Top 10 Awards that Undertale Could Very Easily Be Nominated For


The Top Ten

1 Best Indie Game of All Time (As of 2015)
2 Worst Video Game Fandom of All Time (Besides Fnaf and Sonic)
3 Cutest Cast of Characters in Recent Video Game Memory
4 Largest Abundance of Anime Tropes in a Non-Japanese RPG
5 Most Overhated (Yet Simultaneously Overrated) Game of All Time
6 Most Nintendo-Like Indie Game (Along with Cave Story)
7 Best Anthropomorphic Lizard/Dinosaur in Gaming
8 Best Usage of Alternate Endings and Moral Choice Systems
9 Saddest Game Since Mother 3
10 Sexiest Robot in Video Games

The Contenders

11 Fandom with the Largest Amount of User-Generated Porn
12 Game with the Best Vinesauce LP of All Time
13 Best Skeletons in Video Games
14 Weirdest Non-Japanese RPG in Recent Memory
15 Most Disturbing Video Game Tonal Shifts in Recent Memory
16 Best Ten-Dollar Game of 2015
17 Most Unexpected System-Seller of All Time (For Steam)
18 Most Polarizing Game of 2015
19 Most Underrated Video Game Fandom of All Time
20 Best Work by Toby Fox
21 Best Usage of Megalovania
22 Game with the Largest Amount of Leitmotif Usage in Its Soundtrack
23 Best Videogame Soundtrack
24 Indie Game Most Deserving of Representation in Super Smash Bros (Along with Cave Story)
25 Best Earthbound Game that Technically Isn't an Earthbound Game
26 Sexiest Fish in Video Games
27 Most Overrated Cast of Characters in Video Games
28 Best Goats in Video Games
29 Most Simple-Yet-Deep Storyline in Video Games
30 Most Overrated Storyline in Video Games (Besides Final Fantasy VII)
31 Most Overrated Indie Game of All Time
32 Most Unique RPG Combat System in Recent Memory
33 Best "Best Ending" in Video Games
34 Most Evil and Creepy Plant in Video Games
35 Best Usage of Multiple Final Bosses in Video Games
36 Best Scripted Boss Fights in Gaming
37 Video Game with the Largest Amount of Fan Material Created for It
38 Video Game Fanbase with the Worst Subreddit(s) on Reddit
39 Video Game with the Largest Number of YouTube Videos About It
40 Most Popular Non-Main-Character Video Game Mascot in Recent Memory
41 Most Overrated Character in Video Game History (Sans)
42 Most Overrated Video Game Song that Isn't One Winged Angel (Megalovania)
43 Most Egotistical Character in Video Games (Mettaton)
44 Most Unexpectedly Dark and Depressing Video Game Character in Recent Memory (Alphys)
45 Best Dogs in Video Games
46 Vido Game with the Largest Number of Joke Boss Battles
47 Worst Shopkeeper in Video Games (Temmie)
48 Cutest Made-Up Species in Video Games (Temmie)
49 Best Female Video Game Characters that Look Like Dudes Besides Samus (Alphys and Undyne)
50 Cutest Family in Video Games (The Dreemurrs)
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