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1 Kent

Kent is best home appliance company in India. Kent offers water purifier, air purifier, vacuum cleaner, vegetable & fruit purifier, cold press juicer, water softeners and pasta maker.

KENT Cyclonic vacuum cleaners absorbs the dust completely without any infiltration in the air thus, increasing efficiency.

Kent Vacuum Cleaner - Best for household usage. Cleaned my sofa and carpet effectively.


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2 Hoover

A dependable vacuum cleaner is your most essential cleaning tool. And Hoover® designs a wide variety of machines to suit your cleaning needs. Choose from cordless, upright, canister, stick, or hand vacuums. - anoopksrivastava1

3 Bissell

Me owns a Bissell. It is older than my 8 yr old brother and it still weeks perfectly - N64Dude

4 Dirt Devil

I Am 25 years old and I live in a condo in Florida and I have a red dirt devil featherlite bagless in my closet and it was bought in 2007 by my mom as a Christmas present

5 Dyson

Cord-free vacuum cleaners - anoopksrivastava1

6 Shark

Shark’s most advanced Lift-Away® vacuums extend the reach of the motorized cleaning head to hunt down dirt wherever it’s hiding. - anoopksrivastava1

7 Oreck

Oreck vacuum cleaners are designed with one purpose in mind: to simplify our customers' lives by easing the effort it takes to clean your home. - anoopksrivastava1

8 Electrolux Electrolux
9 Eureka

We Had A Eureka Esp since 1978

10 Kenmore

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11 Panasonic Panasonic
12 Shop Vac
13 Simplicity
14 Royal
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