Top Ten Worst Commercial Products

There has been some downright terrible products advertised in our T.V. screens... Which are the worst of the worst?
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1 UroClub

This truly is the worst of the worst. "It looks like an ordinary golf club but contains a reservoir built into the grip to relieve yourself." So basically, it's a golf club-shaped container that you pee into. Okay. This thing has no purpose in existing at all. If you really needed to go, wouldn't you run over to the bush? Yeah, thought so.

Here's a comment on YouTube about this item:

"I swear this is the most DISGUSTING thing I've ever seen advertised on television. Dear old guy, EVERYBODY PISSES. If you have to, excuse yourself, drive the golf cart up to the club, take your piss in the bathroom like a civilized human being, then drive back to your awaiting party."

My sentiments exactly.

"It looks like an ordinary golf club but contains a reservoir built into the grip to relieve yourself." Basically, it's a container shaped like a golf club to hold your pee. What? If I needed to go, I wouldn't use this. It would be much better to go in the bushes or next to a tree. How stupid do these companies think we are?

2 Tug Toner

I was going to put the Shake Weight on here until I found this abomination that exists. You put it between your legs and pull on it, and it's supposed to strengthen your muscles. I seriously hope this isn't real.

3 Tiddy Bear

"That's T, I, D, D, Y bear." You know your product has a bad name if you have to spell it out in the commercial to avoid obvious misinterpretations. A teddy bear that is supposed to alleviate the stress put on by your car's seatbelt. Really, all it does is look like a pervert sitting comfortably on a woman's breasts.

4 PooTrap

Why this exists, I don't know. It would be more feasible to tape a plastic bag to your dog's anus.

Just pick it up.

5 Potty Putter

"OH NO, you missed that putt again!" You can waste time doing nothing with the potty putter! That's right. This is just a toilet mat with a golf hole on it.

6 Hawaii Chair

A chair that supposedly exercises your torso by making you do the hula while you do whatever. The only problem is that it doesn't work very well, and you can fall off it.

Not gonna work.

7 Bear Scratch

Absolutely useless product. Any wall can be used.

8 Cheers to You!

A CD filled with cheering sound effects. If you aren't pleased, you can get your money back! That's guaranteed. You'll end up with your money back after using this.

9 Happy Hot Dog Man

Just look it up on YouTube. I really don't want to explain this abomination.

10 Jump Snap

Ropeless skipping rope because skipping is "too hard"? WHAT? You can't lose weight just by waggling a stick around.

The Newcomers

? Disney Frozen Musical Lights Elsa Doll
? Sky Dancers Doll

These ran into unexpected places, for example, a fireplace.
They also hit people, leaving them hurt.

The Contenders
11 The Emoji Movie
12 Grubhub
13 ShamWoW
14 Comfort Wipe

For overweight people who can't wipe themselves.

15 HeadOn

Apply directly to the forehead!

16 Poo Pal
17 SlapChop

Slap your troubles away!

18 Loop & Poop
19 Juicero
20 Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Every time this commercial airs, I hit mute. I can't stand the arrogance of the people or actors. I won't support this product.

21 MyPillow

The only people who ever bought this terrible pillow were Trump supporters who sleep in bed with their cousins. This is because the inventor of this ridiculous pillow does nothing but flatter Trump.

22 GoGo Pillow

This is a case for your iPad that doubles as a pillow. However, you can't use your camera, and your iPad will end up slipping out. Just buy a case.

23 Virtual Boy
24 Puppy Patch
25 Nokia 8110 "Banana Phone"
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