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241 Nick Beggs

If you haven't heard his work with kajagoogoo it's one of the best bass efforts ever especially too shy - Pepedeli

His performance on "The Raven That Refused To Sing2 is incredibly awesome.

242 Aston Barrett

Godfather of reggae bassists

Should be number one!

243 Norman Watt-Roy

Simply the best bassist I have ever seen.

One of the Very best. He puts a lot into his playing. You can see him on YouTube from his performances with Ian Dury and the Blockheads and his current performances with Wilko Johnson.

He played excellent basslines in Ian Dury and the Blockheads and Wilko Johnson's songs

244 Martin "Youth" Glover

Name one of the most influential bands of the past 40yrs - Killing Joke. Why - punchy bass lines. QED

245 Alessandro Venturella Alessandro Venturella Venturella is a British metal guitarist and musician who has served as a lead guitarist for Krokodil and Cry For Silence. He was recently the touring guitar engineer for Mastodon‘s lead singer: Brent Hinds, Coheed & Cambria, Architects, and Fightstar. is a British metal musician who has served as more.
246 Richard Sinclair
247 Tim Bogert

Just great

248 Jeroen Paul Thesseling

Fretless bass player. He has played for several metal bands (ex., Obscura). - Metal_Treasure

249 Majick Mark
250 Robert Sledge

Since he was playing in a band with a piano player, he had to cover the role of bass and guitar all in one. Great riffs, great use of distortion, and great supporting bass lines

251 Klaus Voormann

I say all The Beatles needed was Klaus, their Hamburg exi! He was brilliant as a bassit, but even brilliant still at his artwork, which he did for Revolver and Ringo Starr's Ringo Heck, he is best remembered on You're So Vain

252 Melissa Auf der Maur

If anything, she's the hottest looking bass player of them all.

253 Jeff Schmidt

U gotta listen to this guy!!

254 Tony Stevens
255 Buckethead Buckethead Brian Patrick Carroll, known professionally as Buckethead, is an American guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who has worked within many genres of music.

Yes, he is a bassist too. He plays slap bass. His solos are better than Mike Dirnt's solos. - zxm

I know he's a guitarist but he deserves to be #2 on this list. listen to his bass solos on youtube

256 Damien Gonzelez

he is amazing when he plays, he might now be in a famous band but he is really good

257 Tom Squarepusher Jenkinson
258 Aram Bedrosian

Just listen to any of his songs. He is the best bassist ever but doesn't get recognition cause he isn't very well known. Plain and simple, he is #1.

259 Guy Pratt Guy Pratt

He's played with many great bands, and is an amazing bao player.

260 Crazy Cool Joe
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