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101 Ryan Martinie

How in the world is Shavo sitting at 30 and Ryan Martini at 42. That's pathetic! Yet again, another poll becomes a popularity contest. Shavo couldn't change Ryan's strings, much less be a considered a better bass player. I like System, but Shavo is a mediocre bass player at best. I've never struggled for even a minute to play one of his bass lines for a cover in my band and when they play live, his timing is awful. Ryan, on the other hand, is a beast live and it's an achievement to be able to play his basslines.

Seriously, Ryan is most definitely number one, turn on any Mudvayne song (ANY! ) and listen to the bass. It blows minds. I've been playing bass for about 12 years now and I still find it difficult to nail some of his lines. Only other bassists I'd even consider being better then him are Les Claypool and Fieldy and that's a pretty big stretch even to consider them.

dude u just cant beat ryan martinie, awsum bassist, great riffs, not to mention hes incredibly fast, listen to this guy live, probably one of the best there is, the only 2 guys i will say are a little better are les claypool and victor wooten, other than that im done - Vayne90

Highly Underrated plays like mad when you least expect it

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102 Dickie Peterson

Blue Cheer is so underrated. Dickie Peterson is should be here. There can still be Blue Cheer without Leigh Stephens and Dickie Peterson kept Blue Cheer together. if Blue Cheer is great and should be on lists than so should Dickie Peterson be on lists too sense Dickie Peterson made music. Dickie Peterson plays Rock how Rock is made to be. If you need to know why Blue Cheer is great look at my account. Than you would know why I thin Blue Cheer is so great. - BlueFuse

103 Tal Wilkenfeld

She's only 21 but has already toured with Chick Corea and Jeff Beck. Made a big showing at Clapton's Crossroads Guitar fest 2007. Give her a few more years and she'll rocket up this list

This girl is really generous player, woking hard to make the rest of the band sound good. A great soloist, she really sparks off of Jeff Beck and he sounds better with her around. I think that she is up there with Les Claypool for talent. All she needs now is the experience.

She is fantastic. Mind blowing bassist. If she impresses Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, then what's to consider.

Jeff Beck even said she's another Jaco

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104 Mike Inez

One of THE BEST heavy metal bass players out there, Mike has played in Alice in Chains, Black Label Society and the Blizzard of Ozz (Ozzy Osbourne's backing band).
He's played with Slash's Snakepit and recorded with them for their 1995 release "It's Five o Clock Somewhere". He also joined the revamped backing band for Heart, and toured with them in 2002 and 2003.

He is a bass god in my opinion. Played for ozzy, ann wilson, nancy wilson, slash, layne staley, Jerry crantrell. Damn why is he so underrated

Love Alice In Chains Mike Inez great bass player but apparently according to this rubbish voting Sid Vicous is a lot better.Yeah right considering that he couldn't really play.

Listen a little bitter, what the hell have i, and anyother in a live show. Listen The record no more thears of ozzy and anyothers works in the band heart

105 Simon Gallup

He was first in the Gallup poll...

Best bass player ever!

There's nothing left but faith.


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106 Stanley Clarke

Most of the voters are definitely voting for the band. Most of the best bassists are way down on the list. My guess is most guys and gals wouldn't even know who Stanley Clark is, and have ever heard any of his albums. You won't find him on itunes. I'm quit sure they're all good bassists, but Clark really is one of the best...

WTF number 43, it seems this list is going by the band, not the bassist themselves. This is like putting Jordan this low for a listing of the best basketball players, it's crazy. - HolyCal

Stanley Clarke not in the top ten? I guess sheer musicianship and technique is not high on the selection criteria for this list! Get real

Come On! Really?

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107 Jeff Ament

this guy is the reason i play bass if youve ever seen 'Animal' or 'spin the black circle' live you'll understand.

Listen to the bass lines on Jeremy and Present Tense.

Jeff Ament plays with taste and style over flash and gimmicks. His talent is a huge part of the Pearl Jam sound. Just listen to his song "Lowlight".

This guy's bass line is the reason I play bass...

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108 Jean-Jacques Burnel Jean-Jacques Burnel Jean-Jacques "JJ" Burnel, is a Franco-English musician, producer and songwriter, best known as the bass guitarist with the British rock band The Stranglers.

149th? Below the likes of Sid Vicious (who was so bad Steve Jones played bass on the albums)? Maybe people should vote for the player and not just the metal band they were in. Educate yourselves listening to Stanley Clarke, John Entwistle as well as this innovator.

No one has ever come close to that sound and is held in high regard and respect by the likes of Flea, even if he did come by that sound by accident with wrong or duff kit. Never got that sound back after their kit was stolen and he ended up using proper bass rigs.

Peaches, Nice n Sleazy, Goodbye Toulouse, Grip, I feel like a..., School Mam etc. Nothing can match it.

Still playing amazing bass. Created his own unique sound never quite copied by anyone else. Topped the polls in Sounds magazine in the late 70s over many of the others featured here. Must be higher than this!

Doesn't matter where he comes in the list, he is number one, end of. He invented a sound. He has created some of the most inventive bass lines out there. There are plenty of other players I admire, but Burnel is the top of the tree...

Come on JJ should be much higher than this! He's fantastic! He created new bass style

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109 NIck Oliveri

Nick's heavy sound added a lot to Queens music. Queens arent the same without his sound and his infulence. Still an awesome band nonetheless.

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110 Leon Wilkeson

Amazing bassist. although Free Bird wasn't actually recorded by him, it was recorded by Ed King.

Cant believe this guy is behind Fall Out Boy and MCR. Leon is dead and mikey way and pete wentz will still never come close in their lifetime!

When you actually pay attention to what this guy does or see a few video clips of him playing it is amazing. very smooth and innovative. FreeBird is a good example

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111 Tom Petersson

Very underrated, but at least Bass Player knows and understands. They put him on the cover of July '07. You HAVE to rate to be on the cover.

Not only is he one of the top bassists, he's an innovator as the inventor of the 12-string bass.

This man plays with so much rhythm. Remember music is about what sounds best not who can play the fastest or craziest

Tom is the man!

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112 Ashley Purdy Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy is one talented bassist! From the amazing sound, to his awesome personality, I think we can all agree he deserves higher than position 142! Ding, dang, who's your boss?

This is way unfair to Ashley! He deserves to be at least in the top ten! He is an amazing bassist with an even more amazing personality that anyone would love to have. Come on people, lets vote for a bassist that deserves more than 152!

Are you people crazy? ASHLEY IS AMAZING! He is always shirtless, cares about his fans. Black Veil Brides RULE!

Ash isn't the best bassist around, but he holds down a solid, heavy bottom end for on of the best modern rock bands black veil brides, he deserves a higher spot

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113 Adam Yauch aka MCA

RIP MCA, Thanks for all your musical talent that you shared with us. You will be greatly missed.

Not only a great MC, but a great Upright fretless bass player too!

114 Charles Mingus

Jack Bruce asked his lyricist Pete Brown to write him a song about Charlie Mingus, Bruce's idol but Brown wrote the song called Bird Alone about Charlie Parker. Mingus shouldn't even be here is he's not in the top ten. His influence on bass players was 2nd to none except for maybe Ray Brown. Never played electric bass just as his predescessor Jimmy Blanton. Blanton was the most influential bass player before Mingus. However, this top ten is not about music as much as popularity because it's virtually all rock. Until fairly recently with some exceptions jazz musicians could always play things that many of these so-called great bassists wouldn't even be able to comprehend. Check out Mingus on Haitian Fight Song, Ysabel's Table Dance or Mingus presents Mingus album where he and saxophonist Eric Dolphin improvise a conversation, actually a fight angrily cursing each other with nothing but their instruments. All improvised on the spot There should be a different list for acoustic bass ...more - gemtea

There are like 3 names on here that are worthy of tuning Mingus' bass.

Oh god please help the rest figure the best! Mingus would really have given 69 a thought if he wd have left playing bass after 2 yrs of playing!

What! He is the G.O.A.T... Most all of the guys ahead of him would never had been there without Mingus

115 Ben Shepherd

Just listen to 4th of July and hear how dark and powerful it is at the beginning to set the mood for the rest of the song. That's how you use the bass to set the mood for a song. Then on The Day I Tried To Live Ben shows once again how he can just make the bass make you feel the song right down in to your soul.

I know these lists are mostly about how popular the bands as a whole are, so then the bassist gets picked just for being a part of them.

Ben Shepherd shows on his own how much better Soundgarden became once he joined them. That's why regardless of where he ends up on this list or if people ever will remember him years from now. To me he has shown how the bass was meant to be played and make you feel the pounding vibe deep down inside.

Not only a great bass player, with thunderous bass lines (just see Somewhere, Jesus Christ Pose and Slaves & Bulldozers, to name a few) but also a great singer and, specially songwriter, who added tons of weight to the already heavy Soundgarden. Often overlooked, people ought listen carefully to this bass player in order to know what they are missing.

Ben is one of those bass players whose heavy bass riffs really blow you out of the water and make you wonder what the hell just happened! He adds an element of mystique to the Soundgarden songs that transports you to another realm. He's also a uniquely talented songwriter, who deserves a lot more recognition for his musical contributions.

Awesome guitarist, Rowing is a great riff - Bosco500

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116 Gary Thain

I think Gary Thain would have been more appreciated and known if he didn't die at such a young age.
Gary is in my top 10

Excellent with every band he was in. Turned the corner with Heep.

Such an underrated bass player! His style was amazing!

117 Dusty Hill Dusty Hill Joseph Michael "Dusty" Hill is the bassist, keyboardist, and co-vocalist with the American rock group ZZ Top.

To play that rockabilly blues style on electric bass is fantastic. As a bass player, I've learned a lot from his style.
He plays bass the way the bass SHOULD be played. Unlike these newer, metal bass players, he's an original 4 string guy!
Keep rocking Dusty!

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118 Tina Weymouth

If nothing else, just think of the unforgettable opening for Talking Heads' Psycho Killer.
She also should be noted co-creating Tom Tom Club.

119 John Lodge

Super smooth super innovative a study in how to play bass!

120 Trevor Bolder
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