Top Ten Most Annoying Things About iTunes

ITunes is a service I doubt I could be without, but it's annoying. Here's why.
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1 Prices

I understand that we all want free of cost download, but for a music artists it very sad. If you start downloading songs for free the music industry will shut down and one day their will be no music existing.

Why do people buy music from iTunes when they can download it free from thousands of other websites?

Damn, everything about apple is costly. As Microsoft says these are "apple tax".

Each song should only be $1.00 There are some songs that are $5.00 each. It's ridiculous!

2 Falsely Marking Material As Explicit

Another example is Canto 34 by Five Finger Death Punch. It's an instrumental song, but according to iTunes, it's explicit.

About every Five Finger Death Punch song on iTunes is explicit even though all of em aren't.

This is bigger than it sounds. In what way, for instance, is Loscil explicit?

Why is every pantera song on itunes marked explicit when they're all not

3 Genius

As Michael McIntyre once said, Apple should stop overestimating their employee's IQ scores, and should compare their workers instead with Curry's' "Fix-It Bob". The iTunes store "Genius" is no exception. Genius takes the music you recently bought, finds the most random thing that isn't even remotely related, and advertises it to you like Ol' Gil does in The Simpsons. So thank you, but no thank you.

Not so much of a genius when it hasn't even been updated for over three years. Songs from 2015 still don't work in genius.

Takes so long that I can't even be bothered using my subscription to icliid music. At least give users the option!

4 Download Time

It's ridiculous! It's like joining a queue in HMV waiting for your turn. In the same way, if we cooked a chicken for the family the traditional way, by rubbing it and letting the heat from the friction of your hand against the meat cook the chicken, your family will have starved to death by the time that the chicken is ready. The long waits of yesteryear were impractical in that sense, and waits that we have today are no exception. So, iTunes, please, get a server that doesn't run from a solar panel on Sedna!

5 Music/Movie Bias

I open iTunes, and it instantly tells me the top hits this month. A lot of the time, the picks are crap that I couldn't care less about.

Most of the top songs are indie and pop bull crap!

Obviously the top ten hits will be pop -_-

6 You Can Only Buy Songs That Are Over Ten Minutes Long By Buying The Entire Album

"Hey, iTunes, here's a brainwave! Suppose I wanted to get great songs like "Echoes" or "Strobe" WITHOUT everything else on the album? "
"Certainly, sir, we'll try and find albums without too many unwanted tracks for a price compromise, or maybe cut a few minutes off? "
"Oh, yeah, great idea! I can make do with 9 out of 23 minutes! So what about shorter songs? "
"No compromise needed, sir. Have it as it is."
"Great! I think I'll shorten them anyway, and why don't I just shorten everything I own, from all of my belts to all of my electrical cables? It'll cut back on bills and stomach capacity! "

Or sometimes they do this with soundtracks. One time, (Don't judge me) I tried to buy 'Pure Imagination' sung by Gene Wilder. Why did I need the whole soundtrack? I don't know!

7 Pointless Music Compilations

They are obsessed with these, and it's always from a source with so little taste that they might as well have no tongues.

8 When It Automatically Transfers Media You Removed From It Back Onto Your Device When You Connect It To Your Computer

My family all share the iTunes library. If I were to attach my iPad to a computer, then, I'd get all the nonsense that my brother has bought onto it. No thanks for that.

Personally, itunes is one of my absolute favourite apps, but this really annoys me :(

9 Doesn't Have Every Song

It's too bad they don't have original definitely Leppard songs.

Still can't find Adele's Skyfall...

Put Fear Club and LØV on iTunes. Please!

10 False Classification Of Genres

Putting the Beatles under the "Pop" genre is fine because the Beatles were considered pop artists, but I would prefer if it was under "Pop/Rock" because they were pop rock artists. But if it puts a Metallica album under "Pop", then you might want to raise some questions.

According to this, the first Hobbit movie was a romance film. Fixed now, but there are likely more of those mistakes out there.

Apparently AC/DC is pop music.

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11 The Transfer System Messes Up Your Perfectly Made Playlists
12 When Songs Don't Segue Properly

Like if it pauses in between the two songs instead of flowing seamlessly like it should, I find it annoying. iTunes, please fix this!

13 We Have No Idea If We Impact the Popularity of a Song or a Band
14 You Can't Take the Full Preview
15 Updates
16 Pointless Album Mixes And Digital Booklets That Come With The Album

Don't bother with these, iTunes, they get you nowhere.

17 Some Musicians Are Afraid of iTunes
18 Ping
19 Tribute Ringtones

Why would I have to buy them as a ringtone anyway? Ideally, any song that's already on a smart device should be set as a tone for anything we please, and we can customise it to start at any point in the track.

20 Forgets to Mark Songs Explicit

They forgot to mark Most of the songs from C** Cake by Cupcakke. Add Explicit signs to all of them

21 Sometimes the Good Albums Are Not Promoted
22 New Itunes Version Download Messages
23 Several of the albums have false dates of the release such as January 1st
24 Pop Ups

A popup told me to update iTunes 7 times...SEVEN TIMES!

25 Too Slow
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