Top Ten Apple Controversies

These may not all be true but Apple is by no doubt one of the most controversial companies in existence. These have been getting more notable in recent times. Who's worse? AppĀ£e or Micro$oft?

If things like this are true, I'm never getting any Apple products again because Apple are nothing more than greedy money hungry scumbags to me.

The Top Ten

1 Planned obsolescence

There is rumours that Apple plan how long they want their products to last for and after this time is up the product becomes obsolete. They would be planning when to release the next version after the current one on the market and plan its obsolescence day for then. This would be done so consumers buy the newest Apple products effectively moving more units bringing in more money for the company. Apple don't care about the consumer, they care about the money! - Cazaam

2 Non replaceable batteries

How about we make the batteries in our products non replaceable so when they wear out we can rip off the consumers? Yeah that sounds good! We got 'em there. - Cazaam

3 New updates slow down "obsolete" products

By "obsolete" I mean when they release a new iPhone or whatever they produce "updates" for the older ones which slows them down. Part of the series on Planned obsolescence. - Cazaam

4 Collaboration with the NSA

Need I say more? - Cazaam

5 Patented Pentalobe screws

Before this, Apple used standard Phillips head screws. Now, Apple have gone and essentially locked the users out of their devices so people don't try their own repairs to broken parts further costing the consumers money. Anything that puts money in Apple's pockets is fine by them. It doesn't matter how much they pish off their consumers.

To go further with this, there is also rumours that Apple replaced the screws of products being sent in for repair without the owner's permission or even acknowledgement. Good news people are making their own pentalobe screwdrivers returning the middle finger which was given to them by Apple. - Cazaam

6 iPhone 5 incapability with regular chargers

Further increasing their revenue by introducing a new adapter instead of the USB... "sigh" Does it ever end with Apple? - Cazaam

This. Is. Ridiculous. Stop. It. Now. You. Are. Wasting. Money. And. Time. - PositronWildhawk

7 Chinese labour

Chinese workers forced to work more than 12 hours a day to make components for Apple products is pretty messed up. There has even been rumours of suicides from the excessive working hours - Cazaam

8 Tax evasion

Reportedly, Apple use offshore entities to evade billions of tax dollars in their life. Just pay your taxes you stupid miserly douches. - Cazaam

9 No headphone jack on iPhone 7
10 Lawsuit against Samsung

The Contenders

11 Maps
12 Bendgate
13 iPhone X


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