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301 Armistead Burwell Smith IV V 1 Comment
302 Pat Smear Pat Smear Georg Albert Ruthenber, professionally known as Pat Smear was the rhythm guitarist for the Grunge band Nirvana, and the Post-grunge band Foo Fighters.. V 1 Comment
303 Ron McGovney
304 Thom Yorke Thom Yorke Thomas Edward "Thom" Yorke is an English musician best known as the singer and principal songwriter of the alternative rock band Radiohead.

Colin Greenwood is the bassist for Radiohead. When did Thom play bass?

He also played oboe in Radiohead

305 Randy Meisner

He play with Rock N Roll hall of fame band "The Eagles" with amazing bassline such as Hotel California. He should be in top 100.

306 John Illsley John Illsley
307 Nigel Harrison

Bassist for Silverhead, Blondie, Chequered Past and more. He's worked on numerous projects throughout Michael Des Barres's career, right from the start with Silverhead, to now on Michael's most recent album The Key To The Universe. - 16_and_savaged

308 Mikey Way

Mikey Way is the best bassist ever! Best bass players go 2 the best Bands... If you don't get it it's My Chemical Romance.. Best Band EVER!

Woo go Mikey! Best bassist in the world for the best band in the world! Everyone vote him up for Mikey's sake he needs a confidence boost! He's got such a sexy speaking voice he should use it more often!
Proud Member Of the MCRmy Xxx

Mikey is definitely one of the best bass players in the world. One of my inspirations to pick up a bass actually. He should be rated higher!

3 words, Moikey fockin Way

V 42 Comments
309 Matt Freeman

If this was actually judged on ability then Freeman would be way higher up, but unfortunately he has even been outvoted by Mikey Way who's been voted up by the fan girls not because he was good but purely because he's in My Chemical Romance. Well, used to be at least, good riddance. I'm not saying that Matt is the best bassist ever but his ability to write pure gold on the bass and his work in even Operation Ivy has been severely overlooked. Also, what's this about flea having good technique? Have you seen that guy play, his ability is reasonable but damn does he have poor slap technique.

of course one of the best bassist. people just don't realize it because he plays a genre that people don't generally listen to at large. if you ever see maxwell murder live you'll know by listening to him play and the peolpes reactions. seriously, the PUNK mosh pits stopped and everyone got on each others shoulders to watch. great bassist if I ever saw one - rottoncheesedude

Freeman's work with Operation Ivy and Rancid (especially on their eponymous debut) cemented his reputation as one of the best bass guitarists (and THE best punk rock bass guitarist) of all time. Listen to Rats in the Hallway and Rejected; his lead bass lines on those songs will blow you away. Bottom line: Extremely underrated.

The best in punk and one of the best in the world,but he is a punker so and an underrated player... :(

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310 P-nut

wow he is so underrated. He can lay down some slap bass, a hard rock riff, a relaxing reggae bass line, and he brings the FUNK! P-Nut can lay down any style, just like 311 can lay down any style of music. Pick up any 311 song and you'll see why

P-nut is nasty. Even if you don't like 311 you have to at least respect his skills. Maybe he shouldn't be in the top 20, but seriously, hes behind Pete Wentz who absolutely sucks at bass and pisses me off hes even in the top 100.

"Coda" gets me every time. His slap bass fill in "Come Original" is downright sick as well. "What Was I Thinking, " and "Don't Dwell" intros are dope; I could go on. Underrated.

See this dude in concert,then tell me he's not nasty!

V 9 Comments
311 Toshiya

Everyone should learn from this man. Reita of the Gazette is great too but Toshiya is amazing. he has such a unique style and the whole of dir en grey just keep getting better

The best bassist in the list, even though, I would say Jun Onose, from Luna Sea, would beat everyone in the list. So yeah, J is missing

Toshiya is just wonderful!... His playing is awesome... He is the best bassist to ever walk on earth... And to crown it all he's from the best band in the world DIR EN GREY... Why is Cliff Burton 1st?... Why does Metallica get 1st preference all the time?... Toshiya is the best... He beats everyone in this list

He should be on the top ten list
Whoever did'nt vote him just never hear him playing his bass

V 19 Comments
312 Abraham Laboriel

Best. Bassist. Ever

Mainly due to the fact that he contends to be used solely by God. Best bassist alive, quite easily.

I have watched him play with the spirit of God in him. He plays prophetically and I wish I could play like him. He is the best bassist in our generation giving his all in all to God and God only. For all I know he is the best among the bests. He is world number one and he shall remain the number one

Abe's easily the best bassist alive.. His fingers work like fluid.. Guess his rating is because he's more on the religious scene.. But standing with any on this list, he's easily the best. Look out for his solos and you see what I'm talking about. Peace

So different, my mentor indeed

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313 Ryan Martinie

How in the world is Shavo sitting at 30 and Ryan Martini at 42. That's pathetic! Yet again, another poll becomes a popularity contest. Shavo couldn't change Ryan's strings, much less be a considered a better bass player. I like System, but Shavo is a mediocre bass player at best. I've never struggled for even a minute to play one of his bass lines for a cover in my band and when they play live, his timing is awful. Ryan, on the other hand, is a beast live and it's an achievement to be able to play his basslines.

Seriously, Ryan is most definitely number one, turn on any Mudvayne song (ANY! ) and listen to the bass. It blows minds. I've been playing bass for about 12 years now and I still find it difficult to nail some of his lines. Only other bassists I'd even consider being better then him are Les Claypool and Fieldy and that's a pretty big stretch even to consider them.

dude u just cant beat ryan martinie, awsum bassist, great riffs, not to mention hes incredibly fast, listen to this guy live, probably one of the best there is, the only 2 guys i will say are a little better are les claypool and victor wooten, other than that im done - Vayne90

What,this guy inspired me,out of all other bassiss I've heard

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314 Tetsuya Ogawa Tetsuya Ogawa

Yes, Finnaly, a site that realize the true godlike genius skil of TETSU

He is bass, his skin are made of bass, his brain are made from bass, his heart are definitely BASS




Tetsu is the most awesome bassist,

He is skilled, the most skilled,

There's no one who dares stand before him,

He plays full of skill and harmony. he is a bass monster that can play a counter melody bass. he is the best bassist that I ever know. he is a god of bass, can anyone beat him now? I guess not.

The most influential bass player in japanese rock music. I think that's clear enough for the explanation.

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315 Marcus Miller

Wow, I cannot believe Marcus was not in the top 10. He is simply amazing... what is more amazing I have yet to see Stanley Clark listed. There are many great bassist listed... that are part of a band... listed here, but as far as being a creative musician. One who can live without another guitarist well there are many bassists not mentioned. And Stanley Clark, Jaco and Marcus are all top 10 material.

simply the greatest bassist in these moment playing, with a lot of groove to give to the others bassist!
A mester!

Cliff Burton No 2 and Marcus Miller and Mark King 53 & 49 come on guys WAKE UP and listen more music its a non-sense

I don't understand why he is low on the list, that's nonsense. Sid Vicious could barely play and he is way higher!

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316 Phil Lesh

A utterly gifted bassist who held the dead together delivering phil bombs across the large expanse of crowds. This is a bass player ever who is clearly noticeable throughout any given song delivering beautiful and critical combinations of notes to complement the genius of garcia.

Melody, lead, harmony, improv, rock, blues, jazz, funk, bluegrass, Phil does it all with great chops and style and always very tasty. More than just a bass player... A true musician. Phil is definitely a great and most obviously overlooked on this list.

If you've never heard his sonic boom in a Dead (or any other band he's played in) you've never actually had goose bumps from a bass player.

My favorite bass player EVER! - so fun, so unique and original and so unencumbered by preconceived notions of what a bass player is supposed to do. A dancer's dream.

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317 Eric Wilson

"The B-lines that Eric dropped reminded me of hip hop. " -Believe, The Dirty Heads. Recognized by new age artists over a decade after Bradley's death. Eric is so smooth in his delivery, and his riffs are top-notch. One of the most recognizable and respected bassists of his time.

Yes I would most deffinitely have to agree. He is the first bassist I was ever inspired by, he has the coolest style and most originality... I think He should be right up there at the top

Eric Wilson is one of the greatest bassists of all time. What made him great was the songwriting ability that he has. Listen to the bass in these songs: Greatest Hits, Burritos, Pawn Shop, Live at E's, Ebin, just about any Sublime song you listen to, it has an amazing bassline, thanks to Eric Wilson. He also plays guitar, (Look up the song 'Greasy Lesbian Hamburger Fight', Eric Wilson sung and played the guitar in that) and is a pretty chill guy, too.

Eric Wilson wrote many bass lines that inspire my inner bassist. The fact that Pete Wintz is higher on the scale shows that people don't appreciate Eric enough.

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318 Pete Wentz Pete Wentz Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III (born June 5, 1979)is an American musician. He is best known for being the bassist, lyricist, and backing vocalist for the American rock band Fall Out Boy. Before Fall Out Boy's inception in 2001, Wentz was a fixture of the Chicago hardcore scene and was notably the lead more.

He's one of the best lyricists of the century, yes. But his bass playing isn't the best. I've only been playing for like 6 months and I can sight-read just about every Fall Out Boy flawlessly (although I have played upright for 4 years if that gives me an advantage). He inspired me to start playing though, so I'll give him props for that.

Pete is the bassist with the best style yeah...!
Fall Out Boy Rocks...!

Not the huge bassline solo kinda guy but he is a good bassist and an even better lyricist

Better bassist than Cliff Burton, David Ellefson, and Tom Araya!

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319 Carlos D

Just listen to all his work. Regardless if he left, he is one of my all time favorite bassists and my main bass idol. He is the reason I respect pick bass and enjoy the tone more than fingers.

Carlos D is one of the bassists that isn't very technical but has a great sound. I prefer listening to him than Flea / Cliff Burton any day. I get chills every time I listen to the end of Not Even Jail.

get all their albums, wrap yourself in them, and after a while you will want to see them live. by that time you will most definitely agree he should at least be on this list somewhere.

Gotta be my favorite band and favorite bassist. I'm a drummer, but every time I listen to songs from Interpol like The New, it makes me wanna put down the sticks and pick up a bass.. still love drumming though..

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320 Shavo Odajian Shavo Odajian

Excuse me, but why is he at 28 while that dude from Tokio Hotel is at 3? Shavo's a whole lot better. And he's got a kick-ass beard. System is without a doubt, the best!

Come on. Listen to some SOAD. I've never seen any guy playing bass with a plectrum. He plays slowly to
give a space to Daron's guitar. He
is music video director, occasionally he can sing too. This guy is awesome man! Listen to the small solo at the starting
of "psycho" - arpanhmr

Mikey, Pete, Duff is never better than Shavo. Someone voted Pete because he is hot. You should vote for playing. Shavo is very fast & he has a good sense of music! He deserves top 20 - arpanhmr

He is great in the beginning of Psycho Look it up!

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