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181 Haruomi Hosono

One of the most varied and interesting bassists to ever come out of Japan. His work with Yellow Magic Orchestra and Sketch Show is just a fraction of his library of work.

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182 The Dro

Me and Dro go wayyy back!!

183 Sean Malone

Just to say, if this list is the 50 greatest bassists of all time then I seriously think that people have not taken into account the huge range of musical genres, from what I have seen mainly rock and jazz bassists are predominant. If anyone has ever heard of the musical genre Technical Metal, technical music not being confined to metal but also present in classical music and even rock. A bassist in particular who should have been included in this list and frankly should have been first, is Sean Malone. He has played in various Technical metal/rock/jazz bands like Aghora, Gordian Knot and Cynic. Not only playing a fretlass bass, he also plays various other instruments like the chapman stick and keyboards. He is flexible also playing in bands ranging from Brazilian jazz to English pop, therefore having a wide knowledge of many genres of music, and incorporating many of these studied genres into his own band Gordian Knot. His bass style is unique, reflecting techniques from rock, metal ...more

184 Tetsuo Sakurai
185 Billy Cox Billy Cox

He is one of the funkiest bass players I have ever heard

186 Chuck Pannozzo

Chuck Pannozzo inspired me to play bass. He has the most uncanny ability to write the perfect bass line counterpoint to any and every melody, guitar riff, keyboard chord progression. My favorite bass player of all time, and he should be very high on this list!

he's cool, cooler than you anyway

Say anything you want to, but Chuck Panozzo and his late brother John were the REAL founders of Styx, NOT Dinnis, who thankfully was replace by Lawrence Gowan. Chuck could be as passive as John Paul Jones from the Zeps and play a strong bass line (listen again to Pieces Of Ehight to refresh your memory)

187 Doug Wimbish

An innovative bass virtuoso. Doug more or less invented Hip Hop bass (e.g. The Message, White Lines); cranked up the groove in Tackhead (check out Class Rock on YouTube) and added a whole new dimension to Living Colour. I rest my case.

Innovative and skillful. Check out Tackhead on YouTube to get the groove. He's also added a whole new dimension to Living Colour.

I don't know why, and I do not even try to understand how, so many "bass guitarists", overtake this awesome bassist. It's just sad, because he deserves to be on best 10

188 Kim Gordon Kim Gordon Kim Althea Gordon is an American musician, songwriter, and visual artist. Born in Rochester, New York, Gordon was raised in Los Angeles, California, and studied art at the Otis Art Institute.

The most amazing female bassist ever

189 Traa Daniels

may not be the best, but has very quick fingers like in "BOOM" he's awesome and recomend him definetly

one of the best I have ever seen!!!!! and craziest ever too!!! top ten material!!! man!!

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190 Nathan East

HAs played with Clapton on several projects and tours. One of the finest, most focussed bassist on the face of the planet. A very flexible, adjusting musician, trained in many genres. Listen to some Clapton tunes, and you will experience the groove East pushes through his rig.

If there's such a thing as THE epitome of studio bassist, Nate East is it! Second to none! Besides Clapton, he played with Whitney, Randy Newman, among an A-list of many clients. No one can master a bass the way East can, which is why I believe he should be at the top of the list, as well as the mount Olympus of bassists

The best bassist, he knows when to play and not. Clapton said that Nathan is the best he ever worked with.

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191 Ian Hill

The founder of Judas Priest and a true Metal God

192 Mike Watt

In my top ten! I can't believe he isn't even on the list. These voters might as well have put Sid Vicious #1. (I agree with Cliff Burton as a #1)

Mike Watt should be at least top 5, in most bands you cannot ever hear the bass, but Mike Watt brought out the bass in the Minutemens music in songs like Viet Nam, Corona, #1 hit song, and many others, he is defiantly one of the best bassists of all time

Yeah, no kidding. Watt is top ten at LEAST.
I'm sad to live in a world where people think that idiot from 311 (for instance) is a better bassist than Mike Watt.

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193 Nikolai Fraiture

Not the best bassist, but one that should be noted. Listen to his work in "Is This It & "Meet Me in the Bathroom"

men, u all have ears but u are deaf, how can he is not on the list...

GOD NO, NIKOLAI WAS MY INSPIRATION FOR PICKING UP THE BASS. The Reptilia bass riff section during the solo is so nice, and Juicebox is a heavy rocker

194 Paul Romanko
195 Bruce Foxton

Most of The Jam's songs were built around Foxton's driving melodic bass lines. There is no better example than Private Hell. When Paul Weller plays Jam songs now they are shadows of their former selves without Bruce. To paraphrase John Weller, Bruce was the best bass player in the world. Should be at least number 2 behind Entwhistle!

Should be in top 25, excellent rhythm, extremely capable in quick tempo and lead The Jam for 'News of the World'. Listen to 'Down in the tube station at midnight' for an amazing and very memorable bass line!

Great bassist, still playing today with "From The Jam", well worth going to see.

Great bassist from the Jam and still going strong at 60

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196 Dave Schools

Widespread Panic Bassist deserves a spot on the list, so start voting for him! Awesome jam bassist. Excellent tone. Rips up his Modulus and Ampeg rig. He's got slap, finger style, and does just what the songs need; This is the most important role of a bass player. Schools deserves your vote.

Dave is a top ten member if you know music at all. Plus his fan always gives his hair that John Redcorn blown look. Great live preformed.

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197 Tim Foreman

My inspiration.. wish to play like him.. no one can create basslines like him.. actually in his band SWITCHFOOT the guitarist follows him instead of follow the guitar.. best bassist ever I've seen... go on timmy

198 Brian Ritchie

this guy rocked the acoustic bass like none another. All the songs are pretty much folk-punk with Ritchie just going nuts to the nines in the background.

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199 Kelly Groucutt

Kelly Groucutt is truly one of the most incredible bassists (and singers) ever to have lived. His recent tours and recent album (with 'The Orchestra)' are out of this world.

Complete and utter legend. The greatest live performer I've ever seen. His bass playing and singing is flawless. - RiffandMagenta

RIP Michael "Kelly" Groucutt. You were Jeff Lynne's sidekick in playing and vocal harmony, and gave the bass structure for Jeff's group

200 Trent Reznor Trent Reznor Michael Trent Reznor, known professionally as Trent Reznor, is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and film score composer. He is known for his intense music videos.

Listen to songs like "Head Like a Hole" "March of the Pigs" and "Sanctified" for some really great bass grooves. Trent Reznor may not play them live, but he writes and plays in studio, like all the instruments.

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