Top Ten Biggest Australian V8 Supercar Crashes

What's your opinion on the biggest Australian V8 Supercar Crashes of all time?
The Top Ten
1 Craig Lowndes 1999 Calder

Rolled over the barrier 7 times before coming to a stop.

2 Fabian Coulthard 2010 Bathurst 1000

This is way bigger than lowndes at Calder, sure that incident was big but it's overrated, this one was the biggest race of the year and much quicker, and there was much more damage.

First Lap of the Great Race and a tire blowout at almost 300 km/h for Coulthard coming into the chase ends up with him rolling 6 times through the chase before coming to a stop.

This crash was the most insane crash I've seen watching Supercars.

Going so fast that when things go wrong, they go wrong big time.

3 Karl Reindler & Steve Owen Fireball @ Perth 2011

Reindler stalled on the start line and gets rammed up the rear by Steve Owen at almost 200 km/h.
Reindler suffers burns to his hands & Face.

4 Mark Larkham & Paul Morris Fireball 2000 Oran Park

Larry Perkins stalls on the grid and is then hit by Paul Morris who is in turn hit by Mark Larkham at almost 200 km/h.

5 Jason Bargwanna 2002 Phillip Island

Greg Murphy and Bargs tangle on the run down to the first corner resulting in Bargs violently hitting the tire wall and rolling down the straight.

6 Paul Dumbrell & Craig Baird 2005 NZ

Dumbrell and Baird tangle in wet conditions leading to Baird hitting the wall backwards so violently that it rips the whole rear off the car and takes down a light pole and destroys the wall, Dumbrell ends up with massive front & rear damage as well and Cameron McConville also gets tangled up as an innocent bystander.

7 2004 Clipsal 500 Pileup @ Turn 8

First comment is a bit off, try more like 250. Anyway, shouldn't be top 10 little lone 7. Replace this with bright at adelaide yesterday

Paul Dumbrell Cameron McConville at the infamous turn 8 at around 275 km/h. McConville is then t-boned by two cars and Mark Winterbottem hits the wall head-on trying to avoid the incident.

8 Jason Richards 2005 QLD Raceway

Richards is tapped into the infield and violently rolls 7 times through the air before coming to a stop.

9 2010 Sydney Telstra 500 Pileup in the rain

The top three in the race & the championship all crash on slick tires on a wet circuit, they aren't alone as almost half the field (about 15 cars) all crash out as well.

10 David Besnard 2011 Bathurst 1000

Besnard backs the car into the Griffons Bend tire wall at almost 250 km/h. He rips the whole rear-end off the car and causes a massive fireball.

The Contenders
11 Chad Mostert's 2015 Bathurst 1000 Crash

It was big mate super big! I am weird

This was a jaw dropping moment which put Chaz in hospital for some time, resulting in him taking nearly 12 months to get back into form

12 Alexandre Premat and James Courtney, Phillip Island 2013

The crash that caused Courtney to miss the last 4 races of the year due to injury. Premat, stick to DTM.

13 Paul Radisich 2006 Bathurst 1000

Horrible Crash resulted in Paul breaking his ankle, two ribs and rupturing his spleen. This crash effectively ended Paul's Career as a full-time racer.

14 2012 Gold Coast 600 Start Crash

Hectic! Don't get international drivers behind the wheel of a V8 Supercar!

15 Scott Pye, Tasmania 2013
16 Jamie Whincup, Hamilton 2008
17 Paul Weel & Chris Pither, Bathurst 1000 2008
18 Jason Richards Roll, NZ 2003
19 Ambrose Vs. Murphy, Bathurst 1000 2005
20 Paul Radisich, Bathurst 1000 2008
21 Simon Wills' Crash, Sandown 500 2005
22 Lowndes Tyre Incident, Bathurst 2005
23 Mark Skaife/Jack Perkins Start Crash, Bathurst 2006
24 Will Davison & Michael Caruso, Sandown 2010
25 Jono Webb & Greg Murphy, Adelaide Clipsal 500 2012
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