Most Awesome Vienna Teng Songs

It's about time The Top Tens had a list for Vienna! Get some publicity for this amazing artist.

Full disclosure: I am heavily biased towards Aims and Dreaming Through The Noise.

The Top Ten

1 Recessional

My first Vienna song!

Look--basically, you're not a Vienna Teng fan if you don't feel this song. Listen to this song alone, giving it your full attention. The sparseness of the first few lines pulls you in. Then it takes you to a different place, immerses you fully, right up till the last line PUNCHES you right in the feels. - palladium

2 Level Up

This song makes you want to get up and make something out of your life. Incredible lyrics and message, great instrumentation, excellent music video, if that weren't enough, it's IN SEVEN (mostly).

"If you are afraid, give more.
If you are alive, give more..." - palladium

3 The Hymn of Acxiom

I thought it was a love song, beautiful with its minor tones and harmonizing choir. Enchanting. Riveting. After several listens with my ears swooning and addicted, I began listening to the words - and my awareness grew. It was the chant of a Google-like and Facebook-like agenda. Individually, we become meaningless in the end.

A song for our times. Very, very beautiful--and, deeply terrifying. Big Brother is watching. - palladium

4 Blue Caravan

Instant classic. For anyone who's ever had the experience of putting a lover, or love itself, on a pedestal and suffering for it.

"Oh, he was a beautiful fiction
I invented to keep out the cold" - palladium

5 Copenhagen (Let Me Go)

I'm a sucker for that rhythm intro. And that three part harmony on the chorus! So catchy... If this doesn't make you tap your feet or dance a little, you have issues. - palladium

6 Gravity

Love this song.

This song deserves a spot on the list just for the way she sings the first TWO words.

"Hey love..." - palladium

7 Whatever You Want

Like Recessional, this one tells a great story. However, with a simpler story, great characters and catchy chorus, this song is much easier to wrap your mind around. - palladium

8 Hope On Fire

The kind of song when you want to feel like a Man On A Mission! - palladium

9 Love Turns 40

Did I mention I love this album?

Love the story of this one too--and the dark, jazzy feel. - palladium

10 Never Look Away

Has the distinction of being a dancing/clubbing-type song!

I'm going to force all my party animal friends to put this on their playlists.

"So if you're out there in the cold
I'll cover you in moonlight
If you're a stranger to your soul
I'll bring you to your birthright" - palladium

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11 Decade and One
12 Kansas
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