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121 Alphonso Johnson
122 Mark Klepaski

His bass notes correspond very well with Breaking Bemjamin's rhythm and lead guitar notes, and they blend in like a crowd. It's unnatural.

123 Rocco Prestia

Just a beast on the bass. Every bassist should know who this.

There are two bassists who Jaco clearly claimed as influences. Rocco Prestia is one of them. This is a travesty and possibly the most ignorant list I have ever seen regarding music.

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124 Roy Vogt
125 Brian Bromberg

Fantastic talent, world class bassist and terrific human being!

126 Greg Cohen
127 Tim McCord
128 Sean Yseult
129 Brian Marshall

One of the most clean and powerful bass players that I've EVER listened. He combine a powerful low-end sound with fast riffs and intelligent fills, he deserves to be in the top 20 list of best bass players of the world!

I love Brian. He's not the greatest bassist in the world, but he's better than some of the other dudes above him. Again, I love Brain. As for Alter Bridge... Creed for the win.

Brian is an awesome bass player. Alter and Creed without brian wouldn't exist.

One of my favorite bassist.

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130 Garry Gary Beers

An amazing bassist who really brings the INXS music together. He only gets better with age. I've seen him live and he is fantastic to watch.

He is incredible. When he was younger he was great. Now he is unbelievably fantastic. He gets better and better as each year goes by.

Just listen to "Need You Tonight" "Elegantly Wasted" "Kick" and many others and you will realise how great of a player he is!!!

The best bassist! Is excellent playing it, and is an excellent person too. I went to INXS concerts last year.. He is brilliant!

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131 Tony Levin Tony Levin

This list is pretty lame when Tony Levin is ranked way back here (behind hacks like Gene Simmons) and Jeff Berlin isn't even on it. Good grief.

Never mind his scary technique, imagination, innovation, great tone, clarity, articulation and ability to play Chapman stick - his note choices simply sound fantastic pretty well all the time. If this list was serious he'd be far higher up.

Tony Levin laid down a very nice foundation for future Chapman Stick players. His work Discipline-era King Crimson was very influential on bassists like Justin Chancellor (Tool) and Les Claypool.

Tony should be in the top 10,with his interventioning style in playing. Please!

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132 Stefan Lessard

Guys listen to DMB,Stefan is the greatest bassist ever,he was a prodigy.Dave Matthews waited until Stefan turned 16 before he started DMB so Stefan could be the bassist.

Don't understand why he is far down the list, he should at least be in the top twenty, his talent is undeniable

Best bassist ever. Have no idea how this guy fell so far down the list

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133 Mark Stoermer

Amazing Bassist Espescailly on hot fuss with Jenny was a friend of mine and Glamorous Indie Rock 'n' Roll. - Miles101

Mark is so underrated. He is one of the best bassists nowadays. Some of the songs he plays are masterpieces of music, and so difficult to be played. I hope he will get more regognition.

134 Chris Barker

Why is Christ #2 only at #86? He is a very talented bassist, and if you listen to the Press Corpse or I'll Tell you but..., you can see how much of a great bass player he is. He is definitely an underrated bassist. Every song I hear from Anti-Flag has a very nice background bass structure that fits perfectly with the rest of the song. Not only is he a talent bassist, he is a very good lead singer to go along with Justin Sane. He really should be up in the list.

He is a great bassist. He does more than just sit and play the root note; he has developed melodic lines. Listen to the song "This is the New Sound", it is all bass with some support from guitars. If one day I could play bass as well as him that would be a dream come true. He should be up in the top ten. He is the best punk bassist around and he can sing well while playing complex bass lines.

An amazing bassist, he does a lot more than just hammering out eighth notes like a lot lof modern bassists do. He is what makes Anti-Flag a great band.

He is an awesome bassist and live performer his bass lines should e solos in themselves

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135 Marwan Harajli

Marwan is from an emerging Lebanese band called Thoughtless Rock, a band based around the bass. Marwan certainly is one of the fastest bassists of all time, notorious for his popping technique which enthralled around 100,000 spectators at the band's concert last summer in Beirut. As Marwan and his band sang for peace in a wartorn Middle-East, their sales in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan reached an all time high for local rock bands.
Although he is not very famous, perhaps due to being Middle-Eastern, I believe non-famous people should be included in this list, especially if they have been compared in local newspapers to Flea and Les Claypool.

Definitely one of the world's fastest bassists ever, I wonder why he is only number 65 at the moment. For those of you who don't know him, perhaps since he comes from the Middle-East and hence has no media coverage, Marwan has been thrilling hundreds of thousands of spectators in Kuwait City, Doha, Cairo, Alexandria... He even played alone, and with his band, for peace, during the Israili-Lebanese conflict during July, defying the weapons of death, clinging ot life's values with his miraculous bass and his miraculous sweeps. Marwan is definitely my number 1.

i myself am lebamese and it gives me so much joy and pride to see a rising star. marwans style is unique and captivating. he'd be number one if it werent for religious and ethnic prejudice...he absolutely deserves the number 1.definitely our favorite.

Marwan is a great bassist and deserves to be in the top 10

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136 Seela
137 Lyn-Z Lyn-Z

She's an amazing bassist and deserves to be on the list and number #1!

She's wonderful and a great addition to Mindless Self Indulgence.

152? Smh. Lyn-Z is a performer, I've seen no bassists comparable to her energy much less her personality, even though this isn't about that.

Lyn-z is an incredible, empowering artist and performer who deserves the world xo

138 Ashraf Ali Hira

You have no idea how good he is but he didn. T get famousity because he borned in not usa but in Bangladesh

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139 Ni~Ya

NI~YA is amazing. He can be very rude and aggressive when he's playing bass guitar, but at the same time he can be sweet and romantic and play a ballad song with deep emotion and intensity

Ni~Ya is so fantastic listen to the intro of HATE you will see what I'm talking about and he's so cute too!

Ni~ya is the best doing what he enjoys to play and we enjoy to listening! Really amazing

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140 Michael Burkett aka Fat Mike

Those two bass solos in "the decline" prove that fat mike is the best bassist on earth. He has some badass bass lines (dig, we march to the beat of indifferent drum). No question who is the master.

Fat Mike is an amazing guitarist, and not only that an amazing songwriter! Listen to the epic 18 minute punk rock masterpeice The Decline if you want to listen to a great bass player and songwriter/vocalist! Him and Matt Freeman should be way higher up this list, it's only because most of the people on here don't listen to punk rock! Punk rock is greatest music ever!

One of the biggest faces in the punk scene, the moment I listened to "Lower", I knew he was something special. Their cover of "All of Me" showcases what he's made for.

Jesus Christ, this planet has no respect for the greatest bassist ever. Listen to the Decline. Have you ever heard any kickass bass like that before?! Not only that, he creates NOFX's songs. 164 is a disgrace. Bring him up; he deserves it.

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