Top Ten Best Dipping Tobacco Brands

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1 Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen is the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark. At a population of 591,481 inhabitants as of January 2016, it is also the largest city in the country. It is located in the Hovedstaden region of Denmark and is home to the world famous Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest operating amusement parks in more.

The grandaddy of them all. Copenhagen is well known for its quality and high amount of nicotine.

It's a badass dip I'm 14 and I started with Copenhagen wintergreen and know my everyday dip is copenhagen natural

Copenhagen is the best dip because it offers good flavors and bold flavor

Taste like beach nut

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2 Grizzly

To me, grizzly snuff tastes better than Copenhagen and it doesn't linger in-between your teeth as bad. Definitely cheaper and doesn't dry out as quick. I like the witty sayings under the lid right now. I started out on Harlem wintergreen 25 years ago and then quickly moved to cope. Dipped cope for years then found grizzly. My go to dip. Copenhagen has turned into my emergency backup.

If you're first starting out it gives you the best buzz and a nice good deep lip burn I've been dipping grizzly since I was 15 they have in my opinion the best wintergreen long cut out there

Grizzly is my favorite because it has a good wintergreen flavor and it last forever also a good price

It burns your lip like a man stabs a bear and taste better than Copenhagen

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3 Skoal

I think that Skoal cherry has a very nice flavor although I do not like the texture. But I think that Skoal wintergreen gives u to muck of a buzz

Skoal LC Mint or Xtra Mint are my favorite dips. I love it's rich, chcolately taste. the only brands I've tried and didn't like were Grizzly and Kodiac mint which were harsh and lacked depth of flavor. While the price has gone up to over $6/can, A can lasts me about a month because I'm a light dipper, supplementing my Equate nicotine gun with a small amount of Skoal to get a full nicotine experience

4 Redman
5 Kodiak

Kodiak is by far the best provides that deep lip burn. Highly recommend this fabulous dip.

The flavor seems to be the best balance I've experienced.

6 Stokers

Delightfully cheap, yet refined

Amazing taste and extra juicy

Cope and Stokers are the best.

Soft and suple tobacco in a great long cut and the flavor lasts FOREVER my new EDD

7 Longhorn

Good dip and is price right

8 Kayak

Good dip for the price

9 Timber Wolf

I don't think the flavor is what it use to be with this dip. But still a good dip.

10 Red Seal

Best dip I've had besides Copenhagen but red seal long cut natural is the everyday dip

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11 Husky
12 Hawken
13 Camel

Easy to do especially in school. You can swallow your spit if needed. I have had camel mellow and camel frost. I personally like mellow only because it tastes like sweet tea. Mellow doesn't burn when you swallow it and it has low nicotine so you may have to put 2 or 3 pouches in at a time. Other than that it is a great dip and tastes amazing.

14 Grizzly LC

Long cut wintergreen grizzly is the best dip I don't much believe that you ever get a buzz on any dip but that's me maybe light headed for your first time you do it...and my back up dip all long cut include longhorn wintergreen or kodiak mint but LC WTG GRIZZLY the best there is my friends 👍

15 Seneca
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