Top Ten Best Dipping Tobacco Brands

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1 Grizzly

I dipped Copenhagen Snuff from 1988 to 2010. But with the price of Cope Snuff these days, I've been dipping Grizzly Snuff, which I really enjoy. I'd probably choose Grizzly Snuff over Copenhagen Snuff these days, regardless of price. Never thought I'd say that, but there, I said it.

I also keep a tub of Stoker's FC Natural because it's not a bad dip at all, despite the bad rap it gets. Stoker's FC's cut is more like snuff than FC. Yes, it has a "perfumey" smell, but the taste or flavor is more of an earthy, dirt, smoky flavor to me, and not as perfumey as some say.

2 Copenhagen

I pack a fat lip every day. Copenhagen is the best dip ever. Kurt Copenhagen really knew what he was doing. However, he was not in Green Day. Just don't forget your mud jug.

Copenhagen is definitely not a dip for beginners, in my opinion. However, for long-time chewers, it's certainly a chill dip.

The granddaddy of them all. Copenhagen is well-known for its quality and high amount of nicotine.

3 Skoal

Skoal LC Mint or Xtra Mint are my favorite dips. I love their rich, chocolatey taste. The only brands I've tried and didn't like were Grizzly and Kodiak Mint, which were harsh and lacked depth of flavor.

While the price has gone up to over $6 per can, a can lasts me about a month because I'm a light dipper. I supplement my Equate nicotine gum with a small amount of Skoal to get a full nicotine experience.

I think that Skoal Cherry has a very nice flavor, although I do not like the texture. However, I think that Skoal Wintergreen gives you too much of a buzz.

4 Redman

The best in my opinion! Especially the Golden Blend. It tastes like oatmeal raisin cookies... kind of, lol.

So good! My go-to chewing tobacco.

5 Stokers

I love Stoker's. I just tried it the other day and finally found it. I live in Florida, and most of the Circle K gas stations sell it. Who would have thought? I got some mint, and it's really good. It holds its flavor for just under an hour.

I bought a tub of the wintergreen, and it's better than Copenhagen wintergreen. This is mainly because it's easier on the lips and gums, but I think flavor-wise it's just as good as Copenhagen wintergreen. A tub will set you back about $23.50 out the door, and it's worth it.

Stokers, specifically Stokers Mint, is exceptional. One thing I can say about Stokers is that this dip stays really packed unless you get spit in the tobacco. Overall, it's a really good dip.

6 Kodiak

Best dip in my opinion. Forms well, has good flavor, is strong, and doesn't give me heartburn like most others.

Kodiak is by far the best. It provides that deep lip burn. I highly recommend this fabulous dip.

It's the best dip, in my opinion, because it's flavorful and so sweet.

7 Longhorn

It's affordable for an everyday dip and doesn't give you a bad buzz. I would recommend this for beginners.

8 Red Seal

The best dip I've had, besides Copenhagen, is Red Seal Long Cut Natural. It's my everyday dip.

9 Tough Guy Chew

This company is a small, top-notch, handcrafted dip company that communicates with its customer base daily through social media, YouTube, and email. Best customer service!

The brand offers "FAT CUT," which packs way better than any other brand. They also have a variety of flavors: lemon, orange, vanilla, original, wintergreen, cinnamon, and peach. The dip has a high nicotine content, and their flavors taste great.

They also own another brand called Outlaw. The Outlaw brand features bourbon, watermelon, and Lucky Lipper (tastes like Mountain Dew). They frequently release new flavors, so check them out. Additionally, YouTubers are constantly reviewing their products.

10 Kayak
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11 Husky
12 OutLaw Dip
13 Timber Wolf

I don't think the flavor is what it used to be with this dip, but it's still a good dip.

14 Grizzly LC

Long Cut Wintergreen Grizzly is the best dip. I don't really believe that you ever get a buzz from any dip, but that's just me. Maybe you'll feel light-headed the first time you try it.

My backup dips are all long cuts, including Longhorn Wintergreen or Kodiak Mint. But Long Cut Wintergreen Grizzly is the best there is, my friends.

15 Camel

Camel is easy to use, especially in school. You can swallow your spit if needed. I have tried Camel Mellow and Camel Frost. I personally like Mellow only because it tastes like sweet tea.

Mellow doesn't burn when you swallow it and has low nicotine, so you may have to put in 2 or 3 pouches at a time. Other than that, it's a great dip and tastes amazing.

16 Stokers Longcut
17 Hawken

I dip Hawken every once in a while. I have lots of Grizzly, Copenhagen, Stoker's, and Beechnut in the fridge in my rig. I dip lots of different types and flavors.

Hawken is a good dip, but it's really, really sweet. It's sweeter than Beechnut wintergreen. I can't dip it all the time because it's hard on the gums due to the sugar. Plus, it's expensive. Walmart is the quickest way to get it, and it's more expensive than Copenhagen.

It can be used as a chew or a dip, and the wintergreen flavor is absolutely incredible! I'd recommend it.

18 Cougar
19 Levi Garrett
20 Seneca

I've yet to try it, but I hear good things about it. I don't think I'd like the grape flavor though. I'm not much of a fruity tobacco fan.

21 Siberia
22 Bruton Snuff
23 Creek

I have tried them all and enjoyed many brands. I used to be a Grizzly guy, but then I discovered that "Silvercreek" changed its name to Creek and added a tin lid to the brand. Don't knock it till you try it.

I can get a whole log for $10.96 here, instead of paying over $20 with my former brands. This is now my everyday dip.

24 Daysworks
25 Decade Dip
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