Top Ten Greatest MotoGP Riders of All Time

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1 Valentino Rossi

Honestly, I don't know where to start! The man is simply a maverick of the world sport and doesn't get the credit he deserves for making MotoGP the sport it is today. Never have I once heard Vale bad mouth his bike or lose faith with the team, he just gets on with the job at hand and makes his fans proud. The consistency he has to ride at the top for 20 years is remarkable and the racing ability/craft he has will never been seen again because if there is someone you want in a last lap battle to pull it off it is Valentino Rossi! I salute you Valentino for all the great memories you have given me and the millions of fans around the world. The 9 times world champion. The greatest of all time. The Doctor. Valentino Rossi

Unlike the days when G. Agostini was racing, the sport today is much different, much more "advanced". Whether we are talking about the bikes themselves or the safety gear and track improvements etc. The riders require more skill to push these bikes to the limit. The amount of concentration and reaction times are more critical, these guys have to be bang on every lap, every race, year after year. Therefore I would have to put my vote on Valentino who has proven to win more titles at a higher level of racing in this sports history.

I have been watching MOTO GP since I was a child. First MOTO GP I ever saw was in Assen. I was talking to myself as I was confuse and felt fake about the riding you know because I was too small and really I don't know about bike that time, I was a cyclist. But I guess ROSSI got 2nd or something but you know I just laid eyes on him and I really can't stop thinking about his style, his personality and passion that was amazing. Then after that time I used to watch GP everyday just to see him. Feel the way as he does when he rode that bike. Then I become familiar with his number his bikes his extraordinary helmets and now I am a big fan of the Legend, Valentino Rossi.

He is fun to watch. Been watching him since '01 and he never fails to deliver. His racing career is like a movie. Coming from Honda to Yamaha winning the first ever back to back race with different manufacturer. Then going to Ducati for 2 dreadful years but even though he never won, you can still see his patience and his passion to be at the top. He was pushing hard and yes he was battered a lot of times. A lot of people said he will never win a race. Back to Yamaha on 2013, won in Assen. Sweet. 2nd in the Championship on 2014 and 2015 (y'all know what happened). Still beating the younger guns in 2016 and we will see his greatness until 2018

2 Marc Marquez

The most naturally-gifted rider in the history of two-wheeled racing, Marquez can do things with a bike that even other professional riders don't understand let alone can replicate in their own riding. A remarkable six Grand Prix World Championships under his belt before he turned 25, including four at the highest tier, he is on course to be the most successful rider in the highly competitive modern era of GP racing, and the new "GOAT". When he is on form, he can only be beaten by his own mistakes. Utterly fearless, blisteringly fast, and yes, ruthless on the track - as are all great champions.

MM will do whatever he has to do to win. I know, EVERYBODY does, but MM has the tools to make it stick! The Honda(RC213V) isn't a match for the Yamaha(YZR-M1) but MM is more than a match for any other rider. At 24 he has 6 world titles already(4 in MotoGP). The talent level in the premier class of motorcycle roadracing has never been as high as it is today, yet MM keeps winning. If MM can avoid serious injury, he will likely best Rossi's title number. I am an old MXer, and MM makes me wish I was a better roadracer..only King Kenny Roberts has done that before. One look at a MM "saves" highlights film will illustrate the point far better than any text possibly could.

Marquez is going to be known as the G.O.A.T. if he remains healthy and has the desire to keep racing MotoGP. Those are two big 'ifs.' I have been watching this stuff since the 1970s(Kenny Roberts, Sr. stopped into my dad's Yamaha dealership in 1975), and KR was not known as "King Kenny" for nothing. KR, more than anyone, brought the sport to where it is today. If everything was equal, I would put KR at the top of this list. He won on Yamahas in both flat-track and 500cc GP against superior machines. Marc Marquez is winning on Honda when Yamaha has the superior platform. That determines a rider's greatness.

There is no doubt that Marc is an amazing talent... But can he keep it going for as long as the doctor? And would he be as good on a different machine? There is no doubt that the Honda is the best motorcycle in motogp at the moment and has been for the last few sessions... Actually even back to when rossi was on the 1st RCV211 after the switch from 2 stroke machines... Which in my opinion was a mistake the racing back then was very intense

3 Casey Stoner

The guy can ride like no other! What he did on the ducati has only been enhanced this year as the greatest of all time (rossi) follows a long list of top class riders who could not make it work unlike stoner. His performance at Honda as the 2011 world champ and his ability to ride sideways around corners, in the wet, from the front, from behind and turn on the lap times show he is quite unique is his ability to get the extra 0.5 sec out of a motogp bike. He might not be the most charismatic but he is the fastest guy ever to ride in motogp/500 top flight. He is the Real Deal and he if has a few more years like this one he will not only be the fastest ever but statistically be the best ever as well.

Stoner is the best rider of all time. His ability to win with any bike is unmatched. Stoner can better control and win with a lesser quality bike, where as Rossi had to have the perfect and best bike in the world in order to win his races. Stoner can push any bike past its limits and has a natural ability to adapt to a bike that is simply unrivaled. Stoner often went against the grain, he beat the "best of all time" consistently and won with a harder to control and lesser quality bike to boot. Had he remained with Honda it's no doubt he would be winning races easily for years to come.

No one can match the bike control of Casey Stoner. Rossi was given every opportunity and all the best equipment and was able to take advantage of that to forge an incredible. Casey was born in the wrong country but his talent shone through. He took bikes that no won else could win a race on and he won a championship. Rossi is the best racer and will do anything to win a race, but the best rider is Casey with Marquez in second.

Exceptional throttle control. Blistering unrivalled pace and often right out of the gates. Wet race master! One of the few men be champs on 2 different machines. Bet he could have made it 3 had he spent a year on the m1. Oh and I forgot to mention all the big-ass slides that is rare in this era. Only marquez has come close. But marc's wet weather skills are in doubt unless we see it.

4 Jorge Lorenzo

Undoubtedly the most composed rider on track. No one can lead from the front like Jorge, he is the best starter and race leader in motogp... Most riders you see will see someone pass on the inside or outside and make mistakes under pressure, but Jorge, he waits, the rider coming from inside goes wide and Jorge pounces... Just one mistake from you and jorge is back in the front yet again... Really sad to see him waste his time at Ducati and honda, though it was his personal decision and motive, but his years at yamaha are a treat to watch... #99Xfuera The man who made Ducati and Honda bow down to a relatively slower yamaha... Began to like motogp watching the era of lorenzo, stoner, rossi and pedrosa... Have been a fan ever since!

Lorenzo is amongst the greatest, he got a championship in the Marquez era and was the teammate that dethroned Rossi, he was beaten to the 2013 championship because he was rammed by Márquez on the final corner of the Spanish GP, that race really was the race that decided the championship, the race that decided who got 4 points more.

Should be higher in this list. He is a very fast rider. The best ever Spanish rider. His style is incomparable with any other motogp rider and so is his speed. he definitely deserves to be the first of the top 10 riders of 2013.

Focused, low key and fighting the Marquez and Rossi media...
The sole able to beat both: Rossi and Stoner...

Unfortunately it was all in favor of Rossi in 2015 and 2016 Honda is back, still I hope to see him 3 times World Champ.

5 Giacomo Agostini

The greatest ever. I think it is pretty clear. This obsession with only the newer riders/drivers being the best ever is media hype and loving statistics. Jim Clark won just two world championships before his death yet how can you with a straight face compare him to Hakkinen, Alonso, Hamilton, et. al. ? Stirling Moss won none, but was he a greater driver than these recent champions? Perhaps. Tony Brooks an F1 driver of the 50s is a good friend of my father's and I asked him to rate today's drivers vs. yesterday's. He felt there was no need, but he did grin and say "in yesterday's cars today's drivers would not be able to cope with the demands placed on them". Ago is best ever.

The all time best premier class rider. He won 122/224 races or 54.5%. He raced at the IOM TT circuit when it was part of the world championship something modern riders in MotoGP would never even imagine doing.
The fact he's currently No.5 on this list is an indication of people's lack of historical perspective.
Currently at number 1 is, unsurprisingly, VR, a brilliant rider but with 114/342 or 33.3% win rate, and who has raced for 22 years compared to Agostini's 15 year career.

Was dominant on the best machines for many years then just to prove it was all about the rider switched to the 2 stroke Yamaha and won again! Just watch him at the Isle of Man if you remain unconvinced.

Really when all said and done, he's top isn't he. If you take all the nesscessary facts. Wins, titles, different machinery and great opposition and still came up tops, he's got it all. Top table with Rossi and Lawson.

6 Dani Pedrosa

Numbers don't lie and the Little Samurai has an impressive win record. Bad luck and injuries really prevented him from winning a world title in the premier class (to go with his 3 world titles in lower classes) but had he been a little less fragile he no doubt would have won at least two titles in the premier class. In 2012 he had more wins than either Stoner or Lorenzo who are both above him on this list.

Very nice and good hearted. Capable for being fast but probably no more Championship for him with the current presence of capable riders.

I like him with the style, smart, no exaggeration, calm, and he has a good story of her life, like rossi.

He rides so smoothly and fast. No wonder he is one of the best.

Silent but deadly!

7 Mike Hailwood

I met Mike on many accasions and got to know him always had time for a chat. He was one few who could win world championships on just about any bike from 125 desmo Ducati though to the awesome Honda six's and everything in between. He also had a very good albeit short F1 career gaining 3 podium finishes if the memory is holding up before an accident damaged his left foot! Came back after some 8-10 years out of bikes and won a world championship, ok it was over 1 race but it was at the IOM TT, wonder how many of today's Moto GP riders could swap bikes at one meeting and win? Always difficult to compare across the decades but for me Mike will always be at the top.

Mike Hailwood never threw a tantrum and threw his toys out of the cot like some spoilt brats that are racing today. He was, and still is, the greatest rider of all time. Having said that, this survey, is like comparing apples with pears. Technology in Mike's days was a lot different than what it is today. What would happen if you put Rossi on one of Mike's machines, or vise versa. Mike was, and still is a force to remember. The Greatest.

He made really ugly bikes look good alright and he did it in an era when things were not advanced technically. So it was pure skill and consistency that got him on top of his sport. Many riders today have never ridden the vast number of tracks available at Hailwood's time, not maybe even the number of different bikes. That is what makes him one of the very best of all time.

Hailwood, all day, every day. Short circuits or the roads, lapping the IOM at 108 in 1967 on a bike with no proper suspension and wooden tyres, 9 world titles in 7 years, beating all those other great riders of the 60's, coming back 11 years later and still being good enough to win on a whole different generation of bikes and beating all the short circuit aces just a week later. Surely no debate?

8 Michael Doohan

Won when no real competition remained! FACT,
Had the most powerful bike! FACT
ain't the best or the greatest don't even make top ten.lawson,Gardner,Schwantz and Rainey all world champions when doohan was racing, he held no title when they were present! You could argue schwantz but he quit really when Rainey got hurt... basically his main competition! Says it all about doohan really big fish but small pond!

Doohan was a masterful rider, in a day when GP bikes were evil two stroke machines, with no electronics to keep riders from being launch to the moon, only the best of the best like Doohan could consistently dominate the GP scene from as early as 1992 to 1998. Truly the thunder from down under.

Like no other, Mick mastered and won 5 consecutive championships on the hardest, most lethal machines of GP history - With a big bang engine! Probably could have had at least another 2, if not for his unlucky accident in practice.

Almost killed in an accident when he first started out but came back to win 5 world titles against some of the best riders in the history of the sport. A dead set champion.

9 Kenny Roberts Sr.

Way too low on this list. The fact he's placed below Casey Stoner is laughable. We're talking about the first man (and up until the past season the only man) to win in his rookie year. We're also talking about a 2 time AMA Grand National Champion, and a guy who won the 500cc championship 3 years in a row. In terms of natural riding ability there are next to none who can come close to King Kenny. To anyone who just started watching GP and doesn't have a way of watching any of the 78-83 seasons: I feel bad for you.

I share the opinion that Roberts Sr. Is rated too low. With the help of champion Kel Carruthers, and influenced by the style of Jarno Saarinen, Roberts broke new ground in MotoGp (then the 500cc class, of grand prix motorcycle racing). Bringing the savvy that American dirttrackers learned on the high speed clay miles, Kenny was unafraid of of a sliding motorcycle. It changed Motogp forever...

If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing Kenny ride then you would know of his talent. started in America on the dirt tracks of central California to the world class MotoGP tracks around the world. Always looking out for the the riders and making sure it was safe to ride. The best ever.

I had the luck of seeing him in my early motorcycling years, and he was a pleasure to see. The only one I enjoyed seeing most was Randy Mamola, with an excellent bike control. I enjoy watching old races videos on YouTube of these two monsters.

10 Maverick Viñales

The most underrated potential champion, he is simply an underrated talent, he has more wins pairing up with Rossi.

Most overrated rider in the paddock, can't beat a 40 year old on the same bike. Will never be anything.

Of Suzuki gives him a good bike, he could give the Tech 3 guys a battle in the championship standings.

Rides fast on a slow Yamaha bike compared to Honda and Ducati this 2019 season.

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? Gabor Talmacsi
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11 Nicky Hayden

Another good not great. Lucky and very,very gifted title... what was that all about?
RIP but not top ten probably lucky top 20?

One of the greatest ever. Godspeed Kentucky kid

One of the Best racer

Won the title in one of the most memorable seasons and should probably be around 18-20

12 Jarno Saarinen

The 1st to put the knee down... hi was the genius... today using his style to take results... OK 46 is one Doctor..but Jarno Genius..

Saw him ride the man leaned the bike over so far it was remarkable great rider.

Passionated and talented driver. Right talent right place and great know how to the motorsport.

The greatest rider of his generation, just a shame his death happened otherwise we would be talking about one of the greatest riders in any generation

13 Freddie Spencer

The 'strokers' were the hardest bikes to ride at this 'F1' level with their all or nothing powerband. Freddie was the only guy I ever saw who could consistently, and alternately, slide the both front and rear tyres, multiple times around a single corner. Watching them take turns stepping out of line underneath him as he scythed his way around a corner, was simply mesmerising. Such control, and from one so young... Freddie was without doubt the master, and I would have him way further up this list!

Top ten easily, not as good as Lawson for me but still top ten. This list needs looking at seriously don't you think, spencer below stoner ha ha! Or Doohan get real. People comment on the sport don't guess or throw names about its wrong and disrespectful.

This list was obviously made by someone who was born in the 1990's and knows nothing about what happened before he was old enough to watch T.V.. It's Ago, Hailwood, Roberts, Rossi, Spencer.

Hello! Hello you in? This is Frederick Burdett Spencer do you know what he did?
He's top ten all day, all day mate. You lot have got to do your homework better cause your failing badly, totally rude to say 19, that's his race number but you knew that to,ehh?

14 Álvaro Bautista

A great great rider. Shame his head messed him up to achieve much more

15 Wayne Rainey

Got Rainey 7th on my list but some of the company in your top ten don't belong. Don't recall Doohan beating Rainey? Did he. No I'm sure Rainey was top dog and doohan was there. He ain't 4th he ain't top ten that's crazy. Pedrosa top ten ha ha, next!
Stoner no sorry, he's good no top ten though just outside I'd say. Facts are facts.

Best of the best during the peak of 500cc GP racing. Remember when these bikes were flicking riders through the air on a regular basis? Rainey endured his share of high-sides and still won consistently against the greatest collection of riders in the sport, including Doohan, Gardner, Lawson, and Schwantz. All legendary riders in this time period.

Take a look at a picture of him riding though the corkscrew with the 2 wheels at 5 cm above the ground, without any electronic device such as a traction control. Kind respect Mr Wayne.

It's been said before, but Rainey went against some of the best riders to EVER line up on the grid, and usually came out on top. He is the definition of a fierce competitor and champion.

16 Marco Simoncelli

We were robbed of some potentially really exciting racing when Marco was taken from us. A real talent and true racing grit the guy had. Was really saddened to see him go.
RIP Super Sic.

11th don't think so! Not even close. It's about what they did, against who they did, and how they did it. Sad about Simoncelli he was great potential not top ten though.

Miss you so much SUPER SIC will always remember your choreographed chaos old school riding style.

Champion, who will never come back...

17 Kevin Schwantz

Probably him and Mamola the most exciting riders to date maybe McCoy just behind. Yet what a rider just amazing set the world alight and came as a double act with some other guy called Rainey?
We were spoilt, and to of met Schwantz was great. Though not enough accolades to make the top ten for me.
Still the most gifted rider, just not professional enough should've won more.

For me he was the fastest, just look at the 1989 season. All the greats of that era were there, Lawson, Rainey, Doohan, Gardiner, Spencer and Mamola. Yet Schwantz on far from the best bike had 9 pole positions, 8 fastest laps. I remember the season well and always thought he was the fastest in that era and certainly the most exciting.

Simply the best rider. On equal equipment, Schwantz would be unrivaled. I appreciate his loyalty to Suzuki. It's a testament to his character and perseverance.

Best true rider/racer, using skill, talent, ability, intelligence, and determination to overcome others who had mechanical advantages.

18 Barry Sheene

An all time great on and off the track. Brought motorbike racing to the attention of the British public. A massive loss to the sport.

Growing up, he was a hero to all young boys, he just epitomised cool. A great personality, great rider, taken far too early.

One of the best. Lots of great riders. He is my favourite. Only because I crashed and broke lots of bones, but still raced.

One of the greats, brilliant reader if a race and other race riders tactics...

19 Cal Crutchlow

Never on the fastest bike, total Commitment, pass or drop it, real racer...

Legendary wet track racer.

20 Eddie Lawson

Eddie Lawson is certainly in the top three of all time. To of won 4 titles(world championships)the most by any American rider and really showed the likes of Rainey and Schwantz how it's done.
Also Eddie is the benchmark that all look up to. To of won world titles back to back on different equipment is a statement only a few can lay claim to. It is also well known that the 2 stroke era bikes were harder to master than the current crop of 4 stroke machines.
Rossi, and Agostini sit at the same table as Lawson.all others look up to these 3! History and the credit of their wins by who they beat, the machinery used and longevity of dominance in the sport still echoes today.

Steady Eddie should be in the top 10! He won titles on multiple brands and was always competitive. Not to mention, he went against some of the best who ever raced.

Should be higher up, he just got on and won every week without making a drama about it. I guess talent and results without showmanship don't count here.

Anyone can ride a modern bike, the guys at the end of the list could ride when it was not a money sport like MotoGP now.

Lorenzo and Rossi are rich what

21 Joey Dunlop

Amazing bike control, and the undisputed King off the TT, MotoGp riders look at the TT course and will not race it. So to win it over as many years as Joey did, you have to be one of the best ever, he should be in top 5

Never top 10 but a bloody hero all day. Road racing's best ever... not the track though

He drove a van full of food to orphanages in the Balkans in times of need. Selfless amazing man is number 1

By far one of, if not the best. Fearless freak of nature.

22 Max Biaggi

People forget that he jumped on the bike only in the age of 17 or 18; much latter than Rossi and all other riders in his era who usually started in early childhood (age of 4-7). He has never finished worse than 5th in any championship (with the only exception of WSBK 2008). In 250 cc he won 4 titles in 6 seasons. He spent 8 seasons (only 5 of them in factory team! ) in MotoGP/500cc, finishing 6 times in top 3 (medals: 0-3-3). To sum up, he spent 14 full seasons in MotoGP with 10(! ) top 3 finishes (4-3-3). Adding his other 6 seasons in WSBK, his total in 20 seasons at world level is as follows: 6-3-5. In all 20 seasons, he has been beaten by his teammate only twice (1992, 2005).

He should definitely be in top 10!

Not top ten crazy gang! What you been watching?
Rossi beats him to the title on Honda 2 stroke. Then does it on Yamaha 4 stroke ha ha. Yet another victim of a great rider Biaggi is good NOT GREAT. Lucky if top 20?

Max should get a lot more credit. If not for THE ACTUAL GREATEST RIDER OF ALL TIME, VR46, Max would have won 3 top class championships and been a 7-time champ. And, he gave Vale some work, even in Vale's prime. He just wasn't the same type of racer, although he was in my opinion, the 5th or 6th greatest rider of all time, behind (in reverse order) 5), Stoner (who I can't stand, but can't deny), 4) Marquez (yes, already; he's a 3 time champ covering all 3 classes and this year is in the bag, so 4-time champ too and slayed the big boys), 3) Lorenzo (who's getting schooled by the Doc on his own bike this season, 2) Agostini (best stats behind only... ), 1) Vale (who needs to find enough career and fight to pull off 20 more GP victories, although that seems an impossible feat with the existence of Marquez. without Marquez, VR46 would have 5 wins this season and another podium.

Deluded read some of this twaddle! Max better than anyone who actually won top flight... NO mate don't think so,... correction no so.

23 John Surtees

Four 500cc Championships, three 350cc Championships, four Senior Isle of Man TT's and two years unbeaten all within a five year period.

Left the sport with the best win % of all time before going on to win a Formula One World Championship and a Can Am Sportscar Championship.

Awesome both 2 and 4 wheels. An achievement that will never be equalled! I was also lucky enough to have met him very briefly at the Festival of Speed. What a true gent and an awesome champion.

Only man to win car and bioke worls championships and his win percentage from starts was over twice that of Rossi or any other modern motogp rider.

A great man and rider, take your hat off to a great! Top flight all day. 22nd shut up!

24 Wayne Gardner

Aggessive but smooth, should have won more titles than he did due to bad luck. The Japanese don't call him Mr 100% for nothing. Should have thrown a leg over a Grand Prix bike sooner than he had the chance too,but HRC were messing with "fast? Freddie "instead. In his prime ( balls out ) he was unbeatable. He could shake off a massive near highside as if it was nothing and go on to win. One of the greats.
Three Cheers!

Aussies are tough (not Casey though sorry)and gardiner is the epitome of this. Beating legends to his title and winning with the highest competition is worthy of praise, I hold him higher than doohan even with 5 titles

One of the best from the golden era. Mister "never give up, never give in"!

Came from nothing a became a world champion from hard work and guts

25 Colin Edwards

11 years in Moto GP and threw way the one time he was certain to win. Surprised he is still there.

Ain't even top 20 get real!

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