Top 10 Battle Royale Games

The Top Ten Battle Royale Games

1 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

I tried liking fortnight, I failed miserably. I played Fortnight once and hated it instantly. But PUBG was one of my favorite games instantly

Its really cool especially with the clothes and the zombie mode, I suggest you to play it, download for free in the playstore.

I love so's so much better than every other Battle Royale game

More fun playing a tactical shooter then jumping around with a shotgun with teammates who are yelling Spanish at me.

2 Fortnite: Battle Royale

Better than every game on this list by fare the only reason pubg is above it is because older people play it and older people post comments here not kids

This is the best Battle Royale game ever. I used to hate it because I thought it was overrated. But I started in late Season 7. Fortnite seemed better before. I really regret hating it now. :'(

I believe that fortnite is better than pubg because you can build in fortnite you can swim and many other things.

I used to hate this game, because I only played in save the world. now that I see battle royale has changed ever since season 1 I played this game everyday

3 Apex Legends

Apex has a more fluid gameplay and the graphics are way ahead of its rival battle royale games.

I literally came up with 30 reasons on why this game is better than fortnite

Great speed of play. Battle Passes are getting better. Skins are sweet!

The best gun play,maps and characters in all battle royals not only the top of battle royals one of the best multiplayer shooters ever

4 H1Z1: King of the Kill

Very good, good graphics and should be better than PUBG, plus now its free which more people are playing, more people should play.

Pubg and fortnite ripped this game off. This is the original!

This is better than Crapnite

Awesome. - TriggerTrashKid

5 Rules of Survival

Awesome this is a awesome game like we people of earth are visiting in a real world

I think Ros is the most realistic battle royale game

Awesome game with realistic features

It is awesome

6 Minecraft: Hunger Games

Original I rember watching YouTube videos about it when I was 7

I don't have Minecraft. Can I get it for free? Well I voted for this game, so, can I get it for free?

I'm not teaming

The next step in human eveloution.

7 ARMA 3

Somewhat. - TriggerTrashKid

8 The Culling

It was a fun game that I feel like deserved more attention. Too bad it was ruined by a god awful sequel. But still a very good battle royale that needs more attention

II was bad. - TriggerTrashKid

9 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

I just think it's a really good game but when your all alone then it is not that fun but when you play it with friends it's the best gaming feeling

Call of Duty BO4 should be number one it is the best and way better than PUBG

Terrible Battle royale mode. The reason why I can't like this game. - B1ueNew

It should be on top 3

10 Rust

I don't even know what this is... - davis_895263

The Contenders

11 Tetris 99

Objectively the most unique battle royale game on this list, Tetris 99 is a fun, addicting game with great music, easy for your Nintendo Switch and internet to handle, and it's just a wildly amazing take on a classic game!

Also to the guy that said battle royale games are supposed to be cartoony clearly hasn't paid attention to battle royale history. They CAN be cartoony and weird, but the standard/genre was always meant to be more realistic and grounded

Is it bad that this is unironically my favorite battle royale?

The true battle royale - The01Bro

Best game ever

12 ARK: Survival of the Fittest

ARK for the win. - TriggerTrashKid

13 Warface
14 Garena Free Fire

It is my favourite game which I love most to this application software

Best game ever I have played
Better than pubg mobile and lite

Free fire should rank in second place

Nice game. Updates are very nice

15 Last Man Standing
16 Dying Light: Bad Blood
17 Knives Out

I need to vote but I tried this game. The character movement was weird, the graphics were bad, ripoff gun names, and a lot of bugs. This game shouldn't even be on top 50

Should be #2

18 Stand Out
19 Realm Royale

I really liked the game, because of how you can forge stuff and disenchant them, and I liked how you can use different classes with different abilities. Overall the game is really fun, and I do not know how this game is not on the top 10 list.

Should be number 1 second should be black ops 4

Really good, should be in the top ten.

Best game of all time

20 Arma II: Battle Royale
21 Pavlov

Simple and exciting

Simple and cool


23 Hopeless Land

It's way harder than pubg which makes it more interesting

It's better then pubg

24 Ring of Elysium

best in the world

Escape an astonishing disaster in Ring of Elysium, a battle royale shooter developed by Tencent Games.

This is the best free game ever, it is pubg and call of duty modern warfare put together

25 Roblox Fortnite

It sucks! Real Fortnite is better! This game is laggy! If you wanna play Fortnite, play Fortnite!

Island Royale Is Da Best Roblox BR

I like Roblox but really... - davis_895263

26 Pixel Gun 3D: Battle Royale

It has loads of game modes you can play with your friends.

This game has stupid graphics and isn't very fun.

It's the best game ever

It is the beat

27 Zombs Royale

Literally the best game

Zombs royale is the best

Simple and awesome

ZOmbs is better than surviv

28 Creative Destruction

Best game for low computers

Like fortnite

29 Cuisine Royale

I like it

"Cuisine Royale is an all-kitchen-warfare Battle Royale game with the most honest system for Loot Boxes ever. Originally an April Fool’s joke from developers of squad based MMO shooter Enlisted, Cuisine Royale was highly appreciated by players and is now released as a stand-alone title."

A pretty fun game.

30 Kirby: Battle Royale

Kirby battle royale is the best because you get to destroy peeps

Best Battle Royale game out there, all the other ones copy this - roper72

Picking up apples lol - B1ueNew

It isn't online, right? - TriggerTrashKid

31 Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Better than fortnite!

This game is awesome!

32 Clash Royale

Haha, it isn't Battle Royale but it is fun anyways. - TriggerTrashKid

Eat! Sleep! Clash! Repeat!


33 Call of Duty: Mobile
34 Pillu


36 Fortcraft

This is dumb

37 Nitefort

Way better than Fortnite


38 Pac-Man Battle Royale
39 Mario Party 6

The original Battle Royale was in Mario Party 3, but this expanded that.

I got a Victory Royale just by dusting a room for 10 coins at the last turn. - SuperAlienGamer

The best


40 The Darwin Project

Really great fun battle royale

41 Rocket Royale

This game is so cool, its just like fortnite,its just that you could win in two ways, you could win by escaping with a rocket or just kill everyone on the island.

42 Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter

Quick matches, a lot of fun... I liked it!

43 Cyber Hunter

The best game with futuristic features

44 Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
45 Adventure Time: Battle Party
46 Fear the Wolves
47 Radical Heights

Better than Fortnite always! Too bad is dead! - Deathcoristul

48 Block City Wars

It is a game for ipad players enjoy it a lot


also fun

50 DayZ

This game is pretty fun but players unknown battlegrounds is way better than it all first of all this game is NOT really BATTLE ROYALE it's a SURVIVAL game like rust but rust is better than this (in my opinion) I personally think BATTLE ROYALE takes it up to another level for example a survival game might have less features such as no circle that you have to stay in otherwise you will die if your not or maybe more or less players mabye its like rust where there's people coming in and out of the server nonstop to where there is no winner THAT IS SURVIVAL PEOPLE I just decided to add this just to fill up this list a little bit but anyway a good example for BATTLE ROYALE is where you jump off a plane and land in a certain location in a GIGANTIC MAP with either 100 or more players and you have to do the following: find weapons, health products, and if your a nooby FORTNITE player who doesn't know what REAL BATTLE ROYALE ACTION IS (I really have no room to talk because FORTNITE is my 3rd ...more

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