Top Ten Most Babyish Video Games


The Top Ten

1 Play With the Teletubbies

How about "flush the Teletubbies down the toilet" game

How about flush your head down the toilet.

Slendytubbies is better

2 Elmo Calls
3 Putty Squad
4 Barney's Hide & Seek Game

It needs death and Game over

5 Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet
6 Bubsy 3D
7 Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
8 Bubsy's Fractured Furry Tales
9 Nickelodeon Dance
10 Mario's Early Years Pre-School Fun

This is totally nintendos dark side...

The Contenders

11 Slender

Sorry. That's not nice.

Why’s this game on the list? - IceFoxPlayz

12 Travels In Neopia
13 Jak 3

Why is there a T rated game on here? - RalphBob

14 Jar Jar's Journey Adventure Book

What is this?

15 Jumpstart Advanced Preschool
16 Veggietales: Moby Blaster
17 Veggietales: Veggie Carnival


18 Jumpstart Kindergarten
19 Jumpstart Dino Adventure: Field Trip
20 My Little Pony: Best Friends Ball
21 Cabbage Patch Kids: Where's My Pony?
22 My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie's Party
23 My Little Pony: The Runaway Rainbow
24 I Spy Junior
25 I Spy Junior: Puppet Playhouse
26 Millie's Math House
27 Bailey's Book House
28 Sammy's Science House
29 Build a Bear Workshop: A Friend Fur All Seasons
30 Littlest Pet Shop: Friends
31 Imagine Party Babyz
32 Imagine Babyz
33 Winnie the Pooh Toddler
34 Mickey Mouse Toddler
35 Jumpstart Toddlers
36 Jumpstart Baby
37 Reader Rabbit
38 Reader Rabbit: Playtime with Baby
39 Reader Rabbit: Toddler
40 Monster Clubhouse
41 My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie's Party Parade
42 Littlest Pet Shop 3: Biggest Stars
43 Elmo's Letter Adventure
44 Jumpstart Animal Adventures
45 Lalaloopsy

I wanna grab them and shoot them in faces!

46 Veggie Carnival

I felt like crying!


47 Jumpstart Languages
48 Hello Kitty Party
49 Hello Kitty Kruisers
50 My Little Pony Friendship Gardens
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