Most Annoying Types of Music Fans

Now everyone likes music but some people take their music way too seriously.

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1 Elitists

*has flashbacks to the metal elitist war that happened in 2016-2017* - Nonpointed

Now this is a problem - LightningStrike

Their trying to be annoying and as such their not annoying just dumb - germshep24

I just recently stumbled across the term "rockism" and "poptimism". I think that reflects quite good what the problem with elitism in music is. I am closer to popular music, as most know, but I think individual styles of music shouldn't be ranked against each other as a whole genre, like "genre X" is worth more than "genre Y". They might work entirely different. - Martin_Canine

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2 People who claim music saved their life

To be fair music, movies, etc. do save peoples lives all the time. The world can feel pointless at times and for some, the only reason to continue living is not being able to watch that movie that their anticipating, not being able to experience that new video game, not being able to finish their favorite YT channels let's play. Just think about how much excitement you get went you see your favorite YT uploaded a new video or when you hear your favorite artist is putting out a new album, it is those moments that take your minds off the bleakness that life can bring when your not distracting yourself with friends, adventures, or media.
It is the small things that keep people wanting to live and sure it might be annoying hearing someone say that this certain thing saved my life because it has become so cliche, but it doesn't change it from being true. - germshep24

Here you have to differentiate. There are attention seekers, yes, but some of them actually suffer from depression. Depression is an illness that often comes without a reason that would be understandable to an outsider. It just suddenly attacks and causes emotional pain. And cathartically, this can be at least momentarily acompensated with music and other art, both by creation or consumption - or looks. It can't heal it, but for that time, it gives a bit of pleasure when there is none. That's basically what I have to say about the "saving your life" and "emo" items. As for the rest, that's a great list that I in most cases can agree with. - Martin_Canine

I do believe that BVB gets a bit too much hate (my opinion), but I do get annoyed when their fans are like "they saved my life." They did not save your life, you did yourself. You were strong and willing enough to keep going. - yungstirjoey666

I see a lot of Youtube comments that claim My Chemical Romance, XXXTentacion, Twenty One Pilots etc saved their lives by making music that they can relate to. The thing I don't get is how can music cure depression and banish suicidal when it's just words, a beat, and singing. - CharismaticKat

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3 Hipsters Hipsters

Like all movements, the hipster mentality of not celebrating everything mainstream (which, when hipster started, was loud, overwhelming and action-packed) is automatically good was fine in the beginning - although personally I think the Austrian hipsters were a bit cooler than the German or American ones I think because they lived from a combination of different aesthetics and styles, musically but even moreso visually (one hipster I knew wore lederhosen with punk piercings, wild hair and vintage accesoires). The image most of them have of them now is the same as with punk, grunge, rave, emo, and all the other movements: too many people who jumped on the bandwagon for all the wrong reasons. It's okay if many people are part of a movement if they really identify with it, but not just because it's the trend. - Martin_Canine

Goes beyond music. Anything "hipster" = irritating, sanctimonious, d-bags.

We get it you listen to Radiohead,Death Grips,Arctic monkeys,Aphxx twin,etc.I like them a lot.Hell,Radohead and Death Grips are among my favourites and I also like Arctic Monkeys and Aphex Twin but you gotta stop mentioning it every 15 seconds. - DarkBoi-X

4 Emos

Very similar to number 1.Some are okay as long as they don't keep mentioning how My Chemical Romance or Bring Me The Horizon Or Twenty One Pilots "saved their life". - DarkBoi-X

Yeah they are way too obsessed with My Chemical Romance - Camaro6

Yes probably - TriggerTrashKid

5 Wrong generation kids

This is just part of getting old, this is how you know your an adult, the newer music starts to sound lame to you. It isn't because all of a sudden music just gotten worse than when you were a kid, but when your a kid pretty much anything sounds good as long as it is popular with the other kids or the kids that you are friends with or want to be friends with, when your a kid it isn't about whether music is good or not.
Every generation had its terrible music in fact most of the music from every generation sucked, every generation as its artist that was pretty popular but quickly disappeared into obscurity once that generation got over it, this only lives the real good bands from each generation still being known, where once we get into the this generation both the good artist and terrible artists are popular, the terrible artist will fall into obscurity leaving only the get stuff of that generation and the cycle continues over and over again until music no longer exists - germshep24

You can enjoy 50s music, but be grateful that you've never lived back in the 50s. Especially if you're a woman or minority. - yungstirjoey666

Yes Yes Yes - TriggerTrashKid

I'm one of them then... Maybe, I like the 90s music, especially Ace of Base and other electronic music, but not all of 90s music other than rock and electronic. I still think the 2000s is bad, though... - Kevinsidis

Although I despise modern music a lot except for electronic music. Oops, my mistake. - Kevinsidis

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6 People who claim something's "deep" when it isn't

Music is a form of expression and can be seen differently by different people, at one point all the music we have today was thought to be Satanic music, if a person can think the Beetles were secretly messages honoring Satan how is that different from people seeing deep meaning in other music - germshep24

When I say "deep", it's usually in relationship to the genre's or the artist's other work. Truly deep is something that gives insight into a complex character, situation or emotion. - Martin_Canine

That's hipsters in a nutshell when they talk about their favorite artists that no one else knows about. - Nonpointed

My classmate... - TriggerTrashKid

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7 People who hate on something just because it's popular

Most of the pop artists are very professionally produced and written, and usually give a solid performance - that would be an average rating from me. Now, we can add plus or minus points for what they achieved on top of that (which will most often be powerful delivery, a climactic build up, good lyrics, or an earworm chorus) or where they failed to deliver something that they should have to be enjoyable, respectively. That's how you should rate pop music. - Martin_Canine

These people are annoying, there is no reason to hate on the Black Album just because it has the 2 most popular Metallica songs on, it is a good album and those 2 songs are good as well, whether it is as good as your favorite songs from their first 4 albums is irrelevant - germshep24

Many of the other people on this list are like this - DarkBoi-X

Aka Overrated - TriggerTrashKid

8 People who disrespect classics without realizing their impact/influence on music

Always acknowledge impact. That, however, does not mean you have to like it. Respect what an artist, an album, a song, a soundtrack, contributed to the music landscape, even if you don't really like it at all. These are two different things. - Martin_Canine

You don't always have to like the classics. But have it not been for them, your favorites probably wouldn't even exist. - yungstirjoey666

Haven't seen this much but this can be annoying lot. I mean I of course prefer more modern music but I still like Pink Floyd, Mozart, Tupac (Hell, Tupac is among my favourites), The Beatles, etc. - DarkBoi-X

Yeah.Respect the classics people. - DarkBoi-X

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9 Oldheads

I prefer old music, but I don't shove it down people's throats like it's a fact - ToddHoward

Oldheads aren't annoying unless they are being annoying by constantly talking about how terrible new music is - germshep24

Oldschool boom bap hip hop and trap are two different genres. Occasionally they cross lines, but overall, not even the rapping technique can be remotely compared, let alone the beats. And then, artists like XXXTentacion or Post Malone have a majority of songs where they sing rather thqn rap, with the beats even being rock-ish. Old school hip hop was a lyrically driven genre originally a form of protest, trap is predominantly a genre centered on flow, lifestyle and vibe - of course with exceptions on both sides. I don't really understand how you could compare them this much. I like both very much, VERY much, and both styles will pop up on my best of the 2010s lists around the turn of the decade, but I would never expect the aesthetics, themes and moods of a record of one genre on another. Eminem is Eminem and Lil Uzi Vert is Lil Uzi Vert. - Martin_Canine

That must be me then... - Kevinsidis

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10 People who say "my music scares people"

To be fair they are technically correct, a lot of deeply religious people do get scared by emo and gothic music, from their believe that they may get possessed from the music, even if these people saying it sounds really silly to your average person, but there are actually music that is scary, it is just that it is extremely rare and it wouldn't be very popular or heard by a ton of people - germshep24

One song:
Serge & Charlotte Gainsbourg - Lemon Incest

Another kind of scaring, but still a classic of European art music that may make you feel deeply uncomfortable. - Martin_Canine

Usually emo or scene or goth kids that want attention say this. - DarkBoi-X

Haha, music? Scaring people? - TriggerTrashKid

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The Contenders

11 K-Pop Fans

Those who would want to kill you with ling chi every time you have an opinion on BTS or some boy band.
And not to say most of the time their actions are extremely immature, such as thinking (insert kpop star) is their husband. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Or Chinese Rap - TriggerTrashKid

12 People who constantly hate on certain genres

This site is starting to become a hostile environment for Pop fans. - Joeljohns249

Pop music is very generic and as such because it isn't unique it becomes very annoying because there is no way to escape it, though it is messed up that people let out their anger toward the blandness of the music on its fans. There is nothing wrong with people liking it is made to be liked after all - germshep24

13 Pop Music Fans
14 People who do not like Heavy Metal because of the scream

This isn't really annoying, those that assume all metal is screaming are annoying just because of the ignorance of it, but it really depends on how the person acts, if they are willing to try a song instead of refusing to listen to any metal because of the stereotype it is irritating.
People hating screamo metal isn't annoying though it is an acquired test that most can't take, kinda of like people that like Adam Sandler movies you can't be made if people dislike Adam Sandler movies your part of the minority - germshep24

I don't hate all metal, it is just this type I dislike. Then again, I am not the biggest fan of it either, some early metal like Black Sabbath I like, and some of the metal in the 70's I also like. - Stalin

15 People who start to hate on a band once they get mainstream exposure

A.K.A Underground Elitists - Joeljohns249

16 People who constantly use the word "poser"

Very annoying, a person can like a handful of an artists songs and still be a fan of the artist. A person doesn't have to like nearly all of the bands albums to mean they are a fan - germshep24

17 People who don’t shut up about “how good a song is”

This people absolutely ruin movies, music and/or a game for you. Whenever you elevate a piece of work your eventually going to bring up the expectation for it so high that it just can't live up to it - germshep24

These people can easily ruin a good song for you

18 People who constantly defend their favorite artists even after they did something wrong

Such as Korean stars Seungri and JJY despite what they did to these women. - yungstirjoey666

***gets flashbacks of when Beliebers constantly defended Justin Bieber during his multiple run-ins with the law*** - Joeljohns249

19 People who worry too much about genres

This can be simply done by saying this band is my favorite band, that way no one can correct you for call Motorhead metal even though they are punk
This is a double edged sword issue on the one hand no body likes to be told their wrong, but on the other hand metal fans don't wants to see Justin Bieber on the best/worst metal bands lists or the Beatles on the best metal band lists. - germshep24

Back when some visitor on this site claimed that "Slipknot is metal" which immediately triggered a lot of Metalheads who ended up bashing him to death. - Joeljohns249

20 People who always hate on old music because, "It is old"

I personally like older music (80's and back, like really far back) but people always say, "well your stupid because you don't like Rihanna or X or... you get the point. (also I am not one of the "I was born in the wrong generation kids). - Stalin

21 Wannabe rappers
22 People who constantly compare genres

Very annoying, rap, country, metal, pop, rock, techno are all different music focused on different types of people. You may not like it for specific reason, but you can't say it is worse that the music you like because it isn't catered to your musical taste - germshep24

This is quite a horrible attitude. You can have preferences, even dislike a genre, but why are people always so extremely judgmental when it comes to genres they are not into and put it up as a fact that it's worse? It isn't. It's just a style that doesn't appeal to you. - Martin_Canine

A.K.A lists like
1) "Reasons why Metal is better than Pop"
2) "Reasons why Pop is better than Metal" - Joeljohns249

23 People who start accusing a band of "selling out" when they change their music style

This is understandable people become accustomed to the bands music and go to that band for that type of music to change styles feels like a betrayal to the fans.
It is like watching your favorite youtuber for 3 years only to notice they want to go a different direction with their channel, a lot of people will have resentment toward the Youtuber while others will be supportive and follow them through the change and others will just ignore the youtuber and tune in if they make a video similar to their old channel - germshep24

A.K.A Early Metallica fans - Joeljohns249

24 People who always believe what their favorite artists tell them

Back when Eminem fans casually started bashing on Trump just after Eminem dissed Trump on one of his tracks. - Joeljohns249

This isn't people always believing their favorite artists, Trump was the most hated President before he even became President and he has only become more and more hated ever since (by hated I mean his approval rating has been going done ever since his presidency). - germshep24

25 People who bully others just because they don't like a band that they like
26 People who use the word "elitist" too much
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