Top Ten Reasons Andrea Bargnani Is a Good Basketball Player

Andrea Bargnani is an Italian basketball player currently playing on the New York Knicks in the NBA, traded from Toronto. Here are reasons why he is a great basketball player.
The Top Ten
1 He is good at things that most power forwards aren't good at

Most Power Forwards and Centers aren't good at shooting from the outside, free throws, threes, passing, or handling the ball. Bargnani is good at all of this! That's what not only make him a good basketball player, but also make him a special one, too.

2 He is an offensive force

Andrea Bargnani can really do a little bit of everything on offense. He can dribble, shoot, and pass, too. He was first overall pick in for a reason, you know!

3 He is a sharp shooter

He lost his touch from the 3 point line. I assume he does not specifically train (long enough) as he used to in Toronto from the 3 point line. His mid range can be deadly and highly consistent if spoon fed. But he looses steam and accuracy when too much is asked of him and if he does not rest enough in the second half.

Bargnani is a really good shooter, despite what all the mean Toronto fans think. He can shoot from just about anywhere on the court: inside and out, free throw line and especially the three point line. He used to average 21 points per game in 2010! Bottom line, he is a great shooter.

4 He can play good defence

His help defense and ring protection are below par. His rebounding is very poor for a big man but often he allow others the defensive rebounds as he is busy blocking out players. Offensive rebounds are alien to him. His man defense is pretty solid though. And he is difficult to push aside. Pretty strong massive piece of meat at center (more than at power forward).

Like most PF's, Bargnani can really play defense. He can defend his man and especially block shots. He has even blocked Dirk Nowitski's "unblockable" shot. Another reason why he is such a great basketball player.

5 He was the first Knick to ever record more than 20 points, 8 rebounds and 5 blocks in a single game

In a game against Charlotte on November 8, 2013, Bargnani finished the game with 25 points, 8 rebounds and 5 blocks. He was the first Knick to ever do that!

6 He can take jump shots as well as dribble in for the lay-up

This guy can obviously shoot. But what about driving and lay ups? He's good at that, too! He can not only make his jump shots, but can also take his defender off the dribble and drive in the for the dunk or lay up. Another great aspect about his game.

Yes he can because he is defended by jumpy power forwards or too far from the basket centers. His first step is pretty fast and "long". That gives him an edge over most lateral slow moving big men

7 He is very quick for his size

All you have to do is look at "Andrea Bargnani Top 10 Plays As A Raptor" to see the proof for this one. He is especially fast when dribbling the ball and driving right past a defender. Especially good for a Power Forward/Center

His first step is pretty quick (and therefore surprises) for a big man

8 He is a great dunker

He has never made a dunk contest before, but you gotta admit, he is a really good dunker! He can dunk when driving or standing still. He can dunk on alley-oops, and especially on people. When he is about to dunk, there is nothing you can really do to stop him. He has dunked on 2 people at once before. My favourite is his nice reverse one handed dunk. His dunks are always exciting to watch.

A few dunks were memorable, but overall his dunks are "polite" so to speak for a 7 footer

9 He is 7 feet tall

AB besides his 7 foot also has a high release. That makes it difficult even for big men to block his set or jump shot. But length in general can be beneficial depending on the position you play. But a 7 foot playmaker will make headlines for all the wrong reasons as a 6.5 center

10 He has a very convincing up-fake

Andrea's shot fake is really convincing and deadly to whoever is guarding him. He has made a ton of plays with his up-fake that has freed him with lots of space to drive for the basket and has ended with a spectacular dunk. It is a great part of his game.

Yes his up-fake is predictable but his next step is not. It is either a shot, a drive, a pass or another up-fake. And THAT makes it UPREDICTABLE and at times difficult to defend for big guys.

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