Top Ten Cutest Soul Eater Couples

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1 Maka x Soul

Eh, maka's tsudere qualities that she has with soul is what I dislike about maka (the only thing). Could never stand relationships like how maka treats soul & sometimes vice-versa. Soul & maka good characters, good for brother/sister like relationship... Not for couple.

OMG yess! My favorite ship! I don't see why people say they aren't meant to be! I think it's so cute how they live together and cook for each other! Just by the way if Maka DOn't make a move imma steal her man

Soul was willing to put his life on the line multiple times for Maka. Episode 8 I nearly cried seeing soul fall to the ground

I'm surprised that they weren't together or canon by the end but we all know they're endgame.

2 Maka x Crona

In my opinion, this is the best soul eater ship! They are so cute together! Especially the time where she went looking for him then he said he would never betray her again. So cute!

The way they say each other's names is reason enough.. beyond that I think their bond is special whereas Maka and Soul's relationship feels strictly partnership/friendship.

Corona is afriad of anything except Maka. After their second fight Maka somehow manages to match soul waves with crona.

Maka helped Crona out of Darkness.

3 Mr. Stein x Marie

I hate SteinXMesusa because I think the shipping is rather creepy and isn't really good. I'm not saying that I love this couple but I think Marie is a better person for Stein.

Yess! At the end of the manga Marie IS PREGNANT with Steins child so it is totally cannon and just by the way... I love it!

She is pregnant with his child at the end of the manga, so of course they are a couple.

4 Death x Crona

I love Death the kid and believe that these 2 could be a couple. Crona, now I don't want to hear the whole "they're a boy" thing cause in the manga their a girl, so their gender isn't really official, but I still believe that Crona and Death the kid could be together.
Death the kid has the more professional and some-what self-control-able, despite his OCD. Death doesn't seem to scare or make Crona very nervous. Crona seems to be more welcoming to Death's presence.
Death the kid= the son of Death who is the mane rival to Medusa, a wicked and evil Witch, which Crona seems to be the child of.
Crona, an unstable and fear-full child. Death has the self-confidence that Crona actually needs, Death puts his life in danger and trusts his friends fully, he has the courage to fight and the control Crona needs to make sure not to be filled with blood-lust. Not only that, but I think it'd be an interesting couple.

Oh! The mean kid as death ok! Just clarifying that for you all!

5 Kid x Symmetry

I've never shipped something more in my entire lifetime.

They boy loves symmetry

I can see it happening

6 Maka x Death

Please say they mean kid instead of Death himself (love his voice though! )

I don't understand this ship at all?

They seem to be good friends.

7 Star x Tsubaki

Well they've got no choice...

8 Death x Liz

Yep. Number one right here.

9 Soul x Kid

The fact more people don't ship this hurts me to be totally honest, kid and soul are adorable together. True they may be polar opposites but this has got to be my favorite ship along side CroKid. But this is definitely the cutest soul eater ship I've seen.

Bruh. You can't look at these two and say, "They're not meant to be a couple." I know they don't get much screen time together, but their personalities go so well together! We need more fanfiction on this :/

Might take sometime.

They are cute

10 Mr. Stein x Medusa

Almost had that kiss

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11 Mr. Stein x Spirit
12 Blair x Spirit

I see why. Can't promise Maka won't Maka chop spirit for it tho...

13 Blackstar x Soul
14 Blair x Soul

I hate this ship

15 Kid x Blackstar
16 Crona x Ragnarok
17 Maka x Kid
18 Deaththekid x Symmetry
19 Eruka x Free
20 Kim x Jacqueline
21 Liz x Tsubaki

These 2 have such good chemistry and they both give off lesbian vibes

22 Patty x Kid
23 Kid x Patty
24 Kid x Mr. Stein

It's creepy but it could work.

25 SoMa
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