Most Anticipated Upcoming Superhero Movies of 2010

What superhero movie are you Anticipating the most? Is it Captain America: The First Avenger? or is it Green Lantern? or is it something else. Leave your answers below

The Top Ten


Marvel is bringing their top superheroes together in one movie. Nuff said - Starsapphire

The Dark Knight Rises

Its the last batman movie directed by the genius Christopher Nolan. Nolan hasnt dissapointed us with the past 2 batman films and I know his last one will be great. - Starsapphire

Can't wait for this awesomeness to come out! - madcat701

Captain America: The First Avenger

Again I love the character, and Chris evans looks really good as Captain America. After seeing the set pics/videos, and the Entertainment weekly pictures I just can't wait to see this movie - Starsapphire

Green Lantern

I am a big fan of the character and of Ryan reynolds. Based on the trailer and cast/crew it seems to be really good - Starsapphire


I havn't read many Thor comics but based off the characters and cast it seems pretty good. Plus the leaked trailer seems epic. - Starsapphire

Superman Reboot

I feel pretty hopeful about this reboot. they have a good director and supposedly a good script. Plus superman will actually punch something in this movie - Starsapphire

Spiderman Reboot

Ive read the script and its hilarious. I also like the character and Reynolds fits deadpool perfectly. - Starsapphire

Green Hornet

At first I didn't want to see it, but Im slowly finding myself more and more interested in this movie. - Starsapphire

best movie ever went to wacth it on the first day it came out

Judge Dredd
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