Top Ten Most Annoying Quotes and Sayings On the Internet

Most annoying quotes and saying that are just plain annoying to read .Make sure you comment.

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1 HippoQuote

(1)I need to tell you a secret.
(2)The answer is look at 11.
(3)Don't get mad to look at 15.
(4)Calm down and don't be mad to look at 13.
(5)Look at 2 first.
(6)Don't be that angry look at 12.
(7)I just want to say I love you.
(8)Don't be that angry look what I want to tell you is the answer is at 14.
(9)Be patient look at 4.
(10)OK this is the last time I'm going to do this look at 7.
(11)I hope you're not mad when I say read 6.
(12)Sorry look at 8.
(13)Please don't be mad to look at 10.
(14)I don't know how to say this look at 3.
(15)You must be really mad to look at 9. - leafstar

2 Keys to dealing with teasing

-Kill the bully with kindness.
-Don't give the bully a reaction.
-Ignore them then kill the bully.
-Tell the teacher someone keeps interrupting your NO BULLY speech.
-Don't cuss at the bully.
-Try become friends with the bully. - leafstar

3 Face book

If you have a problem FACE IT! Don't Facebook IT! - leafstar

So true - donovanthorn

4 Harry Lapow

In many ways, when you're young and sexy,Its very annoying to be whistled at and to have someone always attract you're attention,but now when it happens I find registering the fact very warmly. - leafstar

5 Mums Rules

1.I cook it,you eat it.
2.I buy it,you wear it.
3.I clean it,you keep it clean.
4.I wash it,you keep it clean.
5.I say bed time,you say goodnight.
6.I say off the phone,you hang up.
7.I say no,you don't ask why.
CAUSE I'M MUM - leafstar

6 Pissed off quotes

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot,I only exist when you need something. - leafstar

7 Whats up quote

Haha I need to say this at some point in my life. Where's my mirror... - Britgirl

"Hey whats up!? "
"I hate you! "
"What I don't hate you I'm just not necessarily excited about you're existence that's all " - leafstar

lol do it - leafstar

Hi! - leafstar


My life.
My rules.
My choice.
My lessons.

9 Broken heart quote
10 Funny, not so funny

When I do it it's fun.
When you do it,It's the most annoying face on earth! - leafstar

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12 Annoying EX

My EX had one very annoying habit.
BREATHING. - leafstar

13 Smol
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