Top Ten Most Annoying Quotes and Sayings On the Internet

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2 Keys to dealing with teasing

-Kill the bully with kindness.
-Don't give the bully a reaction.
-Ignore them then kill the bully.
-Tell the teacher someone keeps interrupting your NO BULLY speech.
-Don't cuss at the bully.
-Try become friends with the bully. - leafstar

3 Face book

If you have a problem FACE IT! Don't Facebook IT! - leafstar

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4 Harry Lapow

In many ways, when you're young and sexy,Its very annoying to be whistled at and to have someone always attract you're attention,but now when it happens I find registering the fact very warmly. - leafstar

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6 Pissed off quotes V 1 Comment
7 Whats up quote

Haha I need to say this at some point in my life. Where's my mirror... - Britgirl

"Hey whats up!? "
"I hate you! "
"What I don't hate you I'm just not necessarily excited about you're existence that's all " - leafstar

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8 MY LIFE MY RULES V 2 Comments
9 Funny, not so funny

When I do it it's fun.
When you do it,It's the most annoying face on earth! - leafstar


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11 Broken heart quote

Love is an onion it makes you cry - lovingicecreams

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13 Smol
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