Reasons Why Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Better Than SpongeBob

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1 The Last Airbender has a better story.

Also it's not that I don't like avatar the last airbender but I hate hearing that "spongebob squarepants" part of the main song

2 More interesting Characters.
3 Elemental bending
4 The Last Airbender is not overrated.
5 The main character isn't a complete fool.
6 The fact that it was good for the entire length of the show

Only the first 3 seasons were good

7 The Last Airbender is much deeper and touching than SpongeBob

If anything is deep and touching, that's awesome! - The Ultimate Daredevil

8 The Last Airbender's villains are better than SpongeBob's

Plankton always steals the Krabby patty secret formula, but he always fails.

9 Avatar: The Last Airbender is not banned in some countries
10 SpongeBob has bad seasons
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11 Spongebob is so overrated
12 SpongeBob is American, Avatar is anime

ATLA is also American, hypocrite. Don't get me wrong I love ATLA but get your facts straight.

13 Less Mean-Spirited
14 SpongeBob is for little kids
15 SpongeBob and Patrick are annoying
16 SpongeBob has 2 movies, Avatar has 1
17 Aang is a better protagonist
18 SpongeBob was bad at Seasons 6-8
19 Avatar has no jokes

Avatar does have jokes, but they are much better than the ones in Spongebob

20 Aang is not a moron
21 Katara doesn't treat Aang horribly
22 Spongebob lives underwater
23 Spongebob has toilet humor
24 Spongebob has too much merchandise
25 SpongeBob is not for little kids
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