Top 10 Cutest Soul Eater Couples

As a fan of Soul Eater, you're no stranger to the thrilling battles, intense emotions, and the charmingly quirky characters of this amazing anime. But let's take a break from the action and dive into something a bit more... heartfelt. Yes, we're talking about the relationships that have blossomed in the midst of all that supernatural chaos.

Love, friendship, camaraderie, and sometimes even something a bit more complicated - these are the bonds that keep Soul Eater's vibrant characters connected. Who doesn't remember the heart-tugging moments between Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans, as they navigated their way through battles and personal challenges, always relying on each other? Or the complex connection between Maka Albarn and Crona Gorgon, a testament to empathy and understanding?

And who could forget the unique bond between the eccentric Dr. Franken Stein and the compassionate Marie Mjolnir? Then there's the ever-perfectionist Death the Kid's oddly endearing relationship with the concept of Symmetry itself. Even Lord Death and Crona Gorgon share a unique bond that adds another layer of depth to the storyline.

We all have our favorite pairings, those couples that make us go "aww" or leave us gripped with the intensity of their connection. So, what are the cutest Soul Eater couples, according to you? This is your chance to make your opinion count.

Remember, this isn't about canon relationships or plot-driven pairings. This is about those relationships that, for whatever reason, strike a chord in your heart. Maybe it's a shared moment that moved you, or perhaps it's the potential of what could be. Either way, this is about celebrating the depth of character relationships in Soul Eater and the joy they bring us as fans.
The Top Ten
1 Maka Albarn x Soul Eater Evans

Eh, maka's tsudere qualities that she has with soul is what I dislike about maka (the only thing). Could never stand relationships like how maka treats soul & sometimes vice-versa. Soul & maka good characters, good for brother/sister like relationship... Not for couple.

OMG yess! My favorite ship! I don't see why people say they aren't meant to be! I think it's so cute how they live together and cook for each other! Just by the way if Maka DOn't make a move imma steal her man

Soul was willing to put his life on the line multiple times for Maka. Episode 8 I nearly cried seeing soul fall to the ground

2 Maka Albarn x Crona Gorgon

In my opinion, this is the best soul eater ship! They are so cute together! Especially the time where she went looking for him then he said he would never betray her again. So cute!

The way they say each other's names is reason enough.. beyond that I think their bond is special whereas Maka and Soul's relationship feels strictly partnership/friendship.

Corona is afriad of anything except Maka. After their second fight Maka somehow manages to match soul waves with crona.

3 Dr. Franken Stein x Marie Mjolnir

I hate SteinXMesusa because I think the shipping is rather creepy and isn't really good. I'm not saying that I love this couple but I think Marie is a better person for Stein.

Yess! At the end of the manga Marie IS PREGNANT with Steins child so it is totally cannon and just by the way... I love it!

She is pregnant with his child at the end of the manga, so of course they are a couple.

4 Lord Death x Crona Gorgon

Soul Eater has pretty dark tones and themes by being partly inspired by Tim Burton and classic horror villans and fantasy creatures.
So it's no surprise for the darkest* of the main characters to be shipped. They represent the Dark Romanticism that I myself and many SE fans deeply adore.
It's reminiscent of countless pieces of art and literature in the sub-genre. Tim Burtons art/films has also occasionally been categorized as Dark Romanticism.

* literal personification of Death + a person broken beyond repair with the only hope for the greace of death.

5 Death the Kid x Symmetry

I've never shipped something more in my entire lifetime.

6 Maka Albarn x Lord Death

Please say they mean kid instead of Death himself (love his voice though! )

I don't understand this ship at all?

7 Black Star x Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
8 Lord Death x Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson
9 Soul Eater Evans x Death the Kid

The fact more people don't ship this hurts me to be totally honest, kid and soul are adorable together. True they may be polar opposites but this has got to be my favorite ship along side CroKid. But this is definitely the cutest soul eater ship I've seen.

Bruh. You can't look at these two and say, "They're not meant to be a couple." I know they don't get much screen time together, but their personalities go so well together! We need more fanfiction on this :/

10 Dr. Franken Stein x Medusa Gorgon
The Contenders
11 Dr. Franken Stein x Spirit Albarn
12 Blair x Spirit Albarn

I see why. Can't promise Maka won't Maka chop spirit for it tho...

13 Black Star x Soul Eater Evans
14 Blair x Soul Eater Evans
15 Death the Kid x Black Star
16 Crona Gorgon x Ragnarok
17 Maka Albarn x Death the Kid
18 Eruka Frog x Free
19 Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson x Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

These 2 have such good chemistry and they both give off lesbian vibes

20 Kim Diehl x Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré
21 Patricia "Patty" Thompson x Death the Kid
22 Death the Kid x Dr. Franken Stein
23 Black Star x Blair
24 Black Star x Patricia "Patty" Thompson
25 Lord Death x Blair
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