminari centered episode, where we find out more about why he wants to be a hero, and what his motivation is behind using his quirk for fighting, when it could be used in much more ordinary and mundane ways. I think that as he gets more character progression, he will start to get more competent in his abilities and gain confidence in himself. I really wanna see him get more screen time and more epic attack’s in the series too (much like what happened to Jay in Ninjago with season 10 and 11), supporting his classmates and friends no matter the cost. And does anyone else agree with me that ChargeBolt is by FAR the downright, most EPIC hero name out of the litter?!?!

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11 Momo Yaoyorozu

OMG YES! Momo is SUCH a GOOD character in BNHA! She is so beautiful and so smart as well! Also her quirk is such a good quirk! Imagine if you had that quirk! It would make life WAY more easier!

she is very intelligent and by far one of the most unique characters out there, yes she may be a bit blunt but only because she wants her classmates to improve. she has such great talent and abilities and she worked hard for them because her quirk is quite a complex one as she has to know the molecular structure of the item, this would be very hard if someone inst as dedicated as she is. She is the no.1 student in the class in both the quirk apprehension test and the first term final exam which is very impressive as there are lots of capable students in her class. She can play the piano very well and also stay calm under any circumstances.
so in my opinion Momo Yaoyorozu is one of the best people out there.

Even though she didn't get shown as much in the anime she is by far one of the smartest strongest and kindest characters there is she helped save bakugo for all for one and always encourages todoroki she is by far one of the best girls and character in this anime
How can you not love her?

one of the stronger girls as her outstanding intelligence enables her to think tactically. was interesting to watch her overcome her lack of confidence in combat, as I too have a tendency to overthink which can prevent action.

12 Fumikage Tokoyami

Tokoyami is the only person from class 1a that is not entirely human but not entirely bird. He also might be one of the strongest characters in the whole school if he can control his quirk: "Dark Shadow." In my opinion, he is the most handsome one out of all class 1a. The only way he can become the most popular character is if he had more screen time, that all I ask for my Bird Boy.

He's pretty good, but the thing is somehow he's to busy being a ray of Darkness to the point where he will stay calm under any circumstance (unless if dark shadow gets mad). he's also not a simp for mis midnight cause he's a sweet, innocent, bean.

He’s extremely underrated very cool character.He came in 3rd at sports festival but characters who are less powerful are more popular?

I like Tokoyami because he's just kind of a badass. he's very mature and stoic, but I imagine that's a product of the great control it must require to control Dark Shadow. I wish he were used more, but even as a minor character he manages to shine.

13 Himiko Toga

YES! Himiko Toga is literally THE BEST CHARACTER IN MHA! SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Her backstory is so sad and even tho she is a villain she is my favorite character in BNHA!

She is very pretty and is unique. Instead of planning revenge or whatever the other villains want to do, she is out there calling people 'her type' and stuff. Now, I know she doesn't mean they are actually her type but, its cute in a way and gives her much more personality than all the other villains. Sometimes I don't get why there's other villains because they don't show emotion, are they depressed or something? I mean, no hate and I'm not trying to offend anybody but, I don't get why the others are so 'important'.

She's such a lovable character! Her whole style and personality is so perfect! I just really hate how some people are putting her on shirts as if she's making fun of herself. The worst part is that some people don't even know her character but still put her in those 'aESTHetic vIBE eDIts'.

She's strong, cute, and determined. Yeah, she's a little... or a lot insane, but that just adds to her amazing personality! I bet if she was a hero, she'd be atop this list. But sides don't matter! Let's just appreciate this beautifully crafted creature.

14 Kyoka Jirou

The best girl by far, she's just so amazing her quirk may not seem as cool as momos creation quirk or bakugos flaming thingys but it's almost as powerful.

Jirou is not annoying, ugly, or whatever you mean by "murder! " She is a super cool character and she has the best quirk: blowing up stuff with her ears and listening to 2 types of music at the same time. Plus, she was crucial in the bnha movie when they were up against those total losers. Also, if Jirou wasn't here then Mineta would murder people with his INSANE PERVERSENESS! Plus she's supa funny, pretty, and, oh yeah, AWESOME! THINK of where they would be without her!
(P.S., she's totally my absolute FAVE character! )

Her quirk is awesome in multiple ways (stealth and brute force) even though it's unexpected. She's a good person who wouldn't let anyone mess with her and the way she deals with situations (like USJ and her final exam) makes her an amazing hero.

An awesome rocking girl! She gets annoyed when Kaminari teases her a bit. He makes her blush a lot and its super cuteeeeee! She should be at least in the top 10!

15 Mirio Toogata

He is the hero figure. Honestly I prefer Mirio over Izuku become the main character, he is so hardworking to work through his quirk which is so poor and pretty useless at beginning.
So chill and heroic in saving Eri too, honestly underrated.

I fell in love with Mirio the first moment I seen him. His appearance is very unique and same with his quirk! I adore his confidence and being the social one! Defiantly my number 4 spot!

His quirk is amazing his personality and humor could be really funny sometimes he is very caring and he also loves kids just like izuku does

Guys I guarantee u, when season 4 comes out, this guy will shoot to the top 10 easily. I've read the manga ahead and its amazing! He has a big role up ahead, and season 4 will be the best season yet

16 Tomura Shigaraki

He is the beast.his quirk is insane also he has such a neat backstory all the villains do really.I mean like a wise one once said “don’t judge my story by the chapter you walked in on,” that is the truest thing for the love

He is one of my top favorite characters. First, I can sorta relate to him, and second has a very nice backstory and good motives (considering how he was raised). It's weird I like him because I really despise hands.

He's an epic gamer and has visited every computer room in existence. You cannot convince me that he wouldn't force everyone to watch his Splatoon 2 Let's Plays if he took over the world. He's a precious boi and we must protecc

My favorite my hero academia character. Because he has a interesting power which I haven't seen before in different animes I've watch. And because he has the guts to attack the USJ

17 Mei Hatsume

What I love about Mei is that she is never ashamed of her mistakes. I don't think I've seen her not smile once in the series either! She's so outgoing, happy, and cheerful all the time! It's crazy how she can do that, it even makes me happy seeing her smile!

When it comes to attitude and having unique persona She instantly wins, none of the others manage to make Ochako annoyed in the way that She does, and most other character interactions are unique

I like her curiosity and her "babies" (Inventions/Creation) She makes! Shes kinda weird and crazy sometimes but shes a fun gal.

All I can say is that I would really wanna be friends with her. Do I have a small crush on her, maybe. But that's not the point.

18 Yuga Aoyama

Omg, twinkle baby twinkle this pretty boy is such a good character many may find him, weird, creepy, full of himself but that just adds to his plot. I. Love. Him.


So I personally think Aoyama has to be my 2# favorite. Sure, lots of fans kind of find it creepy when he stares into the camera and acts all full of himself and all, but I LOVE it. He's one of those character who truly expresses himself with no shame unlike most anime characters and that's the kind of development I admire very much.

He's genuinely more important of a character then he's currently made out to be. Like Kirishima and Tokoyami, he's a more minor character that seems to be getting developed more and more. I'm very curious as to how he'll get over the downsides of his quirk and how he'll grow as a character.

NONONO I just read the end of book 18 Yuga is a STALKER of Deku He weirdly fed Deku cheese. Its HIS true colors, this is not Toga. Even YaoMomo cannot change my mind.

19 Dabi

He is quite down on my list because 1.HE IS A CRAZYY I ALREADY KNEW HE WAS CRAZY BUT THE MANGA JUST- 2.The shippers ruined him like every other character 3.People usually mistake the abuse Endeavour caused him.He DIDN'T physically hit him he neglected him Dabi is cool but Todoroki went through the same pain yet Todoroki didn’t end up as a villain.

Dabi on 19 place? NOWAy! He deserves so much better! He is my favorite bhn character, he’s so powerful and hot, he’s amazing! I like he’s personality and how cold is he! Dabi is the best.

He's definitely my favorite. He has an interesting and mysterious character, so I can't wait to see more of him.

Also, he's hella sexy. I could stare into his beautiful eyes forever. I would not hesitate to commit arson to smooch this boi.

Dabi is a mysterious character. The theory about him being a Todoroki is one of the greatest mysteries in the story. I'm excited to see his backstory.

20 Yu Takeyama

I love her attitude and her overall design I feel like- I just really like her attitude

She looks awesome. I wish she had a better role than being fanservice.

Whos the best hero? This girl! Love her design, cute horns, attitude, just loveball baby

That was my debut

21 Toru Hagakure

By far the most underrated character in the series. She is so cute and lovable!

No wonder why there is no pic but I agree she is the best character

Her personality makes her look so pure not gonna lie.

She is the funniest character by far.

22 Inko Midoriya

She is just overall very supportive I she support everyone and I feel that she has a great character because of how supportive she Is

Pure Mama Midoriya is best girl and no one can tell me otherwise.

This absolute Cinnamon Roll deserves love and affection!

She is the best anime mom and that is saying something

23 Tamaki Amajiki

This smol bean should probably take second or first place- even though he might not enjoy the attention lol, Amajiki is just- his shy and introverted persona makes him really cute, and how he's so awkward is extremely cute, and I just have to say I have no idea why he isn't in the top tens at least! His Quirk is awesome, his looks are awesome, his personality is ESPECIALLY cute, I love it all. Literally, Amajiki and Todoroki have made me an Animatesexual. THIS BEAN IS THE BEST BEAN I LOVE HIM SM

Ok so first of all Tamaki is SO FREAKING CUTE! I love how he is shy like me. He is also SO CUTE! He is also so strong (even tho he doesn’t know it he is!)

HOLY CRAP I LOVE THIS FREAKING BEAN SO MUCH. fight me if you don't think he's perfect because he really is. He's by FAR the best and most underrated characters of all times. Out of every anime I've seen, he's the #3 spot/ The rest being, 1. Inosuke (Demon Slayer) 2. Deidara (Naruto) 3. Tamaki (BNHA) and 4. Norman (The Promised Neverland)

He is very relatable surrounded by a bunch of extroverts he is sooo chill.The fandom kinda ruined him by making him be like “h-h-hi I-I-I’m a s-s-soft b-boy” love his canon vibes though :)

24 Kai Chisaki

He reminds me of Kageyama from Haikyuu. He's soo determined, but you have to admit that what Shigaraki did to him was too harsh. *Spoiler Warning* Why would Shigaraki get rid of Overhauls arms so he couldn't use his quirk anymore!? You have to admit you feel sorry for him.

Best villain in my opinion ever even though he did some messed up things that mask that jacket the suit really good lookin not to say he has best quirk literally he can touch anyone he doesn't like and whoops your dead and he can just reconstruct you.Once he gets his arms back it's GG for any hero. Also tied with Bakugou for best charcter.

I don't know. I always liked him. I have legit no reason to. I mean I guess I like his mask and shirt but, as for most of the characters I like, I have no clue why I like him.

He did a lot of messed up things, but I still somehow hate and love him at the same time. I really like his Quirk and he kinda smexy not gonna lie

25 Nejire Hado

She is an Wholesome Airhead. She is always bringing out good vibes for everyone. When Nejire asks questions it is always so damn cute!

She is very kind and sweet she would definitely make a good hero I love her attitude and her character design she’s overall very sweet

Super upbeat, super curious, absolutely adorable, and is incredibly passionate about her work!

One she awesome character and has a great personality and for two she would be the best match for izuku hands down

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