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241 Jonathan Gallant

He's an amazing bassist and really, really talented!
In my opinion he is much too underrated.. He deserves much more attention and it actually is a shame that he wasn't in the list 'til now.. His bass lines are great and always varied, they're one big reason why I love Billy Talent so much.

It's a shame that Jon Gallant is so much underrated and not in the Top 100. He is a great and hard working bass player. His bass lines getting heavier from album to album. Hopefully one day people react and appreciate his work.

Jon Gallant is a very good hard working bass player. The sadest fact for me is that he is really too much underrated. From album to album the bass lines are heavier and I hope it doesn't change in the future. It's a shame that he is not in the Top 100. Hopefully the day will come where people react and appreciate his work.

He is way too good to be down here! He is top 3 for sure! Way too underrated!

242 Stefan Olsdal

He's amazing! Just listen to him and fall in love with his music. Even if someone don't like him or Placebo at all he is still a wonderful player. Please, appreciate him.

243 David "David Z" Zablidowsky

Check him out with his band ZO2 or with Trans-Siberian Orchestra! David Z. Rocks!

244 Sibusiso 'Spanish Guitar' Motsoeneng

The man behind the double bass in South Africa, to be cheerished and understood, one needs a critical ear, Forever a man with great taste for tunning up any form of music.

245 Jeff Pilson Jeff Pilson

Come on. Surely, Jeff ranks higher than 318.

Dokken, Foreigner... He is awesome

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246 Nate Mendel Nate Mendel Nathan Gregor "Nate" Mendel is an American bassist for the bands Foo Fighters, The Jealous Sound, Sunny Day Real Estate, and The Fire Theft.

He is an amazing bassist if u listen next year and aurora by foo fighters you will realise how great he is

He should be in the top 30 at least
If you want to prove me wrong you should listen to next year, gimme stitches and aurora to hear his bass playing. He's better than flea anyway

247 Nick Beggs

If you haven't heard his work with kajagoogoo it's one of the best bass efforts ever especially too shy - Pepedeli

His performance on "The Raven That Refused To Sing2 is incredibly awesome.

248 Aston Barrett

Godfather of reggae bassists

Should be number one!

249 Jason McCaslin
250 Norman Watt-Roy

Simply the best bassist I have ever seen.

One of the Very best. He puts a lot into his playing. You can see him on YouTube from his performances with Ian Dury and the Blockheads and his current performances with Wilko Johnson.

He played excellent basslines in Ian Dury and the Blockheads and Wilko Johnson's songs

251 Martin "Youth" Glover

Name one of the most influential bands of the past 40yrs - Killing Joke. Why - punchy bass lines. QED

252 Alessandro Venturella Alessandro Venturella Venturella is a British metal guitarist and musician who has served as a lead guitarist for Krokodil and Cry For Silence. He was recently the touring guitar engineer for Mastodon‘s lead singer: Brent Hinds, Coheed & Cambria, Architects, and Fightstar. is a British metal musician who has served as more.
253 John Illsley John Illsley

Amazing bassist! - isaaonrtdmtr

254 Richard Sinclair
255 Tim Bogert

Just great

256 John McVie

A very melodic player. Listen to the bass on 'Go your own way' and of course 'The Chain'.

257 Muzz Skillings

Really overlooked, but my favourite nonetheless. Muzz was a pioneer in the creation of funk metal. His technical, jazzy playing on his 5 string bass set him apart from most other bassists at the time. He's also laid down a beautiful melodic solo with a fretless bass on Broken Hearts. Underrated as hell!

His best work can be heard on Information Overload, Broken Hearts, Money Talks, Which Way to America, and Memories can't Wait.

258 Majick Mark
259 Robert Sledge

Since he was playing in a band with a piano player, he had to cover the role of bass and guitar all in one. Great riffs, great use of distortion, and great supporting bass lines

260 Klaus Voormann

I say all The Beatles needed was Klaus, their Hamburg exi! He was brilliant as a bassit, but even brilliant still at his artwork, which he did for Revolver and Ringo Starr's Ringo Heck, he is best remembered on You're So Vain

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