Top Ten Most Annoying Kingdom Hearts Enemies

What do you think are the most annoying enemies in Kingdom Hearts? Thy can be Nobodies, Heartless or bosses. It doesn't matter.

The Top Ten

1 Hot Rods (KH 2 x KH2 FM)

URGHH these heartless are so annoying! They have this irritating habit of bouncing you around like a ball and running you over all the time, and they are invincible when they are rushing at you! You can only hit them then they are still or standing up, which means they take forever to beat unless you are overpowered! - RaineSage

2 Demyx (KH2 x KH2 FM)

I know I am being a hate sheep here but this guy is really annoying. He has 100 clones of water which you have to get rid of before the measly time limit runs dry, and if you fail then you have to do it all over again! Are you kidding me?! - RaineSage

3 Wargoyle (KH DDD)

I can't count how many times I died to this thing on both Sora and Riku. On Riku: Insta kill move? Check. Irritating habit of spamming you with fireballs? Check. Admittedly beautiful background music though

On Sora: Ridiculous attack strength? Check. Small space to fight him? DOUBLE CHECK! - RaineSage

4 Ruler of the Sky (KH 358/2 Days)

Admittedly I loved 358/2 Days, but jeez this fight was SO... BORING! Fly after him, hit him once, fly after him again etc. If you like the idea of a long, drawn out battle then you must like the idea of sitting through a ten hour maths class as well. - RaineSage

5 Crimson Jazz (KH2 x KH2 FM)


6 Invisible (KH1 x KH1 FM x KH R:C x KH 358/2 x KH X)

As the name suggests, they go invisible and hit you when you can't see them. Luckily they do become visible again during the battle. Another enemy that takes longer than usual to defeat. - RaineSage

7 Toy Soldiers ( KH2 x KH2 FM)

I have no words for these annoying things. - RaineSage

8 Pirates (KH 2 x KH2 FM)

The most gimmicky enemies ever. You can only attack them if they are in the moonlight. Seriously? Every other time they are invincible. - RaineSage

9 Clayton (KH1 x KH1 FM)

Just get off your chameleon and fight me like a man! - RaineSage

10 Bandit/Fat Bandit/Large Body (KH1 x KH1 FM x KH 2 x KH2 FM)

You can only hit them from behind *facepalm* - RaineSage

The Contenders

11 Bookmaster (KH2)
12 Sniperwild (KH)
13 Assault Rider (KH2, KH2 FM)

The first time you encounter them you're like how the heck am I suppose to kill this guy. Especially when he does that thing where he just spins his weapons and hits you like 99999 times.

14 Black Fungus (KH1, KH COM, KH Re: coded)
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