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241 Robert Sledge

Since he was playing in a band with a piano player, he had to cover the role of bass and guitar all in one. Great riffs, great use of distortion, and great supporting bass lines

242 Mick Quinn
243 Graham Maby

GRAHAM should be WAY up the list. He's also credited with They might be giants, and Natalie Merchant. Listen to Joe Jackson's "i'm the man" Linkin Park... This guys is SICK!

Superb bassist, Friday is an excellent example, his bass on Natural Wild shows he can knock out the dub stuff as well, brilliant.

Joe Jackson's bass player.
Carries the melody on most of Joe's early work.

244 Klaus Voormann

I say all The Beatles needed was Klaus, their Hamburg exi! He was brilliant as a bassit, but even brilliant still at his artwork, which he did for Revolver and Ringo Starr's Ringo Heck, he is best remembered on You're So Vain

245 Miya38

omg, wtf, have u ppl neva heard of some good j-rock bassist
ya u have tetsu and toshi. but there mainstream...get with the tropical gorillas and listen 2 a few songs...spice of life and lke a foojin, any1, come some1 must have heard

246 JoJo Garza

He should be at a decent spot, at least.

247 Marco Coti Zelati

This band is an amazing Italian based band. Listen to the intro and outro of Closer. Its just mind blowing! The things he can do is extrordinarly advanced!

248 Percy Jones

No other bassist has been quite so creative. Even his easier stuff is light years ahead of most of the bassist on this list. Try to find his band "Tunnels", listen to anything by this man, and you'll agree.

First of all he should be one so that is that no one has ever played the electric fretless like him and no one ever will. Brand X would be nothing without him he is a master there is no one else. this list is silly.

249 Meshell Ndegeocello

Not the best but should be noticed. In my opinion, she has a lot more talent then the majority of the hacks on this list. Just listen and open your minds people.

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250 Hilary Woods

Not the best bass player in the world but the fittest - just ahead of Gaye Advert (Adverts) and Charlotte Cooper (Subways)

251 Melissa Auf der Maur

If anything, she's the hottest looking bass player of them all.

252 Jeff Schmidt

U gotta listen to this guy!!

253 Jah Wobble

this guy is amazing he makes a bass sound like waves of amazing bliss hes so creative its unbelievable

A great dub bassist, some top work with PIL as well. Deserves to be higher.

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254 Randy Gregg
255 Tony Stevens
256 Sheldon Gellada
257 Jack Kilcoyne
258 Herbie Flowers

Who can doubt a master who played for 'ol Macca on No More Lonely Nights?

259 C-Bass

This guy, is so amazing! He plays with a bass, that has a cracked neck, and it doesn't fall apart, HHOLY DIVER! He can play that too, as a matter of fact, in a park! If you like this guy, check out his brothers. They have some awesome talent also. Spuds, Jelly Beam, and Estabon. Neither of the three are mexican guitarists. They're pretty american, if I do say so myself. CBass lays down the slap like he no one else. Just ask Jesus, he'll tell you the same thing.

On a good day, this guy plays such beatiful riffs, that make small ducks cry. He is not like Dio, meaning he had actual talent. - Geddyrush

260 Evil J

I'm surprised he's not already on the list. He's so original with his bass lines, using the subtleties of jazz and blues bass in metal. He also wrote most of the guitar for their second album. He's an all around true talent. - johnnywhiplash

My personal favorite. He's so creative with his basslines. Not only does he play stunning bass, but he also writes a good chunk of the guitar as well. I'm surprised he hasn't been mentioned yet. - johnnywhiplash

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