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Leslie Edward "Les" Claypool is an American musician, singer, songwriter, composer, author and actor best known as the bassist and lead vocalist of the band Primus.


You can not rate a musician when they are all prolific players of there chosen instrument because lets face it, once you become as good as the players on this list, all are as good as each other.

But why I rate this man as the best is because only claypool can produce a sound that is way different to any other bass player on the planet.

I describe claypool as the pluto of bass (most out there) and this is why he is number 1 in my opinion.

Cliff burton is only number 1 on this list because he basses for Metallica. It's like saying ringo starr is the worlds greatest drummer because he drummed for the beatles.

Les Claypool is definitely one of the best bass guitarists I ever heard in my life. It's a shame that a bassist like Johnny Christ or Georg Listing are before him in this top. They're not poor bassists, but please people, go listen to Tommy the Cat (Les Claypool), My Generation (John Entwistle) and other stuff by Primus and The Who. They're awesome, like ten times better than Christ or Listing. Sorry for poor english.

Oh, and, the bass intro in The Wicked End is easy.

Okay... just no. He is THE BEST! As mentioned in probably every other comment on this thread, he play a six-string fret-less while tapping and singing, and was rejected from Metallica because he was go good. It's all those Rush fans. Even on the best drummers list, Travis Barker is nowhere near where he should be, because everyone votes on THE SAME PLAYERS! WE GET IT, THEY ARE THE BEST (probably), but please, push some people into their spots BEFORE voting on the best. Les Claypool should be in the top 3 or 4 AT LEAST. Right now he is in 6th, and any Primus fan knows that's ridiculous. Hell, anyone reading this that doesn't know Primus, go check them out. You just might like it.

Johnny Christ is a great bass player and his fast picking, fluidity and punk/metal style is hard to beat. However when he's put up against Les Claypool he has no chance. Les played a 6 string bass and finger tapped and slapped crazy complex bass lines that can only be played by him pretty much because they were the fastest bass playing you've ever seen. Not to mention he did this while singing in my opinion, yes geddy sang and played bass but compared to Les everyone else is blown away. Enough said.

This list is ridiculous. Got commenters talking about Johnny Christ hair being cool (that certainly makes someone a good bassist! Who is Johnny Christ anyway? ) Claypool is the most original bassist and very talented. Victor Wooten is omitted from the top 10 as well, which is a travesty.

Geddy Lee was a huge influence on Claypool and he belongs higher in the list. Missing Tony Levin from King Crimson too, playing his Chapman stick. Point being that this list is trash.

This is a man who can play and write unfathomable bass lines, with ridiculously awesome techniques, play them faster than the speed of light and sing at the same time. The fact that he isn't at number one is a disgrace! Anyone who doesn't vote for Claypool either hasn't heard him (and is therefore making an uninformed vote) or is a giblet (and therefore shouldn't be granted the basic motor neurons necessary to find this page and click vote. ) and there's my rant over.

Had Claypool taken up guitar, he'd be in the conversation with Hendrix, Zappa and Allman. Had he taken up drums, he'd be considered with Bonham, Moon and Dryden. Had he been born in India, he'd be touring the world with Ravi Shankar. While all the evidence one needs is evident in his bass playing, he is one of the most coherent and insightful musical conversationalists one could hope to hear.

For a drummer, Les is the most fantastic bassist to play with. He played with the greatest drummers in the world like Tim Alexander and Steward Copeland. If Cliff Burton is in first place what is Les Claypool doing 8th? If I may quote Wikipedia on why Les didn't became the new bassist of Metallica: "James Hetfield remarked that Claypool was not awarded the job because "he was too good" and "should do his own thing. "

Jaco Pastorius is the best bassist ever. Les is the Best living bassist. I believe that the only people in the same class as Les right now are Flea and Tom Commenfeld from Rage Against The Machine. Entwisle can play and may he R.I.P. however the guy from avenged Sevenfold can't play worth the damn pick he uses. Geddy Lee is very good as is Steve Harris. But Les in my opinion as a musician is the best living bassist.

Les Claypool is by far the best bassist ever. You can make the argument that other people are technically better. Geddy lee, John entwistle, geezer butler, cliff Burton, there are a lot of great bassists. But when it comes to making a crunchy funky riff that makes your foot tap no one does it better than les Claypool. Also he kind of changed the way people play the instrument, he brought slap bass to the mainstream crowd, now everybody plays like him

look...flea is amazing and probably one of the most influential bassists ever but the only reason he is most known is because the chili peppers are the most important band in the past 25 years and look at les's bass tabs compared to flea's. Les claypools bass playing is a million times more complicated than flea's so i would rank les at #1 and flea at #2 and cliff at #3

Les Claypool all the way! Who else (but the best) could get albums made strictly on their bass playing alone? He might be a little odd, but that doesn't diminish his SKILL with a bass people! All these guys are great on this list, but Les could outplay any of 'em. In fact, I'd bet money most the people on this list listen to him when they're looking for something new or "original" to do with their bass playing

Les is the guy who brought bass guitar to a more important place in bands, despite some of his really weird songs (example: "The Air Is Getting Slippery") and some really dark content ("Bob"). Being able to tap, slap and use harmonics on the bass at his speed and accuracy is insane. He might be seen as less than some others, but he definitely deserves to be known as one of the best bass players in the world. As always: "Primus sucks! "

If you have seen this man play bass- you KNOW. He is a god amongst men when it comes to this instrument. The bass is a connection of his body and the music pours from his soul. Not only does he slaughter the bass, but he sings writes and masterminds many different musical projects. In my opinion the best musician to ever live.

"its good to be here with you"

You have got to be kidding.. number 8? Do any of you have ears? How is les claypool not even in the top 3? This whole website is crap. first amy lee has better vocals than maynard james keenan and now les claypool is #8 on best bassists? You all need to get a clue.

I don't play an instrument, but I love the sound of the bass, and this guy makes a relatively underrated instrument sound like nothing else I've heard. To see him live (or on youtube) you can really appreciate the technical craft. I don't play an instrument so I don't know how difficult it is to learn the bass but I have never seen a 6 string bass being played, I have never seen someone's hands move that fast, and complex and he sings. He is my favourite and he may not be the 'greatest' but that's mostly down to people not knowing who Primus are. Unique and quirky - a real talent!

Idiots. Have any of the guys above Claypool even shown that they can slap or any other technique besides fingers or a pick? Claypool can do it all and play any type of music. Cliff plays a guitar solo on his distorted screachy bass and because he played for Metallica he is good. He was nothing more than a failed guitarist. Johnny Christ is a joke, Entwistle is an egomaniac jackass who used octaves to make his bass sound more full and thinks he is amazing for doing so. Watch some YouTube clips and Claypool will be number one by morning.

Most of the people on this list are just from the most popular bands. Primus may not be to everyone's taste, but they are incredible musicians. Les Claypool has so much music in his head he has to continually form new bands to express it. No one can do the things he does. Jimbo Jones from Reverend Horton Heat deserves a mention too, he is incredible!

Les Claypool really knows his way around the bass. Listen to DMV and The Awakening and tell me what you think! Flea doesn't write his own music! No one in the band does! Primus make a group effort to make that god-like bass intense mammajam! LIsten to the albums Frizzle Fry, Suck On This and the Brown Album and quickly reconsider!

les claypool was a geneuis and if your 2 stupid to not c that you don't kno music. also mightve voted 4 geddy lee but if you compare the bands songs and every thing les comes out on top. also you can't even hear the bass line in all but like 4 songs and I'm not saying flea is bad he's good id just switch places so les is first and geddy is second and then flea. maybe

Easily the best bassist on this list. If not the best, maybe top 3. The fact that he also sings while playing should get him into the top 5 alone. Despite this, I'm not expecting him to get any higher on the list, just because his music is just too insane for the Green Day and My Chemical Romance loving sheep who are voting on this list.

What the hell is wrong with world when les claypool isn't the best ever. if he would have been in Metallica after cliff burton died the band would have been ten times better instead of having lame cds like they've had with St. Anger and Reload. plus he would have owned cliff burton in a rock off.

When Cliff Burton died, Kirk Hammett suggested Les Claypool to replace him. When he auditioned, however, he didn't get the part because he was "too good".

Now he is in Primus, and I love his bass playing. It inspires me to go pick up a bass myself. Primus Sucks! (If you're a Primus fan, you know what I mean)

Are you kidding me!? Number 7!? Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE Metallica fan, but I can openly admit that Les Claypool is better than Cliff Burton! You people need to get your minds together a realize that Claypool is the best bassist out there!

His unique slapping technique, along with his technical bass skill alone should make him number one. This man revolutionized bass playing, with his use of effects and skill to out solo many guitarists.