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301 Jasmine You
302 Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook is the best bassist in this championship, defeating mikey way and gerard way and adam young, you are the best of all, let's grab the spirit and all are for the future of you

303 John Moyer
304 Victor Bailey
305 Eberhard Weber
306 Mark Wilson
307 Jerry Scheff

Now Elvis and The Doors? THAT is what Jerry will be remembered for

#296?! Seriously? The bass riff for Suspicious Minds? Come on...

308 David Desrosiers

Well, I'm guessing creativity is counted on this list, as it is on most ensemble and talent lists (it represents how the bassists use their talent).. And David is VERY creative, also one of the most talented bassists, and also has an amazing voice too.. David should be more up in my opinion. He is just so great

309 Jason "Jay" James

Why is he not in the list...
he is really a good bassist... Hand of blood, tears don't fall... How can we forget him guys...! :(

310 Anissa Rodriguez
311 "Evil" Jared Hasselhoff
312 Cubbie Fink V 1 Comment
313 Chris Hillman
314 Thomas Risell
315 Sibusiso 'Spanish Guitar' Motsoeneng

The man behind the double bass in South Africa, to be cheerished and understood, one needs a critical ear, Forever a man with great taste for tunning up any form of music.

316 Sabelo Masondo

A clasical Bassist with the ability to change a song and make it his own, a man who takes strongly to instruction and has a good ear and eye for musical notes, a man who is morethan given in the music industry but Blessed.

V 1 Comment
317 Piet Nkabinde

Wow! One crazy bassist who can play bass like he is the designer of the bass itself, I tell you, you should look at the man play and see who crazy he is behind the instrument, born and bret in Mamelodi

318 Frédéric Leclercq

I was surprised that the bassist of Dragonforce, one of the most famous power metal bands, was not on this list. This man has talent, and he's not only a bassist, but a guitarist, keyboardist, and a singer. A man like him comes probably once a decade.

319 Anthony Crawford
320 Sami Hinkka Sami Hinkka
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