Top 10 Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 2: Earth Episodes

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1 The Crossroads of Destiny
2 Tales of Ba Sing Se

I love it. Sokka funny. Toph and katarra weird. Uncle sad

Just... everything about this episode wins.

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Well... I think... the... Reason...I... Prefer this epi... Sode... is... Be.. Cause...I.. Like... It

3 Zuko Alone

This was one of the episodes that marked undeniably that the series' creators were making more than just entertainment; they were making art, poetry in motion. This episode is like an adaptation of a Western short film in the Avatar world that really does an amazing job at world building, as well as developing Zuko's character.

To good.

4 The Blind Bandit

Toph's first appearance. Woohoo! - Goku02


5 Bitter Work
6 City of Walls and Secrets

The first episode when zuko wanted to change but azula convinced him. I hate her

7 The Chase
8 The Drill
9 The Guru
10 Lake Laogai

I wish Katara had been able to heal Jet. His first good deed is also the last one. - Goku02

I was tear-bending when Jet died

The Contenders
11 Appa'a Lost Days

It's good like all episodes are. But honestly on my personal list it's near the bottom. Though that's mainly because I think other episodes are better not that this one is bad.

This isn't my favorite but its still good but sad my top 5 episodes of earth
1 the crossroads of destiny
2 the guru
3 the chase
4 the serpents pass
5 the cave of two lovers

12 Return to Omashu

It''s a great episode

13 The Library

Such a awesome & funny episode, especially the heartbreaking ending of it.

14 The Desert
15 The Serpent's Pass
16 The Cave of Two Lovers

Secret Tunnel~ simply because of those travelers

17 Avatar Day
18 The Swamp
19 The Earth King
20 The Avatar State
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