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Geddy Lee Weinrib, known professionally as Geddy Lee, is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist for the Canadian rock group Rush.


My opinion is Geddy Lee is the best bassist ever and he deserves to have 100% instead of 4 why do people think he is not the best.

While Geddy certainly isn't my favorite bassist or someone who influenced me to the extent of John Paul Jones and Steve Harris, he IS the greatest rock bassist of all time and has been for over 30 years (even if his tone isn't my cup of tea). Most musicians stop progressing on their instruments once they achieve some level of fame, but Geddy just gets better and better as he incorporates new techniques (like his flamenco-style plucking) while maintaining the old ones. I just saw him a few months ago, and while his voice is shot, his bass-playing is better than ever (and he was pretty damned good 30 years ago)! He played "YYZ" with such efficiency and accuracy that I actually laughed out loud in amazement.

Again, he's far from my favorite. However, objectively-speaking, he's the best there is or was, combining jaw-dropping technique with outstanding note selection like the boss he is.

As a bassist, I have to place Geddy Lee at the top of my list. There are many capable bass players we admire and appreciate but for raw skill and range of playing I have to say Geddy all the way. When I first started listening to Rush (around Fly by night) I would ask people to tell me how many pieces the band had. Never got 3 as an answer until later when they were well known. From the early works like Working Man, Bastille Day, 2112, or La Villa Strangiato, through later works like Driven, Ceiling Unlimited, Ghost Rider, or Carnies, shows range, evolution, and skill like no other.

Some others on this list I like and have played many of their songs but I was still really surprised to see them in this list. Some others I expected to see higher in the ranking. It would be interesting to see a to 10 done by a bass player group where everyone knew the instrument and could appreciate the relative skill.

I went to go see Rush in concert recently. Geddy Lee totally blew my mind away on how he was able to play bass, sing, and handle the keyboards all in one swing. He also has some of the best bass solos I have heard in my entire life. - xFadexToxNeonx3

Geddy Lee is simply an excellent musician. I argue that the main reason that Rush doesn't get as much radio play in the USA as bands like Metallica is that they are from Canada instead of California. It doesn't help that they write proportionately more songs about science, adventure, and intellectual pursuits rather than sex and drugs. Geddy's ever-evolving bass throughout the band's career shows his superb musicianship, even if radio in the US seems to only feature his screechy songs from the early 80's instead of the band's fantastic recent albums. You really ought to check out his solo album "My Favourite Headache" for a full tour of his abilities not just as a bassist but as a singer as well.

No one really attacked the bass like Geddy. One of the first to truly use the bass as a lead instrument, rather than just a backbone (even though his bass playing serves as that as well.) Ged's playing is much more exciting and distinctive than how a lot of other bassists play. Jack Bruce from Cream is one of many other musicians that has lauded Geddy's playing.

His sound coalesces brilliantly with Alex Lifeson's melodic, orchestral guitar, and when you pair that with the robotically accurate yet artistic and creative drumming from Neil Peart, you have a sound that is unmatched by any other rock band out there.

Geddy Lee has by far the most technically challenging bass parts. If we are voting for the one who did most for bass guitar music, I would be voting for John Entwistle. Yes, Cliff Burton and Steve Harris are beasts of bass, but Rush has songs that are near impossible to play. And the fact that Lee can do that while singing and playing keyboards proves that he is a freak of nature. As a professional bass player, I can easily say that a bass lick from Flea is nothing compared to a bass lick from Geddy.

Lets quickly look at everything amazing about Geddy Lee:

1) He's inspired countless musicians including Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Les Claypool, David Ellefson, Frank Bello, Tim Commerford, John Myung, Justin Chacellor, and Paul D'Amour. Only the bass players for Iron Maiden, Metallica, Primus, Megadeth, Anthrax, Rage Against the Machine, Dream Theater, and both of Tool's bassists.

2) his musicianship is off the charts. Listen to YZZ, Xanadu, Tom Sawyer, the part before the guitar solo on Freewill, and Headlong Flight. In my opinion, only Les Claypool is more talented than Geddy Lee. Aside from that, he's the clear cut best.

3) he's a multi-instrumentalist. Les Claypool serves as Primus' singer and bassist. John Paul Jones is the bassist and keyboardist. Paul McCartney, did everything. But aside from those guys, there are many bass players who aren't multi-instrumental. The amazing part about Lee is he sings every Rush song, does bass on every Rush song, plays ...more - DavidBondra

Geddy Lee is an amazing bass player! the way that he plays scales behind those powerful rush licks is phenominal! His ability to mix jazz and slap bass into modern rock is probably the best thing about Rush. Geddy Lee is amazing and if I had this list my way he'd be right up at the top probably with with Mark King and Chris Squire from Yes. Chris Squire's lick in Roundabout is almost as great as a Geddy Lee line.
Geddy Lee is probably the best bass player of all time despite what an unpublished internet website may tell you. - jimwasdoors

First of all, Geddy Lee is the face of the greatest Canadian trio of all time. These three produce a sound that you would not believe. Geddy plays with remarkable speed as well as great quality; all while singing and playing the keyboard. With Geddy's playing there is never mindless thrashing or slopiness, he has a clean, distinct sound that (in my shared opinion) is the best sound of all time. Geddy along with Rush still continue to create new music, and play with the same skill they had in their prime. To answer your questions of why Geddy is not ranked number one, Rush was absolutely shat on by critics from famous magazines such as the Rolling Stone; a magazine that puts at least one member of the Beatles in all of their top 100 drummers, guitarists, etc.

There is no way Geddy is third. Cliff was a great bassist and all, but he didn't do anything else. Geddy goes around, playing bass as well or even better than Cliff, not to mention singing with amazing range and vocals, while playing the keyboard and stepping on bass pedals or synthesizers. Rush may not be the most popular band, but if everyone just took 10 minutes of their life and listened to some Rush and notice how legendary this trio is, the world would be a better place. Geddy and Alex are extremely underrated, they should all be getting noticed like Neil, who might become the best drummer ever.

Geddy Lee is my IDOL, and is one of the most fantastic bass players of all time. He can not only multitask (which has been clearly voiced in these other opinions), but his bass abilities are definitely unmatched with any of the bass players on this list. I hold Flea, Tommy Joe, Johnny Christ and Cliff in very high respect, but can they do three things at once while holding down a complex rhythm? And why the hell is Mikey Way even on this list? As much as I love My Chemical Romance, all he plays are one tone eighth notes. It took me 6 months to learn "Free Will", and half an hour to learn "Helena".

Every once in a lifetime, a person pops out of the shadows to be the best. Being a bassist for 40 years myself, I've seen a lot come and go in all forms of music. Learned from a lot of great players. For the life of me, I don't understand how some make a list other than band popularity. (ex: Paul McCartney). I've heard it said that some bands and musicians are over explained, true statement. In the end Geddy should go down as the best of all time in my opinion no matter what generation or type of music and Flea is a very close second.

The way Geddy Lee is able to make the song flow with his bass alone should put him in first. Rush also played in many different styles including classic rock, funk, reggae style and even metal. He has fantastic technicality, creativity and is an inspiration for many other bass players. He also plays keyboards, sings and has used a double neck guitar/bass in some songs. I would consider him one of the best musicians of all time, let alone just the best bassist!

Geddy Lee is hands down the greatest bass player to ever play.

Natural Science, Malignant Narcissism, Cygnus X-1: Books 1 and 2, La Villa Strangiato, YYZ, Digital Man, Freewill, Spirit of The Radio, The Necromancer, Circumstances, Driven, Dog Years, Marathon, Red Lenses.. The list goes on.

Geddy is more technically proficient, and has a greater feel for the bass guitar than anyone, the only person who comes remotely close was Chris Squire (may he rest in peace).

Geddy could easily play anything that the others above him on this list can play. also, Rush is the only band that has really good bass solos in their songs. I am not sayiing the others are bad because they are not, but the guy from metallica is only there because a lot of people like metallica, but they don't listen to it for the bass, you can listen to the songs by rush for bass. Victor wooten should be number one - tonses

Precision, speed and intuitive melodic sensibility say it all. His snarling style is responsible for influencing thousands of bass players. Lets face it, he does it right and his melodic style and unfettered hammering of the instrument makes his music MORE than just interesting. I cannot believe that players like Cliff Burton and Mike Dirnt made the top ten. They are both good and have their own styles, but that is ridiculous...

I'm not here to slag the others off, but we all know Geddy is 'king of the 4 string' and I should know because out of my 2 influences in the last 25 years I've been playing, Geddy comes tops and for me to say that over Mark King (my other influence) takes a lot of doing, it would be immense to have that 2 onstage together or create a genetic hybrid of both combined... AWESOME! - rainier

Geddy Lee not only shows his talent in every single song he plays and writes, but he also puts on one hell of a show. I'm not going to incorporate his ability to play the keys and sing while playing bass because this list is about bass playing, not bass playing plus everything else I can do. Geddy is so classic and fast and revolutionary all at the same time. He can play the bass how its supposed to be played, and he plays it well.

Rush as whole is overrated. While Geddy has his moments of brilliance, a lot of his bass lines are, like the drums, too concerned with technicality and don't really provide the back bone that a great band needs. I admire him for his technical ability, and several moments (particularly 'Moving Pictures') where he really grooves, but it overwhelms the more musical playing of Alex Lifeson too often for me to consider him 'great.'

Geddy Lee is without a doubt one of the most brilliant bassists ever. It's strange that Cliff is regarded as such a great bassist when he really gained most his popularity from Metallica. Most bassists that know the basics of the instrument can play a Cliff Burton bass line but a Geddy lee bass line is unlike any others. Just listen to any if his solid and you will see that Geddy clearly is number 1.

Geddy was an absolute performer, both in studio, and live. He shined both in rhythm and speed, and in counter-melody and harmonies, and was brilliant at transitions. On top of that, he was the king of multi-tasking and performed outstanding vocals, keyboarding, and a full set of guitar pedals all at the same time. Although my hat is still off to Peart for writing many of the songs.

I think most of the entries in the top ten are deserving, but in my opinion, no one can top this guy. Unlike most bassists, he strays away form what the guitarist is playing and plays something completely different, yet, at the same time, keeps the base of the song flowing smoothly. A good example is YYZ. Give it a listen next chance you get. You won't regret it. - Spade

Stupid people. Must have never played an instrument. Greatest Bass player of all time. You should all go to a rush concert and watch Ged sing, rip the bass, and play the synth. I don't see anybody here that can do 1/2 of what he does. Steve Harris, it must be nice to have 5 other people on stage to help with the work. And where Paul Mccartney? I'm scared to look

Geddy Lee is a very, VERY great bassist! How could someone not think that? You need to listen to some Rush songs to figure that out. For example: Freewill, Leave That Thing Alone, YYZ, The Analog Kid, Driven, etc. In the live concert for Leave That Thing Alone, he did his own bass solo that was very inspiring, he was shredding it!