Top 10 Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 2: Earth Episodes

The Top Ten
1 The Crossroads of Destiny
2 Zuko Alone

This was one of the episodes that marked undeniably that the series' creators were making more than just entertainment; they were making art, poetry in motion. This episode is like an adaptation of a Western short film in the Avatar world that really does an amazing job at world building, as well as developing Zuko's character.

3 The Blind Bandit

Toph's first appearance. Woohoo!

4 Tales of Ba Sing Se

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Well... I think... the... Reason...I... Prefer this epi... Sode... is... Be.. Cause...I.. Like... It

5 Bitter Work
6 City of Walls and Secrets

The first episode when zuko wanted to change but azula convinced him. I hate her

7 The Chase
8 The Guru
9 The Drill
10 Lake Laogai

I wish Katara had been able to heal Jet. His first good deed is also the last one.

I was tear-bending when Jet died

The Contenders
11 Appa'a Lost Days

It's good like all episodes are. But honestly on my personal list it's near the bottom. Though that's mainly because I think other episodes are better not that this one is bad.

This isn't my favorite but its still good but sad my top 5 episodes of earth
1 the crossroads of destiny
2 the guru
3 the chase
4 the serpents pass
5 the cave of two lovers

12 Return to Omashu
13 The Library

Such a awesome & funny episode, especially the heartbreaking ending of it.

14 The Desert
15 The Swamp
16 The Serpent's Pass
17 The Cave of Two Lovers

Love te song. Also why is omashu not the capital of the earth kingdom?! They had the first earth Enders!

18 The Avatar State
19 Avatar Day
20 The Earth King
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